Newest JD Power Customer Care Awards Released, T-Mobile Continues Last Place Run

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With the newest JD Power study out and with T-Mobile taking another fourth place finish, there are two separate issues here. The first is taking fourth place and why with all the changes T-Mobile exec team has attempted to instill over the last six months internally, hasn’t the needle hasn’t moved at all? The second question is how on earth does T-Mobile lose out to AT&T? Save for Comcast, I’ve never dealt with a more frustrating company than AT&T’s customer care department.

The first volume of the 2013 Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Performance Study was conducted based on responses from 7,332 wireless customers during a period covering July through December 2012. The study is based on the experiences of current customers who contacted their carrier’s customer care department within the past six months.

What gives T-Mobile, when will we see a customer care turnaround?

The full report follows at the JD Power link below.

JD Power


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  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hey David, is it really spelled “Streek”? I thought it was Streak.

  • od312

    Verizon taking first?? Pffffft! They must’ve payed off JD

    • kalel33

      So are you saying T-mobile paid them off for the many years they were first?

      • od312

        Strike one

  • OZ

    I might’ve had some communication problems with CSRs, but at the end they always helped me out. The service cost is unbeatable. I stay with T-Mobile.

  • poisonoussting

    hmm interesting comments here.I agree with magenta madness i do not call customer service often because i can just look online.Whenever i do, its usually because my device is damaged and i need a new one.i don’t remember when i ever had a non american help me with my situation. Usually its some one from the south east. I’ve had t-mobile since 2002 and always thought their customer service is phenomenal!It’s one of the only reasons i stayed with them when they had crappy signal in my area back then:That, and their innovative and awesome phones.

  • 4-12

    That’s what they get for being cheap and closing all the u.s call centers and sending those jobs overseas

  • Robert Kauffman

    I have worked with T-Mobile Customer Care for 5 years and I have never had a BAD experience. That is one of the reasons I stay with them is because the are always there. I am actually shocked they are in last place. Maybe it is because people who disgruntled complain while most people that are happy don’t say anything.

    • kalel33

      Which center do you work at? The Wichita center was either people afraid of losing their jobs, high stress, or people looking for another job. From the forum postings, even on T-mobile’s T-community, the outlook was not that great, even just 6 months ago.

      Now T-mobile is doing an alumni site for previous reps to get perks/discounts and they want you to upload up your resume and give them access to your Linkedin information. Maybe they’re going to try to get back the good reps they fired or pushed out. I do know of a couple of ex-reps who didn’t get an invitation but I did.

  • Brian80

    It is very frustration to call Tmobile. You always get someone from Malaysia or the Phillipines. They ACTUALLY sent you through the non English speakers as TECH support! They never help me with my Galaxy s3. They just waste 10 minutes of my time until they escalate me to an American.

  • Mustypipes

    Yeah no shit,just got my 2 year upgrade available looking forward to getting a NOTE 2,funny shit mobile was the first ones to sell the note 2 yet every other company is selling theirs for 200 dollars after rebates, nope not good old tmobile the phone is still 369$ after a stupid mail in rebate,way to keep those customer satisfaction numbers down tmobile.

  • ThoughtSausage

    Fact- 67% of their “customer service” is outsourced to the Philippines, Panama, and other Central American countries. Whether you call once a year or once a month, it sucks. They dont get it, arent empowered to make any real decisions, and dont understand American culture. I had issues when I called in, even though I worked there. Once I left t-mobile this summer, I got at&T and havent had one problem since. T-Mobile blows.

  • Jmizzle

    Here’s a crazy thought, there’s probably a correspondence between falling to last place and outsourcing most of our call centers to the Philippines. Is the cost savings worth pissing off every customer we have?

  • Stars44

    I’m counting days till my contract expires in September, after 9 years with T-mobile I’m done!

  • Jamille Browne

    So what is it that leads t-mo to continue last place? Maybe the phones and outsourced call centers maybe?



  • riopato

    Currently, the 611 number on my Lumia 710 doesn’t even register anymore as a customer. I have to go through the validation menu now citing my name, number and last 4 digits of ss#. Usually it just patches me directly to a natively English speaking rep when using my phone. Average wait time now is 3 minutes after spending 5 minutes with the automated service just to speak to someone who can’t give me an answer that’s not in the customer service manual.

  • Rd

    never been happier with ATT

  • Jay

    Its is simply the dumb fucks tgat dont speak English when you call customer care !! HORRIBLE MOVE BY TMOBILE.

  • svmtoo

    I have a theory of my own (from my experience). I have been a TMO sufferer since 1998 (when it was OmniPoint, then VoiceStream, then T-Mobile). Recently, over the past 2 years, I have been thinking seriously of switching over to AT&T. T’s service while improving a great deal, has serious politeness issues in addition to devices that are crappy. No iPhone. WP8 models are out-dated. Customer service reps on the 34th street on NYC pretty much “stole” my charger and cable ($60 to replace). After writing to headquarters, I received no response. I guess, saving a few bucks means “stealing” from their customers.

  • M42

    No surprises there. Anybody who has ever dealt with a T-Mobile sales or customer service rep will know they are untrained, unknowledgeable, rude and not particularly fond of telling the truth. And I’m referring to the English speaking ones. As for the others, I can’t understand them to know if they are telling the truth or are knowledgeable.

  • fifthblindmouse

    It is unfortunate but people are right. In my experience when I get someone from Washington state the service is fantastic. I have been with T-Mo for about 9 years now and they can see that when they pull up my account. The automated system that they use when you call in absolutely sucks and if you do get someone half way around the world the service is terrible. I know T-Mo closed a bunch of the US based call centers not too long ago and really you have to ask them…..what did you expect?? This latest rating from JDP should not surprise anyone.