T-Mobile G2 Gets Compared To The Rest Of The Competition

We’ve already seen a comparison of the T-Mobile G2 vs the Samsung Vibrant, we’ve even seen a benchmark comparison between the G2 and other Android competitors, and now we present to you a specification comparison between some of the most popular mobile handsets offered by the Big Four. This particular comparison chart, compares the specs of the upcoming T-Mobile G2 against AT&T’s iPhone 4, Verizon’s DROID 2, and Sprint’s EVO 4G. There’s really not much explaining needed as the image speaks for itself. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • adam

    im not sure how i feel about this… i mean, in some ways it makes the other ones look better. for example: the screen size or the camera’s megapixels..

    • TFJ4

      Agree, almost looks like an ad for the competitor

      • reality

        this is t-mobiles internal document to give reps a quick look at the difference between devices … not really meant as a sales tool. however, it is really not a shining example of why one should purchase a G2 over one of the other devices listed.

        btw t-mobile issues these grab and gos on any smartphone they release or special feature item. They are usually part of a 10 minute training reps get in their pods prior to release.

        most reps glance at them then stick it in a drawer because they have all this information to them online in most cases.

    • El Guapo

      Yep… The EVO is better. Thanks for confirming this, TMO!

      • Garet

        EVO is better because of the FFC or screen size?? Have you ever seen the G2 or had them next to each other???I have had a nexus one and Vibrant next to an EVO and trust me the screen size is not that noticeable but what is the quality of the screen is much more noticeable. I see the G2 is a super TFT so I am not sure how much difference it will have then the EVO so wait and see.

      • Jared

        Better because of a slightly bigger screen and 3 more mega pixels? If that’s what it takes to sway you as a consumer then go for it. I base my purchases off performance so little comparisons like this do nothing for me.

      • phonegeek

        that $10 extra charge isn’t better, and please dont say it doesnt exist i tried to buy an EPIC just now an its telling me i need to pay an extra 10 for premium data smh good phone pass on the $10’s

      • stitch

        The evo is better…finally left tmo on Friday and I have no regrets. Came with 2.2 and 4g speeds are already available in palm beach county

      • tortionist

        Evo sucks compared to the G2….Get it right. G2 has the better processor and faster FPS. which matters more than most people realize.

      • Mikeyo

        Ha shows what you know

    • Jared

      Only thing with bigger numbers is the Evo.

  • Chris

    Why is the G2 “WVGA Super TFT” and the Droid 2 is just WVGA and the evo is just “TFT?”

    • Roman

      Super TFT = Sony Super LCD screen that has been used because of the AMOLED shortage. Still a good screen.

    • Woffle

      Because it uses Sony’s Super TFT and the other two are just regular TFT’s.

    • DaZeD

      Svga super tft is the hspa+ network tmo has. It’s their version of 4g

      • dobsorific

        svga is t-mo 4g that’s the dumbest comment I’ve read yet.

      • pimpstrong


      • blablabla

        wow dude you’re an idiot.

      • thaghost


    • Yyevo

      TFT means TransFlective. It allows light to pass through the screen and reflect off the back thereby allowing you to see the screen outside.

      I’m sure the S stands for Super, Sony, Samsung or some other marketing b.s.

      • Joshuakprice1

        Did you just totally make that up? Utter bs. TFT stands for thin film transistor. If you don’t know something, just admit it, okay?

      • MrMiddl

        lmaoooo really people, pick up a book and read. the internet isn’t a place to get your education.

  • Dave

    it looks like it’s on par with the rest of them

    • Anthony

      Which isn’t a good thing since the other phones have been out for months…..


        The iphone4 hasn’t really been out for MONTHS now. Come to think of it. The Droid 2 hasn’t been out that long either. Please get your facts straight.

      • blablabla

        how is it NOT a good thing? All the phones coming out this year aren’t necessarily going to outdo one another by a longshot. They’re all going to be pretty similarly spec’d hardware wise with the exception of some extra features like ffc which still isn’t all that common yet. And no the other phones have not been out for MONTHS. The two oldest phones on there are the iphone and evo which both came out in June. You might as well have claimed that the iphone is already outdated because the nexus one had a 1ghz processor back in january. Get your facts right.

  • bk1

    Forever I Remember Stuff To post, I kinda like the sounds of the device but the 800 processor has me wondering, waiting on the emerald i think personally

    • phonegeek

      see im trying to figure out if i should too but my mytouch is about to kick the bucket


      Just for your information, the scorpion 800mhz processor is more efficient than the snapdragon 1ghz.

      • Marc

        In theory, that’s not yet a given in real world use.

  • somebody

    i wait for hd7

    the my touch hd is kinda growing on me i might actually consider it

    • tortionist

      I’m going to get the g2 and the MTHD. It’ll be great. everyone should do that.

      • thaghost

        ahh. me too.

  • Galen20K

    I love how the document says “Grab and GO” just like the document for the MyTOuch HD which leads me to believe its even MORE official a document for a new marketing campaign. = )

    • someone

      “Grab and Go” documents are internal documents for reps to have quick reference/training on new devices, rate plan changes, and network updates. It is in no way a marketing campaign.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    For a phone with a keyboard, its pretty thin on paper. Just wonder if it will live up to what it is made to be. They need a good advertiser too. Although Sprint had that creepy sick looking woman advertising the Palm Pre, it worked and sold a boat load of phones

    • Reece

      Actually the Palm Pre was pretty doo doo in sales with the Pre setting sales record for Sprint @ the time wasn’t much considering they didn’t have many notable phones to begin with & the Evo shattering those records later. Overall the sales didn’t help Palm regain any marketshare vs BB, iPhones, or the growing surge of Android phones thus them bottoming out and being in the mercy of a big company like HP to buy them up.

    • George

      The Pre was a sales disaster, whether or not because of the creepy-looking woman.

      Verizon took on the “improved” versions of the Pre, discounted them once after a few weeks, again after a few more weeks, and now essentially give them away on a two-year deal.

      Both Sprint and Verizon have warehouses full of unsold Pres.

  • drewdawgg_

    haha the g2 and all those other phones are fail to the vibrant’s AMOLED… only phone that comes close is the I phone 4 with retina.

    • Roman

      Vibrant is a fail of a phone, bought one and gave it to my brother. Talk about knockoff and cheap quality. Slick plastic is just ugly. A nice matte finish is quality.


        It is plasticy yet its not cheap. That my opinion ofcourse but thats just what matters. Your opinion.

      • Karl_c

        That plasticy feel is what makes the vibrant sooo light weight! I personally love the feel of the phone. So light, I barely feel it in my pocket. Tmo is making huge strides in phone availibility. Now the mytHD is making me feel like perhaps I should have waited a little longer. That my friends is going to blow doors!!

  • Butzacooky

    “Z hinge”? How does that work?

    Maybe that’s why they are going to call it HTC Desire Z in Europe…?

    • Foxeh

      I actually didn’t think of that. Desire Z makes perfect sense.

      The concept of a “Z” style hinge isn’t completely new (I had and old scanner that had a “Z Lid”), but it’s a different take on how to do the slick sliding mechanism compared to the G1.


      The screen separates from the phone itself in an arch and reattaches with the keyboard revealed.

    • pimpstrong

      When you open the the phone and look at it sideways it looks like a Z operation.

  • ericM

    isn’t one reason the G1 can’t get an updated Android OS is lack of internal memory size? and the G1 only has 4gb?!?

    btw i’m running cyanogen 2.2 but i get jealous when i use my girlfriend’s HTC Incredible…G1 feels like an old-timer.

    but this comparison makes me think I should get a Vibrant:


    what are you all replacing your G1 with? waiting for ’emerald’ or G2 or Vibrant?!?

    • Foxeh

      That spec sheet leaves out HSPA+ 14.4 Mbps. That’s a glaring omission because T-Mobile has been pitching that as the whole point of the G2.

      It also says the G2 doesn’t do 802.11n, but the spec sheet Best Buy Mobile (who’s taking preorders) gave me says it does.

      The Galaxy S there Suggest it has Flash Support while on Eclair 2.1. That will be a non-issue shortly, but still.

      There are a lot of things wrong with that iPro Blog comparison there…

      • ericM

        thanks, Foxeh. any thoughts on the smallish internal memory? i know it’s enough now, but same issue exists for my G1, right?

      • Foxeh

        We don’t know how the internal memory is partitioned. In the other phones a small fraction of their internal memory is for the OS rom and the rest is used for media and storage. The G1 technically has enough internal memory to run current versions of Android, but its OS partition was too small for Eclair. Installing a different SPL will allow for a larger OS partition and the ability to use some of the newer ROMs that are available, but that requires rooting the G1. I currently have Froyo (CM6.0.0) running on my G1, but it is stripped down due to the G1’s other limitations.

        It’s also unfortunate that you could not install apps onto the SD card without rooting thanks to the G1 not getting past 1.6 without rooting.

        Android ROMs are still a matter of megabytes and not gigabytes, so depending on how they divide the G2’s internal memory, there should be ample space. I’d be surprised if the made the same mistake with the G2 as they did with the G1 – which was effectively the Android prototype device.


        This is not for sales bro.

    • Reece

      The G2 seems like a solid phone and a great temptation, the Vibrant is also a sexy device that would get even heavier consideration if Samsung was to ever fix that GPS issue (since i do use GPS on phone alot), and the Touch HD.. that seems to be THE perfect device if those specs are real. Sadly it seems so far away I might get a G2 and sell it once the Mytouch HD arrives.

      • tortionist

        That’s what i’m doing……good idea.

    • Leachpunk

      Internal 4GB is a lot, A whole lot. The G1 only has internal 192MB, so we’re talking more than 20x the amount for internal storage. With the ability in 2.1+ to be able to install APPS to SD, internal memory is a non issue.

      • VirtualAss

        THANK YOU. I was sitting here reading and re-reading EricM’s comment and just couldn’t figure out if he was confused or I was seriously confused. Had the G1 had 4GB of internal mem, I’d STILL be using my G1 right now.

    • VirtualAss

      Eric, I’m a bit confused by your comment.
      G1 has 192MB RAM
      myTouch Slide has 512MB RAM
      Vibrant has 512MB RAM
      Nexus One has 512MB RAM

      As Foxeh explained below, we don’t know how much of the G2’s internal mem is partioned for system issues. But 4GB INTERNAL is pretty darn good really.

      • Foxeh

        You’re confusing RAM for internal storage.

    • Marc

      I’m personally waiting for project emerald or the HTC HD. I was getting ready to buy the G2, but was underwhelm by the specs. It would’ve been nice, if it came with that processor that the Mytouch HD is rumored to be coming out with, and I just do not like the look of the myTouch phones, and the rumored picture of the myTouch HD didn’t change that. So, it’s project Emerald or bust for me.

  • Foxeh

    That TmoNews watermark badly obstructs the “Key differentiators” there, but “Google innovation incorporated throughout the T-Mobile G2” gives hope that they aren’t castrating Froyo’s wifi hotspot feature.

    So this document says the G2 is a pretty comparable device, but has the advantage of HSPA+ and Stock Android. Sounds fair to me.

  • Bill

    The MyTouch HD is what i am waiting for. Moving on.

    • 30014

      If you want the mytouch hd and not the g2 why bother commenting on a g2 article?

      • phonegeek


  • sorandkairi


  • LSxChevelle

    G2 now…sell when myTouch HD comes out

    • reality

      the two are going to be released within 6 weeks of each other.

    • Reece

      lol just what I’m thinking of doing, my G1’s sluggishness reminds me that it’s almost time to re-up on a new phone.

      • Reece unless you are grandfathered into some exceptional plan you will almost certainly be better off paying the full price (unsubsidized) and going to an Even More Plus plan, compared to Even More you save $180 over two years, paying more up front but a lot less in the long run.

        I’m grandfathered into an inexpensive plan (actually $5 less than Even More Plus) but it’s not discount eligible so when my contract expires in October I will be switching to Even More Plus which will get me two Android data plans for $5/mo more than I’m paying now (now I have one G1 data plan)

      • reality

        @ Robert Aitchison is completely correct. In fact, you can also spread the full price payments over 20 months. That will come out to approx $25.00 a month plus your Even More Plus plan. Not sure why more people have not figured out they are paying more money and are committed for two years when using the Even More plans.

      • DaveC

        @RobertAtchison I switched to Even More Plus even though I still have several months contract on five phones. I had to pay a $75 fee to do it, but I save that in two months. I’ll be buying the G2 outright and selling my NexusOne to help finance the purchase.

    • tortionist

      Amen to that.

  • ceas

    All this comparison and the phone hasn’t even been realseaed… Let the phone come out and them compare it… it seems to be a lot of hating on a phone that hasn’t even came out…

  • Evan

    I need to give the keyboard a test drive. That will help me decide while I wait and see what Windows phone 7’s T Mobile will be getting.

    • reality

      its coming in november. i am anxious to see what it will feature as well. i wonder if it will be all touch or have a qwerty keyboard?

  • Jay

    Your website is still making my browser give security errors.

    • Big Bad C-Los

      Me too! Agh! O_o

      • zazou

        Try clearing the cache on your browser…

  • Deee Lite

    So the G2 is fatter, heavier and taller than the rest but pretty much on par specs wise?

    “4G speeds network?” Doesn’t quite roll of the tongue.

    • David

      Agreed. Not sure how being the heaviest phone is going to be a plus for the G2!

      This spec sheet really suggests that the G2 is just barely as good as other phones already on the market. Not impressed!

  • Joshua

    That friggin pic with the cats is fantastic, lol!! Just had to give you guys props on that!

    I am having trouble imagining this Z hinge. It must be something special if they put it on their comparison list. I have spacial thinking issues. Is there someone out there who could better describe the actual motion of the hinge? THe pic doesn’t help me either :-(

  • going_home

    Can we have both the MTHD and the G2 ?


  • NiiDiddy

    Hmmm….not bad how it stacks up. I bet it’ll be faster because if will not have bloatware and manufacturer ui to worry about. Also a-2.2 will make a huge impact of its performance. i just hope the z-hinge works great. this looks to be the next nexus one since nexus one has been the ideal “developer” phone, and if you want timely android updates, it’ll be wise to stick with this one better (or nexus one) than any other phone out there.

  • Justin

    If this is a real tmobile doc they need to spell check. Lighting speed down Pploads doesnt sound right

    • Justin

      Damn swyppe keyboard still screws me up. Lighting fast search not downloads

      • DaveC

        Justin sez: Damn swyppe keyboard still screws me up. Lighting fast search not downloads

        And that is why I will get the G2 on day one. It’s not quite the G1 keyboard but it’s probably as close as we’e gonna get.

  • Jared

    Based on this comparison alone, I would be getting the G2. It has a keyboard and it has a stock UI.

  • Alien_VS_Creditors

    I am going to be upgrading my phone right at the end of this month. I dont want to wait for the Mytouch HD or any other so called super phone. So my decision will be between the G2 or the Vibrant. We all know that the Vibrant is supposed to be pretty good for 3d gaming but what about the G2? Anybody know how good the gaming will be on the G2?

  • thereugo

    I believe that Tmobile is doing exactly what needs to be done with not going overboard and at the same time giving a excellent phone for what is mostly used out there in the public. Who would really use a Front Facing Camera all the time or even 10% of the time, how many phone’s really have them and how many customers really care if they use them, until that (FFC) takes off and is on every phone on every carrier then theres something to talk about. What about battery life, I have a lead man in my department at work and he’s always talking about the battery life on his EVO, I hear the same thing with the Iphone and the Droid X there all over the work place and thats all I hear, ” My phone is dead, I need to charge it”. I believe that the G2 will completely solve that issue with the 800 it’s using. Besides has anyone seen a demo of the chip that there using in the G2? AWESOME thats all I need to say! There is a Qualcomm rep on youtube doing a demo on it, check it out. They didnt do to much with the Phone (G2) and to less and that might just be enough for the Public. People complaining about having this and having that, just because. Who in the hell is going to be walking around with the phone 12 inches away from their face while trying looking into a FFC, opps excuse me, opps excuse me…can you watch where the hell your walking! At home sitting down, maybe. At the restuarant sitting down, maybe. Come on people stop worrying about look what I got and you don’t and use the phone for your needs, not to impress other people. But I guess we all have our wants, right. Then I hear people saying I will get the G2 and sell it when the Mytouch HD comes out whats that all about, that tells me that you don’t even know what the hell you want but then you complaning about the Phone company’s and not giving this or that. Get a phone for the use of the contract, even maybe 11 months then get a phone that might be out that will fill your needs. I believe the G2 will be a good phone, great? We will have to see, but i believe it will do the job that it is intended to do!

  • crybabies

    I agree with Jared. Stock UI and keyboard. Several reps for various companies have said the Sense UI causes problems with phones. Not sure how true that is.

  • hey, what is the screen dimension? it says 4.78.. does that mean it’s a wider screen horizontally?

  • Andy G

    Isn’t the fact that it is strictly Android operated the biggest thing people have been talking back??? So for a phone that has as good stats as the rest and no manufactures interface, wouldnt that be the deciding factor???

  • AgDon

    Who would want a plastic my touch hd with a 3.8″ screen vs. a better quality build 3.7″ slider with vanilla android?

    • Scott

      Someone who wants a smaller, lighter phone with a bigger screen, faster processor, and a front-facing camera?

  • I love that they are touting the stock Android UI as a competitive feature but I think all (or nearly all) the phones TMO sells right now have some kind of bastardized UI mucking up the works.

    I was in a TMO store the other day and picked up a display charm, I actually kind of like the phone but the Motoblur was painful.

  • shawn

    the mytouch hd is better than the G2 sorry 2 say…the G2 being the first to introduce the android should have had way more to offer than the average smart phone!!!

    • mad dog

      And all of this is based on your personal opinion. Wow, you are incredible. Judging a phone that hasn’t been released yet.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    “Lighting” instead of “lightning” means whoever designed, approved and distributed this should be fired for incompetency.

    • LookingForward

      Being a bit harsh aren’t you? I am sure glad that you are not my boss. This doc was for internal use, not publication. You want to fire someone for a typo that a spell checker wouldn’t catch? I think the phone is going to be just what I need. A replacement for my G1 that won’t be too huge. I wish it had video out though.

  • People want what they want. It is their hard earned money paying the bill each month. IF they want FFC they should wait until the phone comes out. This is something that people obviously want. I don’t think the mytouchHD would have it if people were not asking for it.

    Stay Thirsty my friends…

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I wonder why they didn’t choose to compare it against the Droid X instead of the Droid 2? I know the G2 is better than the iPhone 4. Droid 2 is better than the G2 as is the EVO but the G2 is a decent device though.

    I’m now waiting for the HD3 with Custom Rom Android, Symbian^4 or Meego.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      HEY!!! What happened to my avatar? That’s not the right one. FRICK!!!!

      • mad dog

        You probably entered the wrong email address. I did once and it caused my avatar to change.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        nope, it’s the same exact email address.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        k, now it changed back. Something fishy’s going on here.

    • tortionist

      Actually the Evo is not better than the G2. Think about the processor, FPS, Battery life, etc.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Wilma… first it’s your HD2, now your avatar. It’s a conspiracy. Better sleep with one eye open.

      In any event, you have been on here long enough, how come you don’t use a custom avatar rather than the forum defaults?

  • WXman

    You could put a 2Ghz processer, 32Gigs of memory, and a 6″ screen on that G2, and the EVO is still better because the EVO has access to 3G EVERYWHERE and 4G in many large cities. TMo customers are stuck on decrepidly slow GPRS, with 3G only in some large cities. TMo’s 3G network is spreading as fast as water in a desert. It’s pathetic. People keep forgetting that a phone is only as good as the network that feeds it.

    • LookingForward

      I guess it just depends on where you live and travel. T-Mobile has fine coverage every where that I go. When I had Sprint a few years ago, I had many dead zones. It has probably gotten better, but I cannot see paying way more for Sprint just to get a possibly better phone. I currently pay $180 per month for 5 lines 1000 minutes, 2 with unlimited data, unlimited text for the family. When I tried to set up Sprint for the same coverage, it came out to $209 per month plus tax plus $500 for the two phones. I plan to upgrade as soon as the G2 is out, and hope to get two for $200. Please someone show me a Sprint plan that is even close.

      • WXman

        SIMPLE. You’re paying $180 for 5 lines, 2 with data? We are now paying $170 for 4 lines, ALL with data. For $190, we could have 5 lines, ALL with data (and text, unlimited calling to other mobiles, etc.). Sprint’s price plans blow TMo out of the water for what you get. Not to mention, the EVO kicks major ass and my wife and I FINALLY have access to 3G speeds which makes having a smartphone worth it in the first place.

        Dude our kids love us because they got Android phones now too! And I’m watching TV on my phone. And she’s browsing the net at 3G speed. And our bill didn’t go up! T-Mobile needs to google “churn”, and then read about what causes it.

    • 30014

      WXman…if coverage is that bad where you are the common sense thing to do would be to switch to a carrier that has the coverage you are looking for. I’m not being a smart ass I’m just stating the obvious.

      • WXman

        Dude, I’ve been all over the southeastern U.S., and everywhere is the same. GPRS…EDGE if you’re lucky…and no phone signal off the beaten path. The only places with 3G are huge metro areas where you can usually find Wifi anyway. It’s a joke. The people want fast data AWAY from the city..that’s what makes mobile smartphones cool. Listen up TMO!

  • mailman13877 (Evo 4G)

    First off the Evo DOES NOT have 16GB of internal memory nor does it have 2.1 out of the box.It did but at this point of comparison you should see 2.2 on the list and not 2.1.Other than that this clearly shows that the Evo is still the top dog hahaha..TMO never fails to FAIL you SETTLERS. Evooo FTW

    • Akulamenuri

      The Epic 4g is better spec’d than the Evo…

      • WXman

        On paper, the Epic is the baddest smartphone in the world right now. But I had it for a couple of days and overall it sucked. Samsung’s touchwiz UI ruins the phone, and the physical keyboard is atrocious. I exchanged mine for an EVO fast!

    • tortionist

      You’re off. The G2 is better due to the processor, if nothing else other than size. I don’t want some large slow tablet in my pocket. the g2 has the scorpion processor, which is so much better and more efficient.G2 FTW.

  • J_Nova


    Evo does NOT have 16gb Internal Memory it has 1Gig.

  • ogopogo

    what the hell kind of comparison chart is that? OK – I have to admit that I too wanted the G2 at one point, but the more that I think about it, the more that I realize that Tmo customers are getting shafted – we’re always the last one to get anything worth mentioning, and when we do get it, it is already outdated. I’m sorry, but if you are just comparing phones via spec sheet alone (and we have to because Tmo is late to the game as usual), and you are truly UNBIASED, then, you would have to admit that the EVO is the better of the phones.

  • jazzmanmonty

    There are so many changes in pricing going on right now between all the competition. i have to say sprint is doing a good job with their $70 for everything plan. i have unlimited everything and it comes out to $89. i wonder if tmobile will match sprints price if i call them, now that my g1 contract is up?

  • g_willi

    There are many glaring errors in this stupid graphic. For example, the EVO runs Android 2.2, not 2.1. It was the second phone to get Froyo only days after the Nexus One got it.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    To the Evo fanbois in here. If you have an Evo, for that reason alone I understand your being in love with it since absent a defective unit, most people love the phone they’re with. But why post unfounded, deluded, schoolboy crush comments in here.

    I have the Vibrant and I consider it the finest phone I have ever owned and I don’t see anything projected for the Holidays that will cause me to think that the Vibrant won’t remain competitive or best. But I am not so deluded to think that the Vibrant is all around the better or best phone than the other phones nor that its specs are superior to anything on the market.

    Fact is, to the plain ol’ consumer and families (T-Mobile’s target group and main customer base) all T-Mobile’s offerings are great phones.

    And even to the five or less percentage of TMOUS users who pay attention to and actually understand cell phone specs/performance, no one phone (whether it has front facing camera, 8 MP camera, or 1 GHz processor) is going to actually be better than any other 2010 superphone offering.

    As I keep saying, people should simply sit back and enjoy the carrier war. This is the “year of the subscriber” (silly term, but that’s the best way I can describe it) meaning we are getting fantastic handsets at dirt cheap prices.

    So Evo fanboys who can’t control their emotions, to the point of posting fatuous comments on a T-Mobile fan site, you should remember: your love affair will be over in a few more months. By that time the Evo will be extremely old news and even you will have tired of it.

    In fact, your Evo romance will deflate faster than finding out in the AM that your hot new romance was wearing falsies and a foam butt.

    In January 2011 you should reflect back to these days, wince in shame, pain and embarrassment as you recall your vacuous thread crapping (Caution: you might pass out and drop your Evo on the concrete when you realize you have 18 months to go on your Sprint Evo contract).

    • ogopogo

      Ummm….I for one don’t have an EVO, but your beloved Vibrant, along with the G2 are already outdated……How’s that GPS working out for you? OK, sorry, that was a low blow. How’s 2.2 working out for your Vibrant – oops, did it again. Well at least you have a nifty camera with a good flash……damn, I’ve got to stop now.

      • nyuhsuk

        You sir, are a douchebag. He’s not touting his own phone. He’s downplaying the fanboys that wet their pants talking about their like it’s the best thing that will come for generations.

      • ogopogo

        Ha! that’s the best comment you have? Hmmm…..sounds like you are a Vibrant owner too. How’s your HSPA+ working out?

        Stings, doesn’t it?

      • nyuhsuk

        Wow. I own none of these phones but all you’re doing is reinforcing your retard ITG status.

  • Leigh

    What’s it with the real keyboards that are missing keys? No brackets, etc.
    It’s terrible for using for remote IT connections (ssh). How can you type?

    • nyuhsuk

      I think for your avergae user or even most power users, the bracket keys, tilde and other really rarely used keys do not require a dedicated key on the keyboard of their phone. It really is a matter of space/demand of key issue. Hell, people still debate whether or not to have a dedicated number row on their physical keyboard. I for one love the number row on my retired TP2. But I find myself virtually never needing a friggin’ brace on a regular basis. It is available through the SIP so what’s the deal?

  • Stephen

    Something else this sheet fails to mention, data caps… The only Carrier with truly unlimited data is Sprint… it’s unlimited even on the 3G network…unlike T-Mobile which has a 5Gb cap(read it in the TOS)…
    Having truly unlimited data is amazing… I share my phones 3G and 4G connection in my car pool on the way to work, and so far the past two months I’ve had the phone i’ve used 20gb of data….
    I think this Spec sheet comparison is a poorly done photo shop job based on the fact that a number of the items are completely wrong(Android 2.2, memory)..

    • Akulamenuri

      I believe that Sprint and T-Mobile have unlimited data, they just throttle 4G/3G speeds when you exceed 5GB of data per billing cycle.

      • Stephen

        uh, NO not on Sprint there is no throttling when you get above 5GB… it is truly unlimited 3G and 4G… T-Mobile is the one that throttles.

  • currator

    i hate trolls. every time i start to read post i see trolls on here. if your all about the evo why are you here this is for tmobile not sprint tmobile go find some other site hopefully a sprint one. and keep using your kick stand i wounder why you need one of those surking those xxx’s sites. i guess thats why you need something to hold your phone up both your hands are busy. lol go somewhere just not here

  • Wilma Flintstone

    why didn’t they compare it to the droid x?

    • La_resistance28

      I think the Droid 2 and Droid X are pretty similar feature-wise, but the Droid 2 is a better comparison for the G2 since it is also a QWERTY slider.

  • mike

    pretty weak comparison here… tmoible fail

    • joshuakprice1

      Pretty weak comment about an internal only document. mike fail.

  • trickystyle

    i wish the screen was bigger. like 4.3 inches bigger.

    any before anyone jumps down my throat about screen size, shut up, i have an hd2 and that phone is awesome. the screen for me really makes a huge difference especially if you are a youtuber like me.

    if you are used to the 4.3 inch anything else would be uncivilized. :)

  • mailman13877 (Evo 4G)

    Im gonna say it again..If TMO was smart the MTHD would have been their HSPA+ launch phone.The G2 is not a top phone to launch your new network with and TMO never FAILS.Think about it.The MTHD is a phone that could be released on top but no they’re gonna launch the G2 and then it woun’t get any play cause Verizon’s version of the Evo with keyboard will steal the attention even if it doesn’t launch and it’s just spec releases at the time of the G2 launch.Then when they finally release the MTHD i bet another top company will release a phone that’s gonna steal the spotlight.For all we know that Evo like phone for Verizon could have a Dual Core processor also.TMO isn’t smart at all.I feel bad for you SETTLERS.As far as dude saying the Epic 4G is better than the EVO..your wrong..spec wise all phones released after it will be better but that doesn’t mean they really are.I guarantee it isn’t or i would have gotten it.The EVO is still the top ANDROID phone on the market.The Epic 4G keyboard is terrible versus the EVO.The Evo keyboard is the closest you will ever get to the Iphone accurate keyboard.Then you have the Cam and FFC plus everything else.The Epic 4G is the same as that lame Vibrator except it has a physical keyboard.The next closest phone to the Evo is the Droid X and only cuzz of it’s call quality.Droid X call quality is the best of any top phone out (includes iphone).My Evo also works fast and still i haven’t had any network issues an i haven’t seen less than 3G.TMO was mainly Edge and 2 bars in the places i go often.

  • Having a physical keyboard is 100% necessary for me. So Just for that G2 beats the rediculously huge EVO; could barely fit it in my pocket.

    • mailman13877 (Evo 4G)


      The EVO types just as fast as the physical keyboard cause of it’s large screen and multi touch.That’s why i have no complaints about it cause i used to say i would never go all touch since i text so much but the Evo changed everything.Its equal speed to the physical keyboard..The Iphone is the only other phone i know that has always been like that.

  • coolMANDINGO

    I suspended my service(my girls kid messed my g1 up) until tmobile comes out with something worthy over my $200+. this device will be aight but not for me.im hoping the specs on the mthd is real.i also want to say to all the dumb ucks that said the ffc was stupid and a gimmick , shut the eff and dont buy the mthd. mailman myswlf and few others wanted this feature but we wee thrown under the bus and treated like dirty dish rag for wanting more and not just settling.I really mind if ock suckers to purchase ,you 2 faced bastards.now im done venting! lol

  • mach1030

    My co worker has the evo. Most of time my g1 runs smoother surfing net and watching videos. Sprint service is sorry in miami area.

  • mach1030

    And the video confrence calls horride on 3g. I cuts in and out crappy at best. Even the two way radio app barely works.

  • QuikZilver

    Evo has the screen quality of a flip phone and battery life of a first gen laptop. Once you llok a iphone retina or vibrants Superamoled screen you can go back to crap like whatever screen evo is using.

  • volcanic515

    I’m still torn on the fact that now there’s talks of the MyTouch HD w/ 1Ghz cpu coming out RIGHT AFTER the G2 drops in stores. How can I buy this phone knowing a better one is coming so soon after? However, if the MyTouch HD is like the MyTouch Slide than its not gonna be developer friendly and 800Mhz is a lot. Screw it, I’m getting this phone. I think development for this phone will be better than development for the MyTouch lineup right now.

  • OtherGuy
  • Mr MN

    After seeing the detailed pictures and videos of the new HTC Desire Z today, many of the people who were crying about what this phone doesn’t have are now wishing they could take back their words. Hands down, this phone is far superior to the Droid or Droid 2, regardless of what the VZW fanboys say. People are starting to drool over this phone (I’m guilty too)and the complaining has stopped. Too bad I’m still torn between this one and the myTouch HD. I guess I’ll have to wait for videos of it too.

  • Mr. Bertl

    I read yesterday a comparison of HTCs G2 in the US with the launch of HTC Desire HD in Europe, both of them run by T-Mobile. They are virtually the same phone, but interestingly enough, the European part has more stuff on it i.e. 8 megapixel cam with dual flash (instead of 5 with the G2) and the resolution is 800×480. It also has the HTC Sense functionality (www.htcsense.com) incl. inline sync and backups where you can also go online and delete all of your info on the phone if it is stolen or lost.

    What bugs me though is and I don;t understand it, why HTC did not put a second web cam on the front to enable video calling..why not just make it the perfect phone!!!

    I guess, T-mobile will be planning to launch this one at a later date to keep people on their feet.

    Oh, and the Radioshack deal for 149.99/2yr agreement….hmmm if I do the math and just buy the phone for …what..probably 500 bucks and consider a monthly $110 stand alone family plan 750 minutes w unlimtied text/web and limited minutes (can use skype and wifi spots anyway if I need more minutes), that means savings of about 1800 bucks over 2 years (see below) and if I buy two phones (assuming both cost me 1000 bucks, I still would save 1300 bucks….see below

    Plan/mo Cost 24 mo G2
    T-Mobile G2 w 2yr agreement $199.00 $4,776.00 w 2 yr plan $149.99
    T-Mobile G2 w/o 2yr agreement $109.99 $2,639.76 w/o plan $500.00
    Difference $89.01 $2,136.24 $(350.01)
    Savings >2 yrs 1 PHONE $1,786.23
    Savings >2 yrs 2 PHONES $1,286.23

    • MrMiddl

      Desire Z = G2 same specs
      Desire HD = MyTouch HD (possible US name not yet truly confirmed by T-Mo)

      • galos24

        Hey David, could you confirmed this to us please? the G2 being the same Desire Z ?

        • David, Managing Editor

          Its the same physical phone, but it’ll run totally different software, the G2 will run stock Android…NOT, I repeat NOT the new Sense and oh yes, the Desire HD is NOT the myTouch HD!

      • David, Managing Editor

        Good luck getting T-Mobile to confirm that!

  • jay

    both sux

  • MrMiddl

    I read the G2 processor is actually 1GHz but under-clocked to 800MHz. wonder why they would do that? unacceptable battery life possibly? i don’t know.still, everyone complaining about the speed needs to check the architecture behind it. At 800MHz its still more efficient than the others listed, since its using the new 45nm technology. If it truly is 1GHz, the phone can easily be clocked back up which would easily make it faster speed wise to the rest.

  • Alien_VS_Creditors

    I was originally going to get the Vibrant but now i think i’m going to get the G2. I think the G2 has a better chance of getting future updates than the Vibrant. Although a Vibrant running 2.2 does seem very tempting. But i might reconsider it if and when the Vibrant gets 2.2. Anybody have any thoughts about which phone is better right now or in the near future?

    • Randomiso

      I recently made the same decision as you. I was about to get the Vibrant for my birthday with my upgrade, but I decided to get the G2 because of a few key factors. It is made by HTC, who I know personally has reliable products. It has a keyboard, which has also been commented as one of the best keyboards engadget, gizmodo, and many others have used. It will fully support T-Mobile’s HSPA+, which means overall faster web speed which will really be useful if you tether. Stock Android + being a Google phone, meaning it will have high support by google and will continue getting upgrades for a long time. Google Voice integration, I use it a lot, so the G2’s new features with google voice are great for me. I may be sacrificing screen quality compared to the Vibrant, but Super TFT is still pretty awesome. The choice is yours, and obviously I gave you my pro-G2 point of view, but I ultimately decided to get the G2.

  • Beasy

    Internal space is wrong on everything except the iphone