T-Mobile’s Planned Dates For Ice Cream Sandwich, Upcoming Device Launches

While Samsung, HTC and T-Mobile remain silent on the topic of Ice Cream Sandwich, TmoNews is coming to the rescue. Understandably, the carriers and manufacturers hate providing anything that even resembles a solid release date as they are so prone to change — a point emphasized by our article earlier in the day highlighting the difficulties imposed on Android updates.

Still, I know how badly you guys want to have at least some sort of an idea as to when these updates might happen. Before we get into it, let’s give the standard disclaimer that all dates are subject to change, not just for the ICS updates but also for any device launches listed below.

So let’s just break it down:

Ice Cream Sandwich updates: 

So far, those are the only devices listed and we know that HTC and T-Mobile have had some difficulty sorting out the update. Whether or not one or both are responsible for the day is really irrelevant, if this afternoon’s article proved nothing else, these things can and will happen with Android updates. They take time, often more time than we care to give.

New Device Launches: 

  • 5/9 — Huawei Astro — low end handset on 7/11
  • 7/11 — Huawei Buddy — new myTouch (QWERTY)
  • 7/11 — Huawei Phoenix — new myTouch (Touchscreen only)
  • 7/11 — Samsung Gravity TXT (new color)
  • 8/1 — Samsung Cacao, T159 indicates low end
  • 8/15 — Samsung Apex Q — no word on what this is

So what’s missing? Well, everything that matters to the high-end crowd. The Galaxy S III/S3, Galaxy Note, HTC One X and other handsets that are said to arrive for T-Mobile but not yet confirmed. Even the Galaxy Note, which we’ve already unveiled in T-Mobile dress is still an unknown for launch. For now, we’ll have to go on what’s on the schedule and wait to see what develops with everything else.

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  • Mauro Monreal

    22:40 CDT, still waiting for my ICS.  I’m starting to think this “leaked roadmap” was nothing but an extended April Fool’s day joke.  Anyone else with me on that?

    • http://tmonews.com David

      Dude COME ON, I covered this in at least two posts today. I’ve covered it on Twitter and on Facebook, it was an unofficial release date that didn’t pan out, hence the word “unofficial.” Such is the life of leaked roadmaps.

    • Pmw420

      I fucking hate tmoblie…. hello att

      • Guest


  • Gg@ttws.co

    I just dropped U-verse down to basic seriously I refuse to pay for garbage bundled packages consisting of non-stop reruns with the only changes being the commercials we’re paying for over & over. T-mobile has had me for too many years of “Have you removed your battery”?

    Just like Rim (Blackberry) screwed up, T-Mobile is right behind and AT&T isn’t the answer!