T-Mobile and Motorola Launch Defy, Rugged And More Rugged

I have to be honest and say I didn’t see this coming at all, a T-Mobile and Motorola announcement on the Oprah Winfrey show? Definitely wasn’t considering that for a launch platform but hey, it’s actually a good-looking phone. With a 3.7-inch scratch-resistant screen, water resistant and dust proof, the Defy will protect your phone against anything life can throw at it, within reason of course! We had a pretty good idea this rugged bad boy was coming back in mid-August as the Motorola Jordan. That just leaves the Motorola “Begonia” unaccounted for and we’re betting it might be one of those trademarked names we reported on a while back, perhaps a Cliq 2 in the future

Full press release and a bunch of pictures follow!


Motorola Debuts DEFY™ on the Farewell Season Premiere of “The Oprah Winfrey Show”

Exclusively for T-Mobile USA, Motorola DEFY is Equipped to Withstand All That Life Throws Your Way

September 13, 2010

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. — September 13, 2010Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) unveiled the Motorola DEFY™ enhanced with MOTOBLUR™ on today’s 25th season premiere of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Slim and pocket-able, this smartphone powered by Android™, which is planned for exclusive U.S. availability to customers of T-Mobile USA, comes equipped with a 3.7-inch high-resolution and scratch-resistant touch screen display that provides edge-to-edge views of your favorite websites, photos and videos.

“DEFY is designed to handle everything that life throws your way,” said Bill Ogle chief marketing officer, Motorola Mobility, Inc. “With all the features consumers expect in a smartphone, DEFY packs Web browsing, entertainment and messaging capabilities as well as an exterior design that can withstand the stresses of everyday life.”

Motorola DEFY is scratch and water resistant as well as dust proof, protecting you from life’s little challenges such as a sudden rain shower to a drop in the sand. Pre-installed on the DEFY, CrystalTalk® PLUS vanquishes noisy environments with two microphones that intelligently filter out background noise and amplify your voice so you don’t have to shout.

“DEFY is essentially a connection hub wrapped in a layer of protection,” said Paul Cole, vice president, product management, T-Mobile USA. “The unique and innovative form-factor of the DEFY provides you with the confidence to truly take your phone anywhere.”

An Adobe® Flash® Lite®-enabled Web browser and 3.7-inch WVGA screen allow you to view more of the Web than standard browsers. Choose from thousands of applications, widgets and games on Android Market™ and enjoy access to Google™ services including Google Search™, Google Maps™ and Gmail™.

With a durable form-factor and 5-megapixel camera featuring a flash, digital zoom and auto focus, the Motorola DEFY is the trusty companion to capture memories at the next family reunion or vacation. Part of the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), DEFY enables you to stream, store and share content with compatible devices around the home such as HDTVs, game consoles and PCs. Also, the Connected Music Player provides the option to display lyrics to your songs and enables you to discover, buy and download music, right from your phone.


Motorola DEFY with MOTOBLUR is expected to be available exclusively to T-Mobile USA customers in time for the holidays. For more information on Motorola DEFY with MOTOBLUR, please visit here.  To view images please visit here.

About Motorola
Motorola is known around the world for innovation in communications and is focused on advancing the way the world connects. From broadband communications infrastructure, enterprise mobility and public safety solutions to mobile and wireline digital communication devices that provide compelling experiences, Motorola is leading the next wave of innovations that enable people, enterprises and governments to be more connected and more mobile. Motorola (NYSE: MOT) had sales of US $22 billion in 2009. For more information, please visit www.motorola.com.

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  • Barry

    Not a bad looking phone what’s under the hood?


    Not bad at all. A decent highend midrange phone. I would just like to know what’s going on inside.

    • Marcelo L

      Hate to break it to you, but even with HVGA resolution it’s best to consider it an Entry-level phone. Unless the specs have changed for the US ( Current European specs: http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=2573&c=motorola_defy ). It uses the OMAP 3610, which according to TI’s own documentation ( http://focus.ti.com/lit/ml/swpt024b/swpt024b.pdf ), lists it as an entry-level CPU.

      Even more telling, is that it is missing any dedicated 2D/3D graphics accelerator ( i.e. NO PowerVR GPU, ala Droid ). All wrapped in an 800 Mhz processor ( can’t bring yourself to give your customers a 1Ghz cpu’d product, can you TMo ? ).

      The redeeming quality of this phone will be it’s durability, but don’t expect a powerhouse of a phone here, folks.

      Just another “meh” entry in the Android lineup at TMo.

      • FunkmasterC

        I can understand people complaining about Motoblur and poor experiences with Motorola, but what’s up with the comment “can’t bring yourself to give your customers a 1Ghz cpu’d product, can you TMo” – What processor does the Vibrant have? Given it is just one, but the processor in the G1 is fully capable of 1Ghz – they just turned it down for battery life. The GPU makes up for it.

      • darocker22

        He was probably referring to Motorola not supporting a 1ghz processor on t-mobile. But thats ok, we all know the quality of motorola phones that aren’t on the verizon network. T-mobile just really needs to dump motorola altogether, they have yet to update one single phone in the US thats not on verizon.

      • Marcelo L

        @darocker: Exactly. Bottom of the barrel with regards to TMo. Sure the Vibrant is a 1Ghz processor’d handset, but these higher powered processor’d handsets are becoming more and more prevalent across all other carriers. And frankly, TMo just needs to step up to the plate.

        Look at the G2 with it’s mismatched Faster GPU ( Adreno 205 ) with a clunky CPU core ( 7230 with slower Floating Point and Integer scores than equivalently clock-speeded Snapdragons ).

        @FunkmasterC: Sure you can clock drop a NOS system into a Mitsubishi Lancer, but you still can’t call it an EVO 9.

      • Marcelo L

        @FunkmasterC: Oh….and you must’ve missed it…the OMAP 3610 does NOT have a 2D/3D accelerated GPU…so I don’t know what GPU you’re referring to.

      • drew

        I knew this piece of crap was headed to Tmobile when it was first leaked. I’m so annoyed. It seems like who ever makes the bid for Tmobile phones just hangs out with a checklist:
        1. It it outdated at release? check
        2. Is it ugly? check
        3. Will this phone make our current customers want to bang their heads against brick walls and ask “why, for the love of God, why”? check
        4. Is this phone so bad, so useless, that even talking into a tin can would be more fun? check

      • FunkmasterC

        Someone here is so high one himself, that apparently he can’t follow thought progression in a comment. The GPU was in reference to the G2 which you quote are being the Adreno 205.

        I don’t like or buy Japanese cars, so your reference is useless to me. Go watch the Fast and the Furious again and have another wet dream.

  • Jed Clamped

    Motorola can kiss my ***

    • RolloC84


    • Josef

      AGREED. I don’t care what this phone does, after my experience with the Cliq XT, I’m not going anywhere near it.

    • Manny


  • Skunk

    You know what would DEFY expectation? If Motorola started pushing out the 2.1 update for the CLIQ and CLIQ XT that they promised would be out by the end of June. It’s obviously ready as they’ve already launched the CHARM with it and now this phone’s coming out.

    • Foxeh

      Last I heard, they pushed it back to early Q4. There was a public apology about it somewhere. A friend of mine has the Cliq and he’s thinking about binning it for a G2 just out of principle.

      Seriously, all this just to get an update that’s already been dated MONTHS ago. Motoblur ftw…


    I don’t trust Motorola

  • cliquser

    i can’t believe it doesn’t have a keyboard. BOO

    • Jeff

      Be hard to have a rugged phone with a fold out keyboard.


    I broke a record with the cliq being that I had it for a couple of hours before dumping it on Craigslist

  • Matlock

    All I have to say is f**k Motoblur!! Motorola can kiss my a** with that stupid motoblur B.S.!!!

  • HasteTheChariot

    I did not see this coming at all, I love that they are making durable phones. I was excited the moto charm had gorilla glass, but the screen and camera fell short.

    It does not look like android 1.5 or 1.6 based on keyboard, anyone have an idea what it is running?

    I got the moto cliq the day it came out and have given up hope on getting an update, so I do not trust motorola anymore…

    • Mohammad

      android 2.1

  • JaylanPHNX


  • http://dragonladykitchen.com jmfos

    I would not by a new phone that didn’t come with 2.2.

    • http://dragonladykitchen.com jmfos

      I would not buy a new phone that didn’t come with 2.2.


  • http://tmonews.com terryjohnson16

    I am surprised it is water resistant. I know Casio made them for Verizon.

    I am surprised more phones aren’t water resistant now a days.

  • mtnman

    All I can say it’s a “Motorola”. What happened to my Cliq updated moto? I guess we’re not going to get that, their too busy pushing out their new phones hopeing you’ll forget about a 2.1 update. I don’t care what superphone they come out with at the moment. Give me my update as promised then we’ll talk.

  • Jeff

    I will never buy another Motorola product again! As soon as the G2 comes out, I am dumping my Cliq and never looking back.

  • Vibrant addict

    seems like a good phone for those that are rough with their devices. Wonder if you can submerge it in water? I always like pushing the limits.

  • http://tmonews.com terryjohnson16

    I am also wondering what version of Android it has. Knowing Motorola, it could be 2.1

  • David Thomas

    It’s Motorola. Do not want. The specs need to be on-par with any of the Droids for me to even consider not hating them enough to possibly want the phone.

    I will say it’s a nice-looking phone now, but I don’t trust them these days.

    • Barry

      That is exactly what I was about to post. Motorola is gonna have to send Droid x type devices to T-Mobile to get ppl to trust them again after the cliq/cliq xt debacle. And since they seem to be joined at the hip with Verizon, their sales are going to suffer outside of that carrier. But they obviously turned around a failing company when going to the android os and through vzw and are making millions of dollars so why would they care about launching highend devices elsewhere?

      • Marcelo L

        @Barry : Swine will sprout wings and fly, before that happens.

        It’s a matter of TMo choosing. You think Moto can’t make a Milestone that includes the 1700/2100 frequencies ? Of course it can ! It won’t because TMo won’t order it.

    • Barry

      I seriously don’t their gonna offer anything in the range of a superphone outside of vzw I don’t think T-Mobile doesn’t want such a phone imo. But who knows you maybe right.

  • patrick

    ive seen on a couple differnt websites that this has android 2.2 and i believe either has a 600, or 800 mhz processor. one of the two for sure.

  • patrick

    on other websites ive seen with specs of android 2.2 and i belie

  • patrick

    whoops my bad. ive seen it with android 2.2 AND a 800 mhz processor, i believe.

  • mtnman
    • jonathan

      I see “H” on that link. Could this device be HSPA+ enabled?

      • J-Hop2o6

        im preddy sure only 7.2 HSPA max, which isn’t bad anyways.

  • jonathan

    I hate Motorola so let that be known but supposedly this phone can withstand being fully submerged feet in water.

  • http://forums.tmonews.com T1 Connect

    Hey i like it, one more android phone for tmobile. Kinda says take this and stick it up your droid verizon.

  • mtnman

    Android 2.1.(you’ll never see a 2.2 update). TI OMAP Processor. 800MHz 512 MB RAM. Flash 10.1, but that’s the lite version. 5MP camera w/flash. 3.7″ screen. Rubberized case. 400 mins talk (6.6 Hours).

    • Marcelo L

      The reason it’s the lite version is because it uses the OMAP3610 processor which does NOT include HW 2D/3D GPU accelerator ( i.e. there’s no PowerVR GPU like on the Droid/DroidX ).

  • watbetch

    Even though I own a CLIQ and hate it, I’m not hating this device. Kudos to Motorola and T-Mobile. Finally, a high-end Motorola device for T-Mobile. We needed one. This is as close as you’re going to get to a DROID on another carrier.

  • mtnman

    One thing I don’t get is this is supposed to be a tough rugged phone that can take abuse on the job site, but yet they want to introduce it on Oprah which women watch. Why not just do it on The View? lol

    • J-Hop2o6

      Women are clumsy with phones.. i know because my girl dropped here Sidekick 09 soo many times, the screen wouldn’t stay closed.. after that, i made her get the TP2.. she dropped that in the toilet by accident.. then the screen was messed up after that.. it wouldn’t register finger touches.. so we had to take off the plastic part of the resistive screen (not the protectors u buy at the store).

      Yea its weird that its being announced on Oprah, but this phone can take women abuse, lol.

  • LSxChevelle

    It’s weird that the link someone shared says that it comes with 2.1 but has full 10.1 flash support. Must be am error.

    • mtnman

      Flash 10.1 lite.

  • JoshL

    Actually, pretty good looking for a motoblur phone. On the other hand, a Motorola phone?? No thanks.

  • Mario

    I kinda like it for the fact that its rugged, but its motorola I don’t trust. I have the cliq xt about to sell it on craigslist

  • jayy336

    Its a pretty good looking phone, but I will never buy a Motorola phone as long as motoblur is on it, the long wait for updates is not worth their best phones.

  • Robert

    No thank you.

  • Duhh

    It says that its an updated i1 (aka Boost Mobile and Sprint/Nextel) phone. that phone had only a 600Mhz Arm11 Processor and 1400mAh battery. I wonder if its gotten any better ?

  • tehandroid

    I don’t care if its the most powerful phone on the market or cab transform into a jet. I’m never buying anything from Motorola ever again. Motoblur is the biggest piece of crap ever. Not to mention all their new phones have chips that can remote disable your phone if you hack it. Screw Motorola.

  • mtnman

    David quick question, any updated word on when we’ll see a Cliq update?

    • tcky

      Get over it! there wiil not be any updates for this phone(cliq)

  • mikeeeee

    2.1 in a 2.2+ world.

    just like building steam locomotives.

  • Fish

    it will come with 2.1 and won’t get 2.2 until 2012. It will also be unrootable, or at least very difficult to root.

    My projections based on motos crap customer service and just as crappy develpers and programmers.

  • mtnman

    For those needing a good laugh at your Cliq/xt not getting an updated check out this video. At least it eases the pain. http://vimeo.com/13953682

  • Midnight Raver

    What the hell is up with those ugly torx screws that are holding the faceplate? Changeable faceplates?

    • Android Chick

      I think its to keep the phone water resistant/proof.

  • La_resistance28

    This may not satisfy all of us high-end phone cravers, but I see this as a pretty solid (in more ways than one) choice for mid-range phone users. There are people who are just getting into Android or touchscreen phones, and don’t NEED the fastest processor or latest Android build. This could be just the ticket for them. I’m wondering if this Defy is the reason Tmo didn’t get that rumored and leaked Motorola XT720 earlier this year. Why couldn’t we have both?? The 720 would have been decent back in spring when it was rumored to be launched…

  • ogopogo

    Hmmmm…..a phone geared towards fat lonely housewives……yeah…good marketing Tmo.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Women are clumsy with phones.. i know because my girl dropped here Sidekick 09 soo many times, the screen wouldn’t stay closed.. after that, i made her get the TP2.. she dropped that in the toilet by accident.. then the screen was messed up after that.. it wouldn’t register finger touches.. so we had to take off the plastic part of the resistive screen (not the protectors u buy at the store).

      Yea its weird that its being announced on Opera, but this phone can take women abuse, lol.

  • NiiDiddy

    I like it. Not bad at all!!!

  • Vibrant Guy

    Wow…that’s a nice device. I am sure it will do well, and I hope T-mobile continues to bring out some great devices like this one. Good Job T-Mobile. Between this, the G2, and the MyTouch HD…we should start to see some gains!!!

  • Mooch

    Motorola Defy = their excuse for why they aren’t updating the cliq and cliq xt.

  • Yoda

    This phone has a warning label on it… Motorola.

    • Newmexican


  • JSY581

    Meh, its ok…

    What I don’t understand is how many people complain about TMO and the phone selection, sure its not the new, latest and greatest, but if you don’t like what they offer, maybe its about time you switched over to Verizon, Sprint, or ATT… You can’t expect champagne on a beer budget.

    • ogopogo

      OK – here is what people are complaining about:

      1. They have had a bad experience with Motorola in the past – Cliq, Cliq XT. They have been waiting patiently for their promised update – still nothing.

      2. Tmo offers us the Samsung Vibrant. It has GPS issues, which are not yet fixed. No indication of when we will get 2.2, no flash for a camera, and for some unknown reason, no HSPA+ support.

      3. Tmo now offers us the G2 – Tada! Given that we are towards the END of 2010, you would expect something a bit better. It is a mediocre phone at best. We all waited for this????

      Don’t fool yourself. As Tmo customers, we have all SETTLED. They aren’t the best in phone selection. They aren’t the best in coverage, and they aren’t the best in innovation. The only thing they grasp to is a slightly lower price. For what? phones that suck, and a network that is not as reliable as the competition.

      • JSY581

        I agree fully with everything you have said in your post. But why settle? I am a fairly new TMO customer switched over from Verizon. I am very happy with the service and you are right, it is cheaper. I guess my point is if you want the latest phone with better coverage, nothing (unless you are under contract, even this wouldn’t stop me from switching if I wasn’t happy, I would gladly shell out an early term fee, if I was under contract) is stopping you from switching to one of these other carriers.

        I, myself have settled for TMO because it works well for me, how about you?

      • ogopogo

        Like you, I am a new member to the Tmo family. I had been with AT&T for the past 12 years, primarily due to the fact that they were who we used at work, so, I got a great discount. Their coverage was pretty good. But, when you talk about a lack of innovation, AT&T is worse that Tmo. The iphone isn’t my cup of tea. I don’t like Apple’s approach to locking you in with how they do things…..when I started looking around, Verizon is waaaay overpriced. Sprint was fairly decent, but it was the little things about Tmo that got me to switch:

        1. I have a Blackberry, and having UMA is great (yes, I brought my AT&T Bold over to Tmo, tweaked it, and got UMA working).
        2. The promise that tethering (rooted 2.1, or stock froyo) would not cost me an extra.

        Just like anything else, I had to give up a bit of coverage, and lack of phone selection for some features. We’ll see where this leads me, as I am not on a contract!

      • JSY581

        I am interested on how you got your ATT Bold to do UMA, since I also am using an ATT BBY Bold on TMO.

        No contract is always the way to go!

      • J-Hop2o6

        lack of phone selection? look at AT&T other than iPhone and Captivate.. what else do they have? AT&T is the same, or even worse than T-Mobile with phones.

      • Binkleyz

        PLEASE tell me that there is a way to make a non-TMO phone UMA capable.. I’ve been stuck w/ TMO for years because they’re the only carrier that offers UMA (Which I use at home for the coverage and overseas for the fact that the calls are “local”), and the only UMA-capable phones that are worth a damn are the Blackberries.

        I’ve lamented the fact that the highly-touted Vibrant didn’t come with it, so I’m hoping against hope that the Defy might.. I’ve been a TMO customer since they were Voicestream, and my monthly bill is half of what I’d have to pay for a similar VZW or ATT plan, so I REALLY don’t want to leave TMO.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Nice looking device. Still waiting for that 4.3inch monster though.

  • Dave

    looks pretty good. motoblur was never a problem with me perse, it just seemed to really drain battery life. With any of these smartphones my most prized feature i want is battery life. none of the features mean nothing if you don’t even get the time frame to be able ot gracefully use all the features to your hearts desire due to bad battery life. I would be very happy with a full days use on a smartphone & i use my smartphone very light & moderately.

    • J-Hop2o6

      then u should bring a car battery with u.. if u want smaller, just buy (or free from the manufacturer if still under warranty) an extra battery and leave it in your car fully charged.. take it out the car and bring it with u if u know your gonna be away from your car for awhile.. also, get a car charger.

      • Dave

        for these phones to cost as much as they do, i shouldn’t have to pay more money for an accessory to last me longer. Mind u like i said, ” i use my phone very light & moderately.” it’s ridiculous … they should bundle in a battery extender with these phones if they’re gonna be like this, seriously … I’m trying to not be the one to complain & I’m normally not one to, but it’s my money, so I’m gonna have a few choice words to say

      • Dave

        but thanks for the advice. Don’t want you to think I’m being rude or mean to you. I’m just saying

      • J-Hop2o6

        i didn’t get anything rude in your comment.. i totally feel u.. they should include a extra battery.. they did that for the Moto Charm.. but yea, until battery tech catches up, we just have to deal with it and have extra wall charges, car chargers, and extra batteries.. i don’t have a extra battery for my TP2, but i do have a car charger.. so my battery never dies on me on moderate use.

        and i meant to add “lol” after the car battery sentence, lol.

  • kristin

    Hmmm…Sounds like a good idea but motorola needs to drop the motoblur bs. So far it’s looking like I’m going to be keeping my Samsung Vibrant, that I’m perfectly happy with, till at least 2011.

  • NoMotoNotEver

    Yeah I have to agree after my purchase of the Cliq which has since been replaced and still yet to be updated I will never by another MOTO product ever again thanks but no thanks i dont care if it had a Triple Core processor with a 5 inch screen, 10mp camera, a gold plated pair of headpones and Oprah hand delivered the phone herself.

  • somebody

    never buying moto again

    but it looks nice still never again!!!!!!!!