• What’s in it for us

    If ATT gets to use T-Mobile’s towers/antennas/frequencies under such a deal, then my T-Mobile PCS voice service will probably go to pot. In our market T has 20 MHz PCS and only 10 AWS (70 MHz is squatted, Thanks FCC). In other words, GSM voice/data is not crowded here and the quality is great. ATT uses 850/1900 MHz frequency for both GSM voice and 2G data with lots of users and many times it is 1/2 rate voice codec. Even worse would be if they shifted some T-Mobile PCS spectrum to their 3G/4G towers/antennas. Turn T-Mobile into a Metro by crowding us out.

  • http://twitter.com/bluechrism Chris Martin

    Everything Everywhere for the USA? Depending how this is structured, this could be a good solution.  If this is effectively a universal roaming agreement between T-Mobile and AT&T allowing AT&T to use t-mobile infrastucture, and t-mobile to use AT&T’s with each company maintaining ownership of towers, and allowed different service plans, devices and rates this could be a good thing.  I think i’d still prefer an independant t-mo and AT&T but this is a heck of a lot better than a takeover/merger.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha, AT&T is getting sued here in Houston, TX. Here’s the link: http://www.click2houston.com/news/Harris-County-sues-AT-T-over-leaking-storage-tanks/-/1735978/4853270/-/iifexv/-/index.html

  • Gwapo

    If Tmobile and ATT will share spectrum.. Does it mean I can get 3G on my unlocked Iphone 4s with Tmobile??

    • Ghulamsameer

      Well, the iPhone doesn’t have the bands that T-Mobile uses for 3G. You can get edge, but not 3G. Perhaps the iPhone 5 will support T-Mobile 3G.

    • Ptrk421

      It will if T-mobile customers also are able to use ATT towers. Otherwise no.

  • Gwapo

    Does it mean my Iphone 4s in Tmobile will have access to ATT 3G?

    • Anonymous

      im guessing that would seem like a likely possibility

  • Hamster

    So… would this end up being like Everything Everywhere in the UK after T-Mobile merged with Orange over there? (became a 50/50 joint venture between DT and FT)

    … Because while the brands would still be in place, the market differentiation still wouldn’t be there.

  • Wont_this_Crapola_End

    Well, maybe they are not working on a sharing agreement as this article says:

    They quote a “source” saying that “”There are currently no talks about a (network sharing) joint venture,” one of the sources said. “This would signal that they have given up. This is not the case, we’re still betting on victory, not on the second-best solution,” the source said.”

    Firstly, who is this source as it seems that everyone has a source.  Heck, it was a source that said they are looking to have a sharing agreement.  Too many sources and not enough factual information.

    Regardless of what happens, looks like this deal is squashed and AT&T will do whatever shady actions to either avoid paying the moolah or stiffle competition.  Just awaiting the next “Source-provided” tidbit to arrive next. :(

  • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

    Hopefully along with this deal is a tower/network sharing or roaming agreement that allows for T-Mobile to fill the holes in it’s network .  There are quite a few places in suburban Los Angeles that have NO T-Mobile data coverage but have good AT&T coverage (my work phone is an Atrix on AT&T).  Even EDGE coverage would be welcome in these places.

  • Anonymous

    this actually sounds pretty good! i can get the galaxy note that i want and i dont have to be on edge :DD

  • Anonymous

    For what it’s worth…I’ve been with T-Mo for 9 years now and something’s gotta give. Get the iPhone, merge with AT&T, call yourselves AT&T-Mo, and continue to earn my business. Or, with plans and phones that AT&T, Sprint or Verizon offer you will lose customers. Haven’t they (T-Mo) already lost over 250,000 customers over the last year alone? It’s because they don’t offer the iPhone. This duopoly would be a big + to not just T-Mo customers but AT&T as well. How would people lose their jobs exactly ? With more product to offer, better plans, and more coverage…wouldn’t that mean more jobs ? And what is the FCC so worried about ? Are the FCC employees all Sprint / Verizon customers ? Let’s assume for a second that T-Mobile folds…who would acquire their towers ? Where would those customers go ? I love T-Mo but like alot of people feel…the love is fading fast !

    • James Fils-Aime

      There is abosolutely no way that two companies in the same industry can merge and still keep all their employees. They won’t need two people doing the same job in the same department/store/market. Any merger involves consolidation. It’s how business works. And I am not convinced that T-Mo is losing customers because of the iPhone. I’m inclined to believe they are leaving because of all this merger talk. Plenty of people hate AT&T so much that they would run to the other two carriers just to escape. And not many people would want to stay loyal to a company in danger of going under.

      • FALombardo

        Maybe you’re right, maybe jobs are on the line. However, so is the company as a whole. I have read a ton of articles about the iPhone and what NOT getting it has meant to T-Mobile and from what I can see it has affected them quite a bit. It truly is a shame because I do like T_Mobile but their future scares me.

        • Ptrk421

          I am a current t-mobile employee and I have seen more people leave due to not wanting to be ATT customers rather than not being able to get an Iphone. Most customers that I have come across who want an iphone typically just get an unlocked one.

  • Njfpolyr6

    Opt for plan B. so we, the customers, can use the unlock phones and use on both networks. Also we will not be bounded with contracts.

  • http://twitter.com/weekilter Joseph Singer

    Or you could have a combined company with three non compatible colors, sky blue, orange and magenta!  It would be any interior decorator’s nightmare :)

  • Cker4Tech

    I like the shared networking deal a whole lot better than the merger situation.  Lets see what happens.
    Stay Thirsty my friends!