Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S III, Note II Will Receive Android 5.0


Grab your cups full of grains of salt as a new SamMobile rumor says Android 5.0 will come to the Galaxy S III and Note II. First things first, we need to know that Android 5.0 exists and while we believe it does in the form of Key Lime Pie, it’s hard to swallow any unverified rumors at this point.

That said, the SamMobile source says Android 4.2.2 will also come to the Galaxy S II and Original note, carrier dependent of course. As for Android 5.0, only five devices are said to be on the “to do” list for the update, which is expected to be announced at Google I/O in May.

This is a pretty early list and I’m encouraging some skepticism given that Android 5.0 isn’t a known entity yet. Still, the “full” list of devices said to be on Samsung’s radar for the update follows below, subject to change of course:

To get Android 5.0.

  • GT-I9300 – Galaxy S III
  • GT-I9305 – Galaxy S III LTE
  • GT-I9500 – Galaxy S 4
  • GT-I9505 – Galaxy S 4 LTE
  • GT-N5100 – Galaxy Note 8.0
  • GT-N5105 – Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE
  • GT-N5110 – Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-Fi
  • GT-N7100 – Galaxy Note II
  • GT-N7105 – Galaxy Note II LTE
  • GT-N8000 – Galaxy Note 10.1
  • GT-N8005 – Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE
  • GT-N8010 – Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi



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  • James

    The question is WHEN will they get the update after Android 5.0 is relased!

    • sincarafan247

      After deep fried twinkies comes out. lol

      • NYCTheBronx


  • thatuptowncat37

    Shouldnt we be getting 4.2 FIRST????? Dont mind me Im just asking…..

  • Jason Walker

    I’ll believe it when I see it

  • Clarkkent113

    Note 2 FTW!

  • S. Ali

    Meh, Cyanogen will bring 5.0 so it doesn’t matter. Samsung still hasn’t releases the premium suite (multi-window) for North American SIII so this ain’t happening.

    • Kenneth Warner-Shook

      Actually they have my att galaxy s3 747 has it

      • Jose Hernandez

        When did you get this update?

    • NYCTheBronx

      I think my friend’s Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III has multi window for quite a while now.

  • galaxymaniac

    Fact : The Nexus 4 Will Receive Android 5

    • NYCTheBronx

      Glad I own one. And thinking of buying a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. :)

      • Charles Williams

        From where? Where do i buy one?

        • NYCTheBronx

          EBay, Amazon, Craigslist and other places. Search it online. I mostly but from Amazon.

      • TrentBradley

        I played with one, finally, the other day. Going from the screen on my GNote2 to that left me quite underwhelmed. I know its more realistic, but it was very boring for me. Love the device though.

  • Yeah sure. Should be at the end of next year though or maybe 2015. I’m betting the latter.

  • Spanky

    As usual, this only applies to international devices. I wouldn’t count on U.S. devices getting 5.0. Not via official channels, anyway.

    • g2a5b0e

      I completely disagree. The S2 & the Note went from 2.3 to 4.0 to 4.1. They are supposedly getting 4.2 also. No reason to believe that the S3 & Note 2, which are higher selling devices, won’t take at least as many steps.

      • Spanky

        I hope you’re right. However, we’ve yet to receive 4.1.2. If the U.S. carriers decide to keep our phones updated beyond that, we probably won’t get 4.2 or 4.2.1, instead moving straight to 4.2.2. It’s possible that we’ll receive 5.0, but I’m really not holding out hope. Besides, even if it does happen, I’ll most likely have upgraded by then.

      • Oliver Jackson

        Tmo’s GNote 2 started pushing 4.1.2 for the GNote 2 today

      • schtum

        US versions of the S2 are still on 4.0 (ICS).

        • g2a5b0e

          I realize that, but it has nothing to do with Samsung since they have already pushed the update to the carriers.

  • stockandroid

    can anyone provide a link on youtube or somewhere else that will give me instructions on how to root my phone to go to stock android without the Samsung overlay? Thanks!

    • stockandroid

      I have a tmobile released SG3….thanks!

      • Just me

        Xda forums. Search on Google for T-Mobile samsung galaxy s3 android development should come up

        • stockandroid


  • NYCTheBronx

    Yay. My Samsung Galaxy Note II will get 5.0 Key Lime Pie eventually! I’m still waiting for Jelly Bean 4.1 on my Samsung Galaxy Note though. :/

  • NYCTheBronx

    Hopefully, by the time Samsung Galaxy S IV comes out for the U.S. it would have 5.0 Key Lime Pie ready to update or even better, right out of the box.

    • g2a5b0e

      Not gonna happen. 5.0 is supposedly going to debut in May. The S4 comes out in April. Even if the S4 was slated for July, they wouldn’t have it installed by then.

      • NYCTheBronx

        Dang. I hears the Nexus 5 would had it out of the box but Google delayed the Nexus 5.

        • Rocky T.

          Nexus 5 does not come out till Christmas time what r u talking about

        • NYCTheBronx

          Somewhat true but rumours say that Google would sort of unveil it in May with Key Lime Pie at the I/O event.

  • Rocky T.

    Nexus 4 first then the GS4 maybe after a month or 2.

    • Rocky T.

      If you have something else just keep deaming.

  • Chris

    This is dumb no one is even talking about 5.0…so random

  • M42

    Only the Bigass Samsung’s will be getting it. The bigger the phone, the better the upgrades according to T-Horible.

  • jim

    JUst release the GALAXY S5 now. It should have built in Android 5.0 and 22 megapixel camera.

  • Paul

    SSssoooooo my Note 2 will see the update sometimes next year.
    Well, at least we get the update!

  • T-Mobile has left out the Note1 users. No updates what-so-ever. They really left us out in the cold.

    • NYCTheBronx

      I know man. Still waiting for the jelly bean update for my Samsung Galaxy Note. The international versions got them already.

  • Does it matter, all they do is skin over it anyways… 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 visually really isn’t a big change, I doubt 5.0 will be any different

  • cielomoreno127

    So there are 2 versions of GS4, non LTE and LTE???

  • josh s

    Yea I decided if you care at all about getting updates at a reasonable time and not getting screwed by the “next big thing” is to just get a nexus phone. There is no reason the galaxy s3 or note 2 should only be rumored to get android 5.0 I mean if you think about it its total and complete BS. Off contract they are 7-800 hundred dollar phones that get completely forgotten about 8 months later. Now that Google sells there nexus phones at reasonable prices I’m done with all other android phones because I’m just fed up with my phone being unnecessarily outdated. I mean if the sgs2 won’t get 5.0 fine its 2 years old (all though hardware wise it should) but really…having to wait an ungodly amount of time to be updated maybe no thanks. My rant of the day

  • rob3211

    Bought the Note 2 with the sole indication in my mind I will never receive and upgrade so even if I get a mere software patch I am happy, haha. I’ll believe when I see it thought and it will probably be some time around the end of 2013.

    I had a Nexus S and was looking to get the Nexus 4, but the screen real-estate and wacom digitizer got me with the note 2. I seriously bought it thinking I was going to send it back and get the Nexus 4. 5 months later I’m glad I didn’t.

  • nd5

    Here’s the problem… apparently Samsung has learned the value in providing a good upgrade path for the users of their equipment, something other vendors (do you hear me HTC) haven’t figured out yet. But the one major problem with this is that our upgrade isn’t dependent on Samsung. Unfortunately we will be dependent on T-Mobile, and they are horrendously bad at getting those out to us. So my guess is that all of the EU versions of those phones will get upgraded, and that the US versions will not.

  • Phil-

    Those on T need to root their device get the latest rom goods.
    Example would be CleanRom Ace 4.6.1 DMB3 Base which can be found –

  • Weezy

    Got my OTA 4.1.2 update last night for my Note2. Saw it mentioned on Androidspin yesterday

  • Bill Smith

    May…what year?

  • HeatFan786

    No T999?

  • hello

    lol galaxy s5 and note 3 and android 4.4