T-Mobile Updates myTouch 4G Gingerbread Update Support Document, Allows In Store Updates On August 5th

As of early this morning T-Mobile has tweaked their support document pertaining to the myTouch 4G software update allowing for customers to enter a T-Mobile store beginning August 5th and receive the update manually. While the document states that customers who have not received their OTA update, it makes no mention to the timeframe of the broader rollout that was supposed to happen after the pilot rollout. In any case we won’t complain about an opportunity to walk into a store, pop in an SD card and receive Gingerbread which falls right in line with information we posted a few days ago regarding this very capability.

There you have it myTouch 4G owners, if you haven’t received your Gingerbread update by August 5th you’ll be able to waltz right into your local T-Mobile store and 30 minutes later walk out with Gingerbread. Who is going to complain about that?

T-Mobile Support

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