Radio Shack To Sell The T-Mobile G2 For $149.99

Not to be outdone by Best Buy or Costco, Radio Shack over the weekend tweeted its own campaign for sales of the T-Mobile G2 by showing off a beautiful $149.99 price tag. They make sure to point out the whole “instant rebate” thing as opposed to what you’ll find in your local corporate T-Mobile store. When oh when will the carriers cut out the rebate shenanigans? Of course no word on a launch date but given all of our current information points to October 6th, we’ll expect sometime right around then.

Mobileburn via Radio Shack

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  • How low can they go? Can we get a $99? lol

    • Rutteger

      If you don’t mind waiting past the release date am sure amazon/best buy/random website will have it on sale for a $99 price tag before the year is out. If you’re REALLY patient there may be some black friday specials that you can take advantage of when the sales come up.

      • mikeeeee

        good ideer!

  • slimnoodle


  • derrickps3

    lol radio shack

  • TmoMike

    Radio Shack is still in business?? lolz

    • Michael Lococo

      Radio Shack rocks!!!


  • alex32

    A tmobile representative told me that pre orders would start some time this week, maybe this wednesday…and the g2 will be sold in tmobile stores september 29th to october 3rd. I know I cant believe what tmobile reps say..hell, the people that follow tmonews know more than them but thats what I was told. You guys dont have to believe me and its okay, but I thought id share something with you guys. This makes sense when I said a wile back tmobile was going to say something about pre orders september 15th..but we’ll see…as the days get closer im growing more impatient to buy this thing. i cant wait to get the G2

    • Foxeh

      Yeah, when I was in a BB Mobile store the other day, one rep there told me it’ll come out in October and another rep corrected him and said Sept. 29th. It seems they don’t have any idea either.

      • alex32

        yeah they dont, it looks as if tmobile is really doing that “silent launch” for the 2 since no one knows much about it

  • ov1

    I spoke with a radio shack rep last week and they had a conference call on fri talking about all kind of goodies. In addition to that he told me that they may get a demo in this week. Oh yeah thanks for posting my little secret (sarcastic undertone)

  • NiiDiddy

    Best Buy Mobile— $99 after $100 instant rebate. I was there yesterday, spoke with my boy who works there. Also, $1 (99cents) for Vibrant after instant rebate (originally being sold for $99.99). Best Buy Mobile as the better deal. Check out Best Buy Mobile…we have them in our Malls here in Central FL.

    • Foxeh

      I’ve only checked out one mall store so far in the Twin Cities, but they were offering no such instant rebates. :( I did specifically ask if there were any. This deal might not be franchise wide…

  • Loco Froyo

    Unless Radio Shack is planning on delivering the device overclocked to 1GHZ so that it can run Gingerbread, I’ll wait for the Mytouch HD

    • The “you need 1GHz to run gingerbread” myth was disproved within 12 hours of it’s circulation yet people still hold onto this.

      Google has said that there won’t be a specific MHz limit for Gingerbread (Android 3.0) and it would be stupid if that were the case because differences in processor architecture mean that one processor at 800MHz could well be “faster” (in terms of processing power) than another one at 1GHz.

      • tortionist

        Like the g2 800 MHz and the others at 1GHz. Finally someone that gets it. g2 FTW.

      • thaghost

        +1000 when r ppl gonna get this in their big heads?

    • JoshL

      Yeah, I’m really tired of idiots like Loco Froyo that constantly spew crap without knowing what they are talking about. Annoying.

  • Does that mean the full price is $50 less at Radio Shack as well? I was planning on buying from Costco or a TMO store but if we can save $100 on our two phones that would be pretty nice.

    • NiiDiddy

      People are not reading comments!!! Read: Best Buy Mobile— $99 after $100 instant rebate for G2. I was there yesterday, spoke with my boy who works there. Also, $1 (99cents) for Vibrant after instant rebate (originally being sold for $99.99). Best Buy Mobile as the better deal. Check out Best Buy Mobile…we have them in our Malls here in Central FL.

  • Amanda

    I have a question. I know if you buy a phone at tmobile and it stops working then they will replace it. What happens if you get the phone from another retailer and it stops working? are you out of luck? thanks!

    • J-Hop2o6

      I’m wondering about this also.. but phones always have 1 year manufacturers warranty.. just make sure that water damage strip indicator hasn’t been touch by water or any type of moisture, or u will be denied.

    • Patrick B

      Traditionally Costco has a very good return/guarantee policy. In this case it will pay to compare. Good question.

  • G1 user waitin for G2

    just went to the best buy mobile website, check this out, the G2 is supposed to come out on the 10th
    “T-Mobile becomes the latest mobile carrier to enter the 4G arena with release of its new G2 smartphone, available for pre-order at Best Buy Mobile stores starting Friday, September 10. Running a state-of-the-art Android 2.2 operating system, the T-Mobile G2 allows users to connect at super-fast 4G speeds (where available). HTC’s exclusive “Z-hinge” design opens up to a full QWERTY keyboard and a sharp, 3.7” touch screen.

    The T-Mobile G2 hits stores on October 10. Visit any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile stand-alone store to pre-order your T-Mobile G2 today.”

    • alex32

      hopefully in this case tmobile would release the g2 in their stores a week a week and a half

    • klotz

      It’s not a full QWERTY keyboard, as far as I can see.
      It’s missing a bunch of keys, plus the number row.

  • If you can go to Best Buy/Radio Shack to get these deals go for it. History has proven them to be better deals than Magenta can offer. This makes me want to get the G2.

    • Michael Lococo

      I keep hearing people talk about Magenta… what is it?

      • J-Hop2o6

        Tmobile’s color

  • mtnman

    A lot or retailers offer better deals than T-Mobile can, but that’s due to their buying power. The only thing is that when you buy from a retailer is that you pay full price or pay for it and wait 4-6 weeks for your rebate to come in the mail. T-Mobiles advantage is that you can put a certain amout down over the phone via CC or debit and pay the rest in installments over 3 months on you phone bill. The disadvantage of the rebate is a marketing ploy that works to the retailers advantage. I know haveing worked in retail for years. It’s a huge money maker for them.

    1. You have to fill out the paperwork completly in order or receive your rebate or it will be rejected.
    2. You have to enclose all required paperwork or it will be rejected.
    3. proper postage is required.
    4. Correct address to the place its sent too.
    5. The waiting. On avarage you wait the full 6 weeks to get your rebate back.

    Retailer love rebates because most people don’t do one or more of the steps required or just forget to send in the forms and they keep that money in their pockets. It’s the same with Gift cards. The law has changed on a gift cards so there’s no experation date now where as it used to be that if you had only a buck or pennies left on it, people would throw them away and that’s money in companies pocket. Rebates are about the same. That’s why you see tons of specials with special “price” after rebate and not actual sale price.

    Companies are always looking at how to get seperate you from your money and making you think you get really great deal. Once you’ve been on the inside you’ll know.

  • mwl1119

    @Loco Froyo If you want Gingerbread wait until T-mobile launches a phone with it or swith to verizon. I have had a Behold II, Cliq, Cliq xt, and Mytouch Slide and can tell you T-mobile does not do updates to android anymore no matter what the specs are.

    • Michael Lococo

      That’s weird… I’m a Windows Mobile guy but I bought 3 Android phones for my kids… and all of them have been updated through T-Mobile.

      In the US.

    • mikeybot

      Who cares when you can root it and get a ROM

    • disney10

      what are you talking about the g1 was updated and the rest of those are not tmobiles fault the behold cliq and cliq xt are all Motorola they have to make the new froyo work on their custom ui same with the mytouch slide which has htc sence expresso another custom ui the manufacture is the one who updates the phone not tmobile so learn the facts before posting

      • wy937

        Cliq and Cliq XT are Moto, but Behold II was Samsung. The fact that Samsung broke their promise to their customers and failed to release Eclair for the Behold II is the reason why I will never buy a phone from Samsung.

  • jaminroe

    I’ll be very tempted to get this. Will have to wait for the myTOuch HD though.

  • adrianxt

    Im sorry to chime in disney10 but the behold isn’t Motorola. Its Samsung. So as you would say “Learn the facts before posting”

  • Wicked1

    I’m waiting. It’ll be $99 a month and a half after the launch. I’m waiting to see what else comes out for the rest of the year. I will be getting rid of this Cliq, but I’m not sure I want to extend my contract, and I’m sure not paying $500

  • samvonac

    Is there any difference when buying from a third party (ie, Radio Shack, BB, Costco, etc.) vs. directly from TMO?

    I have an existing family plan and would like to add a line (with the G2). Can I do this via the third party vendors?

  • Fishstick

    I was at Radio Shack yesterday returning a cable (emergency or I would not have been there) and asked them about the pre-order. They said that you buy a $50 gift card for the pre-order and the use it to buy the phone. I left thinking I understood but now I’m not sure. To me it sounds like it will still be $200 but you pay for $50 up front and then the other $150 when you pick it up.

    I’m not going to re-ask, I’ll just wait until the official Radio Shack update to find out.

    • c-fu

      You buy $50 gift card to reserve yours. You now have the $50 GC in your possesion. You are now $50 out of pocket.

      You go back at release, pay $150 for the phone, and use your $50 GC. Your net out this trip is $100.

      Total out of pocket = $150.

  • sidekick feen

    who agrees with me on the sidekick? cmon admit it

  • sidekick feen

    the sidekick is way better then the G2 or anyother phone out there lol yu ppl get over it sidekick rocks its blazing speed way faster then the G2 better screen resolution the best in the world of course the sidekick 09 beats the G2 and anyphone hands down who agrees?

  • FloridaGuy

    No updates on G2 ???? this sucks :( Oct 6th is rnd the corner.

  • android fan1

    ugh yes and very unpleasent update tmo is suposely delayin the launch date till 16 wtf, this makes me mad!!!! i want it asap

  • android fan1

    lol is sidekick feen out his mind yu stup*d sidekick feen sidekicks aint close to even a G1 lol keep dreaming