New One-Size-Fits-All Value Plan Brochures Begin Arriving In T-Mobile Retail Stores

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T-Mobile is one step closer toward UNcarrier life with the receipt of new Value Plan brochures arriving in company-owned retail stores across the nation. As we first posted in early March, T-Mobile’s move to a Value Plan only corporate environment begins on March 24th and to that end, the move to a one-size-fits-all rate plan makes complete sense. Gone are the contracts and overages, hello to one easy to follow and understand pricing.

Thankfully, T-Mobile’s using plenty of pictures to help all of this make sense as well two example breakdowns for both individual and family plans. There’s plenty of new branding here, with the giant “Simple” text on the brochure hopefully showing T-Mobile is working to simplify all the things after serving up two sets of rate plans led to some confusing times. Is it Un-complicated? Is it really that Simple? We hope so and I feel compelled to say that I prefer the UNcarrier tag line over “stick together.”

“Find the perfect plan, with no need to sign an annual contract.” Sounds good to me.

Don’t forget the new Classic Plans for national retailers launching soon as well.

The following three pictures are all the same, just throwing them in for good measure.

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Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 12.29.12 PM Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 12.29.51 PM

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  • JR

    I’m on the same boat. Sure, the new pricing includes SMHS, and 500mb of data plus unlimited minutes.

    But that’s not what we want. Right now, I have a 3-line with:
    1000 minutes talk (2 lines) $49.98 + unlimited family text $10.00 + 2gb data ($10) x2 = $20 + 1xAAL $5. Total is $84.98

    Estimating, the new plan would be:
    Unlimited Talk + Text (2 people) $80 + 2GB Data ($10.00) x2 = $20 + 1xAAL $10 = $110.

    I don’t want the AAL to have internet at all.

    With the new plans, I’d have to recheck our usage. My guess is I’d remove one of the data plans, since that phone uses an average of 230mb/month, and never goes over 300mb. We use about 100 minutes out of the 1000 minute bucket, so I won’t be able to take advantage of this.

    With that being said, I’m sure they’ll still be the cheapest around, but what will happen when these become standard? what will happen to my plans? probably nothing because I’m under contract, and I’m not about to pay $600 to move to a contract-free environment so I can pay $15/$25 more a month.

    If I were to compare apples to apples the new and the old value plans, the new ones might be cheaper. However, while they simplify, they’re making it more expensive for some, and cheaper for some. We, the ones that get it cheaper will complain, but that’s expected…lol

  • MysticLeviathan

    What pisses me off the most about this isn’t the plans, it’s the fact T-Mobile is acting like they aren’t doing what the other 3 big carriers are doing. UNcarrier my ass >.>

  • DtheArtist

    I wish they allowed smaller minute plans, then let you add everything else according to your usage. Honestly Unlimited Any Mobile does everything I need it to do for voice, I don’t need anything else. Give me that, unlimited tax, and let me pick my data and I’m fine. I wish they allowed people to choose their value plans like that, so it would be a VALUE for each individual, for their type of usage and lifestyle.

  • HCBK

    What is going to happen with people with the @home service like myself?

  • Robert Cole

    Is 4gb the most mobile hotspot you can add to an unlimited plan?