T-Mobile Drops, Verizon Picks Up, Top Customer Care Award

It’s that time again, time for a new J.D. Power and Associates‘ semiannual Wireless Customer Care survey.  T-Mobile has grabbed the top spot quite a few times, but this time they were eked out by Verizon.  T-Mobile still grabbed the second best position, and remains above average (*cough* AT&T *cough*).



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  • TY0708

    T-mobile really is starting to suck! I’ve been with them for over 6 years now and within the last year they’ve taken a drastic turn for the worse in their customer service… Like many others it take me over 30 minutes to reach a representative from my phone line, only to wait and be disappointed by the lack of proper customer service on the other end. I’m so disappointed because I really like T-Mobile (hence the 6 years). I just hope they get their crap together.

    P.S. – One of my problems with them, is it seems I have a routing issue that no one wants to fix. When I call from my mobile number I’m on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes, but when I call from another mobile number I reach a representative with in 3 minutes. This has been happening every time I call for at least a year now, and I’m tired of it. T-mobile was great, and now their balance is way off. I may go to another company soon, if they don’t fix their customer service issues.