myTouch 4G Confirmed For November 3rd Launch

If you had any doubt at all regarding the November 3rd release for the myTouch 4G, here’s your proof. Just as we stated from the very beginning, the new myTouch 4G will make its official debut November 3rd. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our exclusive myTouch 4G in the wild pics as well as screenshots of the OS. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • paul

    I spoke to tmobile rep they will be calling me back the 27th wednesday to pre order what color… i m think blach have a g1 white running on cm6 cant wait for this

  • LBthaGreat

    Lets get ready to rumble!!!!!!! for all u sprint folks

  • LBthaGreat

    Thinking about going with white, not sure i usually a black phone but think ill step out a bit. oh the lets get ready to rumble is because im leaving sprint finally, someone told them they sh*t dont stink.

  • LBthaGreat

    Found a new home since noah is no longer on

  • cirrob

    man… if only this had wp7 on it

  • cham

    this phone better be good. though the specs look ok, im still not sure whether or not this has a dual core processor. But we better be able to disable htc sense.

    • RockTripod


      Sorry for yelling, but seriously…

  • Rami


    Just an FYI, I was at a T Mobile Store in Cincy and actually played around with it. They had some sort of Sense on it, but not sure if it was stock or beautiful Widgets. Anyhow, I did ask about pricing and they said $250 w/2 yr contract..

    Thats all I got.,

    • SpeakNSpell

      It’s a custom version of Sense. T-Mobile worked with HTC to create Sense ‘espresso’ which is what’s on the mytouch 3g slide. It’s basically just like Sense but they have bubble like squares surrounding the apps and a somewhat different look. It’s the only carrier to have their own customized version of android. All other carriers leave it to the manufactures (HTC Sense, Moto blur, Samsung Touchwiz) or leave it stock android.

  • Snoopyalien24

    See dammit I’m still stuck between this and the G2.. I’m iffy on behalf of the z hinge problems but this has no phyisical keyboard and I hate typing outside like that.. Any suggestions guys?

    • LuvMyGreenRobot

      I would either get this one, or just wait until next year to see if they have a phone that you want with a keyboard.

    • lookaturself

      well im pretty certain they will release a mytouch slide 4g some point in 2011 so that may help with the keyboard, and hopefully it will be the same spec wise as the mt4g.

  • bass

    i just got my my touch 46 employee demo, and the speaker is horrible.

  • DjECast

    soooo… looks like no presale on the new mytouch… meh… i’ll go to a store i guess…

    • JackMatt

      I have heard that the presale will start tomorrow.

      • lookaturself

        ive been told by numerous sources in and out of tmo that there is no preorder available for this phone.

  • DjECast

    are we sure about the $250 price tag with contract… that seems a little steep…

  • 2Wheeler

    So if this officially launches in 8 days, why hasn’t TMo listed this on the site saying “COMING SOON”

  • JackMatt

    I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    I was told to upgrade my phone from the garbage horrible Cliq it was going to cost $1,000.00!!!!! WTF?! I have been a t-mo customer for over a decade and they pull that on me? I am on my 4th CLIQ because it crashes, dies, doesn’t work…

    • JackMatt

      how long ago did you get it?

      And most SmartPhones you can buy outright for about 600.

      • LuvMyGreenRobot

        How the hell are they charging you a grand???

    • RockTripod

      That doesn’t make any sense. Full value for the myTouch would be, at most, $500. There is literally no way you could be charged that much for the myTouch. I’m hoping one of those indirect agents are the ones that fed you that line of BS. Call care or visit a corporate store, and get the straight deal.

  • Luis

    Just came from the tmobile store in my area(NYC) and they had the mytouch 4g in the store and I have to say it is a very stunning phone the ui is a little ugly but overall look and feel is nice very slim, ffc is a amazing I will be upgrading my g2 to that phone I might have to swap sim cards because I still love the keyboard on my g2

  • snoopyalien24

    See dammit I’m still stuck between this and the G2.. I’m iffy on behalf of the z hinge problems but this has no phyisical keyboard and I hate typing outside like that.. Any suggestions guys?

  • Lissa

    I want!

  • Ms. Android

    I don’t know which one to choose…either the red or purple one.

    • John Doe


    • lookaturself

      red all the way!!!!!

  • Manny

    I played with it at my local store today. They had just got it. I thought that it felt really solid in my hand. I also felt that it was very responsive and snappy while I was playing with it. I was trying to decide whether I got this or the Defy. I like the Defy because I like to spend time in the snow and I am pretty hard on my phones ( drop them every once in a while). After playing with the new My Touch I think I might replace my Nexus One with it. I was worried about the amount of rom on the phone, but after playing with it I figure that it has about 1.5gigs. The only other thing that will hold me back from getting it when it launches is that I want to make sure it doesn’t have any sort of anti-root protection like the G2. Overall it seems like a really nice phone.