GLBenchmarks Show G2 to Be Just as Fast as Droid X, Samsung Galaxy S

Like many of you, I was surprised to find out that the G2’s processor would be clocked at a mere 800MhZ.  Despite this,  the G2’s graphics should run just as fast as the Droid X, and even the Samsung Galaxy S (see image above, the G2 is only behind the Droid X and Slide).  This just goes to show that what the processor is clocked at isn’t everything, performance is! And yes, that is directed at all the posts about how slow the G2 is and how disappointed you are at T-Mobile.

While nothing will be known for sure until this phone is actually released, this makes me quite happy. I can’t wait to get my hands on a G2!

So who’s getting one of these bad boys?


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  • mtnman

    Yes, but this is before the Vibrant gets the Froyo 2.2 update. I’m getting 55fps on NeoCore on Wi-Fi now. Just think what I’ll be getting as soon as it’s 2.2?

    • Brandon

      Thats all well and good (just had the same conversation with my room), but the point of the article was to illustrated that the G2 wont be a snail when it comes to performance.

      • mtnman

        True Brandon. Didn’t mean to put down the G2. My point was just to say that the Vibrant will also be a beast when it’s updated to Froyo. I heard all the complainers about the G2 only haveing an 800Mhz processor. Some how they don’t equate that you can manage the clock speed and get performance as well.

    • Brandon

      No worries. Are you rooted? My roommate is considering it. We’ve never did it before. I was looking at Ryanza Lagfix. It roots it and fixes the stuttering in one app.

      • Applied the (deceptively named) on-click lag fix yesterday. Actually several steps and a couple reboots, but quite easy and nothing to fear.

        My quadrant score jumped from 804 to 2272! Go for it.

      • manus

        well what kind of screen does the G2 have because if you remember the reason why the Mytouch slide is so high is because of its hvga screen which takes less to power but because the galaxy s has a super amoled it takes a while for the graphics to work. and im pretty sure the droid x has a hvga screen too not as good as amoled. also the screen run at lower resolutions.

      • J-Hop2o6

        The G2 is a WVGA Super-TFT LCD screen

  • Brandon

    Hopefully this will end all the complaints. Wishful thinking??? Personally, I cant wait!! My poor G1 is hanging in there

  • micks

    wow cant believe its faster than the galaxy s

    • Kickstar13

      Keep in mind, the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant is still running Android 2.1, while the T-Mobile G2 is already running Android 2.2. Expect those Benchmark results to change once Vibrant owners get Android 2.2.

      • mtnman

        Kickstar13, is their any word on when the Vibrant will get some of that tasty Froyo?

        • Kickstar13

          Nothing yet, but let’s hope its around the same time as European Galaxy S owners are getting their 2.2 update (which is before the end of September).

        • mtnman

          Thanks Kickstart13. I just hope it’s at the end of the month. But one thing that makes me think that it’ll be in Oct is the G2 relese date at the same time. I don’t believe that Tmo will want the Vibrant to over shadow the G2’s sales with a WOW factor of the Vibrant clocking in at say 60-65fps and getting all the attention.

        • Original G1er

          Tmobile letting vibrant overshadow the G2 LOL what?

          G2 is in a different ballpark than that vibrant iPhone wannabe with touchwiz.

          G2 isn’t house in cheap plastic. It has stock android not touchwiz, G2 has a physical keyboard with optical track pad, G2 has led flash for it’s camera and…

          G2 has HSPA+

          Vibrant is more of a cheap plastic, led flash-less touchwiz 3.0 iPhone wannabe tech demo phone.

          G2 is a well rounded original google android phone.


      • NiiDiddy

        Couldn’t agree more, Kickstar13

      • edsned

        The Vibrant is scheduled to receive 2.2 and the GPS fix starting at the end of Sept.

  • rolo

    I’m gonna cop 1 4 my wife. I’m anxious 2 check it out. Probably hold out til the Touch HD 4 myself.

  • Joe

    So this illustrates the CPU as well? The screenshot says GPU test. The Adreno 205 is very very capable GPU, but isn’t there a different one for CPUs?

    • J-Hop2o6

      the CPU inside this Snapdragon MSM [7X30] is Scorpion.. the same CPU inside of the Snapdragon QSD [8X50].. im not sure if they tweaked the CPU inside the 7X30 tho.. look for some CPU benchmark test between the two.

  • Foxeh

    Heh, it completely destroys the 1GHz N1 and DInc. Not that it matters, everyone will still insist that the G2 is a slower phone because they are reasonable like that. :P

  • MightyAB

    Yeah but no matter what people are never going to be happy with any phone that comes out. People want the new 1.5 processor or they want want a FFC or whatver is te new fad. Its ridiculous. This phone is going to be amazing when it comes out and it will be one of the top phones out there especially when the Devs over at XDA get ahold of it

    • tehandroid

      Cyanogen said he is getting one so you bet there is going to be massive support for it.

    • At if it had all the rad specs, they’d complain about the price…

  • gunsing

    Hell yes I’m waiting on it! I’m going to preorder as soon as possible

    I got a question…which one would be better g2 or hd3?

    • J-Hop2o6

      the HD3 specs are just rumors.. give it time.. but the G2 is NOW.. so get that until the next phone u want comes out.. either sell the G2, or keep it.

  • LP

    I am for sure

  • mwl1119

    My Slide beat the Galaxy S? HaHa

    • FastAttack

      Hmm I would say check again…
      Galaxy S beat My Slide .. even when running 2.1

    • Technogen

      The slide is at a lower res, why its got the HVGA note next to it.

      • john

        It is a lower res, however a smaller screen makes a few less pixels not too big a deal, it also has the smallest processor mhz number on it.

      • El Guapo

        A “few” less pixels? Try half. The slide has HALF the screen resolution. Pathetic

      • Rilesman

        So basically if the G2 had a 4″ screen it would be slower. Just a point.

      • UX-Guy

        4 inch screen wouldn’t matter… The myTouch Slide with a HVGA screen actually has less than half of the pixels of the WVGA resolution screens like the Nexus, Galaxy S, Incredible, etc.

      • Foxeh

        Rilesman, the size of the screen has nothing to do with it, it’s the number of pixels. The G2 has the same pixel resolution as the Galaxy S.

        It has been said that the Adreno 205 (used in the G2) has similar performance as the PowerVR SGX535 (iPhone 3GS and all current A4 based Apple devices). Hummingbird uses a PowerVR SGX540 which essentially doubles the triangle count.

        Since Android developers are encouraged to program against the Nexus One, anyone in the market for a phone today have little reason to worry about performance. In the short term, both of T-mo’s high end androids are overkill. In the long term (say 3 to 5 years), it really doesn’t matter what you pick. By then everything will suck the same.

  • joe

    can’t believe people are still so stuck on the MHz thing, this has been going on for a long time in computers with AMD vs Intel. For the same price chips AMD is pretty much guaranteed to have lower processor speed but still perform on the same level or higher than its intel counterpart. Theres so much more to a processors power than the frequency and these tests prove it, how come nobody is talking about the mytouch slide with its 600 MHz processor out performing some of those 1 GHz phones?

  • Carlos

    Look @ the poor lil looks scared..all talk and no go lmfao!!
    Wheres the mail man when you need him?

    • Frigadroid

      He has to get up early for his route and is busy getting his 3 batteries charged up for tomorrow so he can watch cartoons during his 15 minutes break on his evo.

    • NiiDiddy

      lmao…yes, where the mailman????

  • ThreeFourSeven

    Wait, how is the Mytouch slide number 2 on that list.

    • Reece

      It has the lowest resolution out of any relevant phone on that list thus the WVGA disclaimor. Therefore it’s pushing the fewest pixels out of any phone listed up there.

  • SnakeEyez

    Thats good and all but thats the GPU. Everybody complained about the CPU and these results don’t change that.

    • Testament

      Thank you!! Cpu and GPU are two different things. I know herz isn’t the only mark of performance, but general market (including most techies) see 800Mhz as a bad thing when the standard has been set to 1Ghz.

      • Foxeh

        The “CPU Skinning” results used from this GLBenchmarks source still trounce all the 1GHz Snapdragon parts on the market. Don’t ask me why.

        I’m just confused why it’s only okay for Apple to exclude themselves from the GHz race with their phones by making properly balanced devices.

      • Foxeh

        Nevermind, “CPU skinning” means exactly that, the geometry is skinned to the skeletons by CPU. The rest is still GPU bound. My bad.

  • Shawn

    WOW VIbrant is going to kill all these phones when it gets froyo 2.2
    G2 can barely keep up, and it’s running 2.2 already
    boooo, g2 sucks. idiots will buy g2, smart people get vibrant

    • Eddie Android

      And idiots will be stuck on 2.2 when G2 gets Android 3.0, 3.1, 3.2. Don’t talk out of your @ss

      • Frigadroid

        Sounds like your the one ass talking. I hope you are right about all those updates but seriously I wouldn’t expect any more support than the g1 had, one year if your lucky. So don’t jump a bridge if you get let down, its only a phone you can always get a better one down the road.

      • zazou

        I really do not think you will see any improvement on the GPU with v2.2.. You will definitely see improvement on the CPU side…..

      • Rilesman

        Funny…without rooting….my wife’s G1 still is at 1.6. No phones left behind!!!!

      • ihatefanboys

        @frigadroid… think before u type. the G1 not getting updated past 1.6 was not tmobile or htc’s fault. the G1 simply didnt have enuf room for the full 2.0 or 2.1 or 2.2, thats why those of us that wanted it had to root and repartition and have the devs strip down the roms. im running 2.2 on my G1 and its fast but its highly modded. still hangs, reboots, etc. wasnt meant to handle it….and the G1 got all the updates fast up to the point where the phone couldnt handle it….besided when the G1 came out no one knew it would be in such demand that there would be version after version with more and more added. call it poor foresight, but dont call it tmobile screwing its customers…the G2 will certainly get 3.0 and 3.5…android already said major updates to the OS will only be once a year, so next year 3.0, in 2012 3.5, the when my contract is up in late 2012, ill upgrade to the inevitable G3, which by that point should be running 4.0

      • Frigadroid

        @ihatefanboys, think before you type and try to comprehend what you read in a post before you go off on an ignorant rant. Did I type tmobile screwed their customers? No that’s what you typed go back and read again slowly, and try a little harder next time to come up with something new and a little more intelligent next time if you want to be taken seriously.

    • Rosario

      I want a keyboard. G2 has one, Vibrant doesnt, end of story. No idiot here, just preference.

      • legendary1022

        I don’t trust Samsung at all with their updates. Will never buy a phone from them. History is a great indicator of future performance.

  • Shawn

    HOLLY COW, MyTouch Slide is fast.

    • blablabla

      the mytouch slide only seems fast because of the fact that it has a low resolution screen so it’s pushing A LOT LESS pixels. That’s why you see HVGA in parenthesis.

  • Eddie Android

    This is great but why does FPS matter? There isn’t much in the Android Market that really pushes current processors hard. I want my G2 now specially now that I came up on fresh SNES and PSX roms.

  • Eddie Android

    I nothing against the Vibrant and was about to get one but no flash (on camera) is a deal breaker. Its like having a car with no power steering, its still drivable but it makes it better. (I wonder what Verizon and Sprint had to do to get flash on their versions hmmmm…….).

    • TruFactz

      Sry to stamp ya era there eddie but there are some gameloft games that really push the limits of its GPU. U got A5 (Asphalt 5) and Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. Very graphic intensive games. Not to mention N.O.V.A.

  • Dre

    The ones with these Samsung galaxy phones should cross their fingers…………….history may repeat itself!! Remember the behold II???? >;)

    • Marcelo L

      That’s right ! It’s not if ( I think ), but when. Samsung could simply leap-frog 2.2 and jump straight to Gingerbread( 2.5/3.0 ? ).

      I’m glad some folks are finally “getting it” that just because the GPU has close-to-equal power to the Hummingbird, it’s CPU lags behind SERIOUSLY.

      @enainem: I’ve only been telling TMoNews, Gizmodo, Droiddog, and Phandroid to stop the fanboy-ism for at least the last week ! People should look at the overall specs of the phone. Also taking into consideration that NOT everything drawn to the screen at all times even USES OpenGL. Even if your GPU does offer things like font render caching, and multiple display list support, that it may not be used. GLBenchmark is a benchmark for rendering performance as well as mathematical calculation evaluation. Since no one has actually posted any credible Quadrant test scores, we can’t say for 100% certainty that the Scorpion has been de-stingered in the CPU department, but GLBenchmark sure is pointing in that direction.

  • Robert B

    And a 5 camera! Oh so impressive, NOT!

  • fonejunkie

    T-mobile Hd2 with android ftw! :)

  • phonegeek

    so i went to verizion to look at the droid 2’s size since i never had a 3.7″ screen i didnt kno what it would fit in my hand like… 3.7 is MORE than enough plus this will be good for my gaming experience :)

    • TruFactz

      K, so im playing with the vibrant and realize its a 4 inch screen, and uses super AMOLED technology, so me being a power user im having atleast 50% left at the end of the day off one charge…….whatcha tink o’ dat nephew…… Not to mention my 16GB of memory, plus my 16GB of sd memory bringing it to 32, and the good ol HD viewing of movies and such…..

  • Jakestavo

    I guess i’m being called out, well ill accept the G2 for the near 1ghz like specs the same way I’ll accept HSPA+ is like 4g Speeds. But it’s like having to go on a date with either a super smart girl or a super hot girl, the other girl is dumber but she looks prettier. If it consumes less energy and is superior they could have overclocked it to 1 ghz to shut us up just a small bump to make it even faster than the Droid X, but I guess I’ll settle for the Ugly Chick.

  • Jared

    At the very least this should shut up all the people who just say “800mhz? garbage I say garbage” they’ll find something else to complain about sure, but if they get proven dead wrong once it’ll keep on happening. People are acting like its G2 vs Vibrant, that’s fine. So long as they understand that the phone is just as capable I don’t care lol. It comes down to preference, and I’ve always preferred HTC devices.

    • Foxeh

      Heh, no kidding. Everyone seems to forget that the “Vibrant” and the G2 are on the same side here. :P

  • Miguel

    I’m really looking forward to test this phone out :) I was worried about the 800 Mhz processor but it seems that it is not a snail in comparison. I can’t wait to get rid of my G1…so old and slow….its been a trooper

    • G1ana

      Totally agree with you! I am so ready to get rid of my G1, and has been a trooper for 2yrs already! I think the G2 is going to be a great phone option for us G1 owners! :)

  • danny

    I hear all these people complaining about the g2. Sure it has an 800mhz processor and might show up lower on ratings once vibrant gets 2.2. But everyones forgetting the 4g network compatiblity. HSPA. The vibrant might.out clock the G2 but G2 users get to brag about their greased lightening wifi and interwebs. Just a thought.

  • Nate

    Is that a typo with the mytouch slide being one of the fastest phones? I know it is not being an owner myself, great phone not fast. Very excieted about MyTouch HD

    • J-Hop2o6

      its because its using HVGA resolution instead of WVGA.. so myTouch Slide’s processors works less to draw out its pixels.. if the myTouch Slide was WVGA like the rest of the phones up there, there will be a big drop (~50% drop) since it now has to work TWICE as much to draw those pixels.

  • Amanda

    I will be getting the g2 once if comes out on buy one get one!

  • enianen

    I submitted a long email to this website with a much more thorough explanation of these results, but given that it wasn’t fanboyish enough about the G2 it doesn’t appear to have made the cut.

    Here’s a direct link to the results that hilight both GPU results (like we see above, no bearing on the CPU speed) and CPU results (that directly address the 800MHz core in the MSM7230 vs. the Hummingbird/QSD8250 from the Vibrant and Nexus One, respectively).

    The G2 (aka the HTC Vision) is very, very competitive in the GPU tests (thanks to the Adreno 205), but if you scroll down the CPU tests tell a different story.

    • JM77

      Seriously? Obviously this test wasn’t on a finished product. The results you are talking about have no relevance or validity. Thats why it wasn’t published. The SoC architecture on the 7230 is next gen. It will be fast. The processor handles calculations for 3d, 2d, apps, and os separately.

      We won’t get any true reliable benchmarks until the G2 comes out.

      • Marcelo L

        Uh… contraire. The DUT ( device under test ) results were posted on 08/24/2010, and we’re at what day ? 09/10/2010 ? GMAB….

        That was 2 weeks ago. They’re available on pre-order now, for crying out loud. They’ll start shipping in 3 weeks. You think that 6 weeks out ( considering release to manufacturing requires at LEAST a month and a half to build up sufficient stocks to meet expected demand ), that the DUT was an early prototype employing unfinished firmware or something ?

        Get in touch with reality here. This device was rather close to final methinks, and ESPECIALLY with regards to the CPU, Qualcomm sure isn’t going to go back to the blueprint and rework their CPU JUST for TMobile this close to the device’s release.

        I still reserve final judgement until a FULL Quadrant benchmark is performed, but GLBenchmark’s CPU Float/Int tests are good enough for to say that the outlook is not so sunny in the performance department for this phone.

        My statements are based on experience in this field…I actually work for a company that manufactures HW devices. So I think I know a little bit about the process of getting these sorts of things to market.

      • Anthony

        That was an epic beatdown on JM77. Classic stuff.

      • JM77

        Thats just silly. Honestly a little common sense! You seem to have a some grasp on this but look at your own link. The nexus one has a float of 12,578 compared to a listed 2,439 G2……. Really…. This measures the speed of mathematical computations. You honest to god think this is in any way realistic? The G1 has a float of 1,335. Come on wake up!

        Why do you think they didn’t run a full test on it?
        It looks like the FPU libraries were not fully installed or something.

        @ Anthony – Adults are speaking here, quiet down.

      • JM77

        Just to reiterate, floating-point libraries are handled through software routines. Meaning if the numbers are low it is a software issue rather than hardware. We don’t know how the drivers and libraries have been updated since this DUT was tested.

      • Foxeh

        Here we go again. If the CPU is really that crappy then why does the “CPU” Skinning test score so high? I admit those scores didn’t make much sense to begin with. Also, just because the test date was fairly recent doesn’t mean the device that was in the tester’s hands happened to be fresh from the factory.

        I’m not sure what the deal is with all this organ measuring anyway, but at the end of the day it’s a phone. All the Tmo peeps I’ve come across who were willing to talk about it says this phone flies, that’s all I really care about.

        I was just waiting for a stock Android based Nexus One with a keyboard. Is that so wrong?? The Hummingbird is quite snazzy, but I have many other issues with the Vibrant so I’m going to be putting the G2 through its paces.

        Do I know if I’m going to keep the G2? No. What I DO know is that some shady number from some self-conflicting, incomplete test on some unknown hardware submitted by some unknown user is not going to have any influence at all on this decision.

        -Yeah, I’m taking this phone back.
        -I’m sorry to hear that. Any reason why it didn’t work out for you?
        -Well, I was running benchmarks on this and the integer/float performance were subpar and my spouse threatened to leave me for such inadequacies.
        -[blink blink] Ohhhh-kaaaay…
        -When are the quad-core phones coming out?

        I know phones are intimate devices, but…

      • enianen


        The “CPU Skinning” test is primarily a GPU test that uses the CPU for character animation, rather than the GPU. (See

        Note that the CPU skinning test is slower than the Vibrant while the GPU skinning test is faster? That’s because on GPU alone, the G2 is faster than the Vibrant, but when you use the CPU to augment this, the Vibrant has a much quicker core.

        The more you know!

      • Foxeh

        enianen: That makes a lot more sense then. Of course the Vibrant’s GPU should still be a lot faster than the G2’s. Even moreso with the Hummingbird’s core, all theoretical of course.

        It’s not like Adrenos are known for their epic fill rate, but in the very least it’ll explain why it does so much better than the first gen Snapdragon chips. Still, I’d rather see the full set of benchmarks to see why the cpu centric scores show such poor scaling and if they’ll affect anything important in real-world usage like JIT.

      • enianen


        Yeah, the real world implications are definitely all that matter. (It bothers me immensely that people who are enthusiastic about the G2 put up straw man arguments that make it sound like all I care about are benchmarks, rather than trying to keep an open mind.)

        Unfortunately we haven’t seen any demonstrations or explanations from HTC or T-Mobile about the decision to use the MSM7230 in the G2. It’s entirely possible that the G2 will offer equivalent or superior real world use in Android as compared to previous Snapdragon phones while offering some other benefits, such as improved battery life. Maybe the HTC event in London next week will address this?

        As a G1 owner, all I’m trying to do is make sure I don’t jump onto another phone that will feel old, slow and obsolete before the two years of the contract are up. With Qualcomm claiming that we’ll see phones based on the QSD8x60 (featuring dual cores running at 1.2GHz, along with the Adreno 205 GPU) in early 2011, along with Tegra 2 smartphones and dual core parts from other manufacturers, it’s hard not to feel like the G2 could be a fairly low end phone fairly quickly.

      • Foxeh

        I see where you are coming from, enianen. When I picked up my G1 at launch day, it was with the notion that “Android *must* succeed” and with it being the very first Android device on the market, I was expecting it to be rendered obsolete faster than usual. I did not find that to be the case because the G1 went for quite some time before a better device came out, oddly enough. I generally don’t obsess with the blogs (like I am now) unless I’m researching a product and I can say that the net has a way of making ANYONE feel bad about their devices no matter what they own.

        But the fact of the matter is the G1 was not fast to begin with, but with the Nexus One still pitched as the gold standard and people still happily buying DIncs and Droids, Google has little interest in making Android slower on these devices with future updates… at least for the life of any 2010 contract.

        The specifications of the G2, just like any device, will be dated quickly. It is not a pocket XBox 360 because those chips weren’t ready for the G2’s time frame. The G2 is getting one of the first Qualcomm chips on the Snapdragon ballpark… it just turns out to be a chip targeted to mid range devices. The notion (I hesitate to call it a fact) that the G2 comes as close to the Galaxy S as it does is remarkable on its own right.

        I still love my G1. Sure it’s not speedy, but it works. My main gripe with it is battery life. With all these awesome features, I want the power budget to be able to use them without worrying about being able to receive the next phone call. That is the factor that will change my user experience the most.

        If you are still worried about how quickly a phone will be dated, that’s going to happen no matter what you buy. G2, Vibrant, Evo 4G… At the end of the day you need a new phone when you need one. There’s always going to be something wrong with the next in line.

        If it is important that you stay with T-Mobile, then things become a lot easier. T-Mobile clearly has much longer product cycles with the G2 coming at contract-end from G1 early adopters (which landed me a pretty sweet grandfathered plan). If the G2 starts off fast and peppy, then it is already doing better than the G1.

      • Foxeh

        “The G2 is getting one of the first Qualcomm chips on the Snapdragon ballpark…”

        Correction: I mean one of the first SECOND GEN chips…

      • JM77

        So to sum up this thread, the scores are odd and real world performance is paramount. I think we all agree then, we have to wait and see. Damn.

        I’ve been trying to figure out what chip is coming to what phone and how real world performance will be affected. Enianen and foxeh sounds like you are both doing the same. Apologies Enianen if my first post was overly argumentative. Interesting stuff for thought.

  • WXman

    This is all great and everything…… TMo has GPRS and EDGE data in like 80% of it’s coverage area. 1995 data on a 2010 phone? OK.. even the EVO will smoke the G2 in real world use then.

    • Rilesman

      You my friend and many others are a casualties of cost benefit analysis. Urban areas get the upgrades due to population density and lower infrastructure costs (except Chicago…just pay those politicians will ya) and the fringe areas (like myself but I do get 3G thanks to a highway) will live on with GPRS.

    • Jrsykind

      Speak for yourself. I get 2 mb download at home and 1 mb down at work on my G1. I have 3G most of the places I go in Central Jersey / Suburbs of Philly.

  • currator

    did anybody else read yesterday that suckarola is pushing back the cliq and cliq xt back till q4 looks like at this pace if the cliq ever gets an update it will be for only a couple of people because everybody else would have either rooted or got another phone nice one motorola. just makes you want to go get another one of there phones not!!!!!. tmobile needs to drop moto like they had the herps

  • Samson


    why is the Droid incredible so far behind??

  • I wonder about the merger rumors. Magenta has spent efforts to implement HSPA. What will happen if Sprint and T-Mobile merge? Also consider the mystery event in NY for Samsung. There is a new device being announced. They have announced the Galaxy Tab. Is there another phone coming?

  • mike

    I have heard from a good source that they are going to start releasing froyo on the 20th for the vibrant.

  • cullytko

    This is pretty damn misleading considering all versions of the Galaxy S (Vibrant and Captivate included) are locked at 56 frames per second due to the refresh rate of the SAMOLED screen.

    This is clearly not a performance benchmark and shouldn’t be construed as such.

    • excellent point. I installed lag fix yesterday and afterwards noticed that my FPS was pegged at 56fps during benchmarking. The number struck me as an odd max. Now I know why. Thanks!

  • badbob001

    While this is note worthy, 3D performance doesn’t seem to be a big factor on android. The interface and most apps are still 2D and so the CPU/ram speed is more important. And so it mainly comes down to games, specially the 3D kind. Compared to the iPhone and even the upcoming Windows Phone platforms, Android seems to have the least centralized support for games. Id didn’t demo their Rage game on android. Epic didn’t demo their unreal based engine on android. We really need Google to set the foundation to attract more games from the large studios. It may warm ones heart a little knowing that ones phone is as 3d-capable as the competition, but we still need more than benchmark apps.

  • drewdawgg_

    you guys are kidding yourselves… the vision is on vanilla 2.2 froyo… that captivate is on 2.1 eclair bloated with touch-wiz

    put 2.2 froyo on the vibrant (which scores higher than the capitvate for some odd reason) in vanilla trim, and watch the fireworks!

    htc can have it’s slcd, hands down if you are buying one of these bothemethe’s screen quality matters, and the galaxy s line wins … the g2 is no match for the vibrant or samsung’s galaxy s line – performance that is, the g1 is behind.

    adreno 205 still can not keep up with the powerVR chip in the galaxy S… please see links below—the-mobile-CPU-war-beyond-1GHz-article-a_12546.html

    sorry g2, you’re behind and should have kept true to the g1 roots with your keyboard as well… everyone knows the g1 was developed by one of good old danger’s executives who jumped ship to launch android and too the design to HTC… (why the g1 looked soo much like the Sidekicks…)

    the g1 keyboard, sidekick qwerty set the bar and still holds the crown for the best form factor functioning keyboard in a mobile phone known to man!

    • J-Hop2o6

      nope.. TP2 holds that crown

  • Hey Folks. As irrelevant as this question may seem — considering it is the successor to the G1; what are the chances we get a benchmark comparison between the G1 and G2. This might be relevant information for those of us using rooted/overclocked G1s who are still on the fence.

  • tcky

    Smarthest thing to do is wait till the phone comes out , play with it or watch reviews and unboxings before you get one. I’m looking forward to the my touch HD and HD7, what will they come up with?

  • frank

    Wow this thing is faster than the Nexus One lol

  • drewdawgg_

    im all for HTC devices, but they messed up they forgot the g1 keyboard on the g2…

    the vibrant’s powerVR GPU and ARM CPU will out benchmark/perform the g2 running the same 2.2 froyo OS.

    the vibrant is just more powerful with a nicer SAMOLED screen… i hoped HTC would keep the g1 style keyboard then i would settle for a lackluster screen…

    but the lightweight speed demon vibrant will be tmobile’s jewel for a while…

    • J-Hop2o6

      I remember when alot here was hating on the Vibrant.. now its praised big time here.. same for the myTouch Slide.

    • Original G1er

      Man, that would be embrassing!!!

      Vibrant will be tmobiles iPhone wannabe jewel for a while… minus apples large/quality app store…

      Except iPhone 4 doesn’t have a cheap plastic/chrome bezel body.

      But vibrant owners can justify themselves with that extra .5″ super amoled screen to make those tetris colors pop!!!!

      Where as G2 is an original google android phone. Has Stock android and has original android body style, keyboard, optical mouse track pad, led flash for cam etc…. Leave the vibrant to knock off the iPhone!

      G2 with HSPA+ will be the face for tmobile! And rightfully so!

  • ManSquito

    I will be pre ordering the G2. It has evrything I really want. My G1 runs Froyo Cm6. For those who don’t know it is super fast. I will enjoy my G2 stock for awhile until I see benchmarks of some of the rooted ones then I’m sure I will root. Jeez didn’t realize how much the EVO sucks. The is truely disappointing for all those silly sprint folks. They should demand a refund!

  • Jose Medina

    how in the hell they got a hold of a device not out yet. Any how most of the devices are clock down by 200 mhz My HD2 was clock down @ 750 800 mhz I bet they did this so they can have more battery.

  • Rob

    Where’s mailman and his last place evo…

  • drewdawgg_

    phone will not have AMOLED… HTC will be shipping this phone with a hybrid SLCD from a voint venture bewteen Sony and Samsung….

    google is your friend to find out more information.

  • Some are really expecting a huge boost for the Vibrant when it gets 2.2 – don’t expect it for the GPU – 2.2 optimizes RAM and CPU primarily – the GPU is controlled by the drivers the manufacturer develops for that device – hence if the drivers aren’t optimized properly there wont be a large gain.

  • mgrexx

    Isn’t the G2 coming with stock 2.2 (Froyo) out of the box? If true, this is not a fair comparison against the Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant), which only comes with 2.1

    Now, when the Vibrant is updated to 2.2, we will see if the processor size does not matter boys!!

    • Original G1er


      I heard in the next 2.2 update it’s going to morph the vibrants plastic case into an iPhone 4.

      • Foxeh

        It does sound odd, but they do have a valid point. Quadrant scores for the Nexus One more than doubled when it was updated from 2.1 to 2.2.

        Still, I’m not sure what effect Froyo has on GPU performance, but it seems there is a culture around here of expecting too much. :P

      • Original G1er


        G2 as a phone, is way more well rounded than the vibrant touchwiz demo phone.

        I returned the vibrant in august, because I knew the G2 will be a more well rounded phone.

        Vibrants 4″ samoled screen (although beautiful) alone just wasn’t enough to make me keep it.

        I’ll take the more higher quality material cased, well rounded/packaged, stock android G2 PHONE. Which isn’t a stinker in performance as we all know… in fact it’s one of the top performing android phones out there, which is icing on the cake.

      • Foxeh

        I’ve played with the Vibrant repeatedly in T-Mo stores, even functional, untethered units. I agree with you that it feels cheap compared to the iPhones it treis so hard to mimic. That’s part of why I passed on that device. However I can’t fault its processing power.

        The 1GHz A4 in the iPad and the 1GHz Hummingbird almost literally cut from the same cloth. Intrinsity designed the SoC and Samsung licensed the design for manufacture. Apple then goes and buys Intrinsity. While the Hummingbird uses a better GPU than the the version Apple is using (A4), I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung actually manufactures the A4 chips for Apple.

        Of course, I’m not a big fan of TouchWiz either and who knows what effects that has on the Galaxy S’s performance. The PowerVR SGX540 in the Hummingbird theoretically has twice the triangle performance as the SGX535 in the iPad, iPhone 4 and 3GS.

        The G2’s Adreno 205 allegedly has a GPU that can compare against the SGX535. It also has a Scorpion that has a max recomended clock of 1GHz and a min recommended clock of 800MHz and happens to be clocked at the latter. The iPhone 4 did the same thing. So from a completely technical and geeky point of view, both the G2’s and the Vibrant’s brains are more balanced compared to the Nexus One.

        In my mind, the G2 promises to be a rather classy device. Neither trying to set trends or follow them, it simply takes itself seriously by its own right. That’s a quality I found lacking in the Vibrant. That said, the Vibrant is by no means junk, it’s just not what I want.

  • zzz

    How is it this phone in all its “glory” had an LED notification indicator left off of it? Someone please explain this to me…

    • Original G1er

      It better have the LED notification indicator in there by the ear piece.

      That provided sooo much convience for me on the G1…. just glancing over at the phone (on a desk, table, bed, couch etc) indicating if I received an text, email or a missed call. Especially if it was on silent in some cases.. It was convience/routine for me

      Would be a downer if it was left out, big time.

      • AM123

        AGREED!! Returned the Vibrant because of lack of led notificator. The G2 looks like it has a couple of sensors near the ear piece and hopefully one of them is the led notificator.

  • MissO

    I do not see the Vibrant name anywhere on the graph above. Is it under a different name? Is it just me or what?

    • Andrew

      it’s the captivate – they are essentially the same phone hardware wise.

  • MissO

    Which one is the vibrant on the graph? I don’t see it….

    • J-Hop2o6

      Vibrant is apart of the Samsung Galaxy S line aka Euro GS/Vibrant/Captivate/Fascinate/Epic

  • currator

    to be frank ill pass reading about some of the things phone companys will be putting in there phone within the next 6 months and your g2 will be as cool as a moto cliq. im just saying the new screen tech and cpu gpu dual core better everything and i know you guys will be like 6 months new ball game wrong when they have 1080p screen and video recording dual core new power source

  • jmcl987

    Samsung Vibrant > T-mobile G2

    • Usman

      Vanilla Android >> Touchwiz

      • Sahhardcore


    • chris


  • Original G1er


    then after that something cooler will come out. Then after that something will come out with 3D built in without the glasses like the nintendo 3DS… And that will be cooler..

    Then after that google will start building facilities where you make an appointment to implant a chip/radio at the side of your head connected to your carrier. Then a couple months after that, you’d have to make another appointment to go under and upgrade to smaller, more powerful/efficient, less radiation, (insert your favorite cheese cake factory desert here) OS capable one. So on and so fourth.

    Your point chauncy?

  • cscorbin

    G2.. HSPA+ – 4G “like” connection.
    G2.. 1GHZ “like” processor


    I was really excited about this phone but I think I will pass and see what else TMO has in the next few months.

    • Original G1er

      If I was building the phone… Do I just put in a 1GHz labeled processor in it just to show the 1GHz

      Or do I go for a next generation highly optimized, more battery efficient fast 800mhz scorpion chip. That has a top of the line adreno 205 GPU stacked on it…. that runs adobe flash in conjunction with HSPA+ internet speeds beautifully .

      Some 1GHz labeled snapdragon, or the newer efficient next gen scorpion chip/powerful GPU that runs adobe flash beautifully with HSPA+ Internet speeds ? Hmmmmm…

      Or wait til february to see the dual cores start rolling out? That will most likely be very limited to physical keyboard phones initially… At least on tmobile


    • Foxeh

      Please don’t take this the wrong way, but the long and short of your post quite literally states “I dislike demonstrated superior performance if a smaller numerical specification is involved.”


      • Original G1er

        To clarify, I was trying to say a lot of people who are less informed will for example look at the nexus -a 1GHz snapdragon powered phone and think it sh.ts on the G2 new 800mhz scorpion chip.

        Based on that 1GHz vs 800mhz alone.


      • Foxeh

        Nono, I was directing that at cscorbin, not you G1er. Sorry about that.

        Reply hierarchies only go so deep so I can see how that was confusing.

      • Original G1er

        @ foxeh, To double clarify my original post… should I choose the 1GHz snapdragon chip over the 800mhz scorpion chip? Based on the eye popping 1GHz vs 800mhz numbers alone to attract the mass?

        Even though the 800mhz scorpion is overall a more efficient/better chip than the 1 GHz snapdragon?

        Anyway I’m done with that. Enough phone gigerhurtz stuff for me today.

        G2>moto cliq :) buuuuurrn

      • Foxeh

        lol! A friend of mine got the Cliq and he hates it so much. Still on 1.5. Motoblur for the win. :P

        But yeah, the Scorpion CPU is actually a component of the Snapdragon chips so that may not be the best comparison. ;) We all agree that there’s more to a phone than the CPU.

  • The Architect(of the Matrix)

    As a physical k.b. lover, my ideal phone would include these specs..

    -4in Samoled screen
    -full (5 row) qwerty k.b.
    -1ghz hummingbird processor
    -5mp cam w flash and 720p recording capability
    -l.e.d. notification

    *sighs* if a phone had all these qualities I’d be flexible about things like build quality, manufacturer and u.i.
    Really such a phone ALREADY exists!!!
    *tear dropping* why do we always have to settle on tmousa!?. Obviously tmousa’s parents(d.t.) are loaded, but they treat tmousa like a foster child. D.t.’s mindset is “hey, as long as the company is profitable, and we still appeal to our base(families and teenie-boppers) why rock the boat. Sad I know, but true.

    • ConceptVBS

      Perhaps you should wait for the long rumored Galaxy S Pro, the qwerty keyboard Galaxy S.

  • Original G1er

    With further thought, I’m now officially hyped for the G2!

    G2 just set the overall standard to be built upon IMO

    -G2’s newer, optimized, powerful adreno 205 GPU will work BEAUTIFULLY with Adobe flash at G2’s fast HSPA+ Internet speeds…. Along with it’s fast, optimized, battery efficient 800mhz scorpion processor.

    (Hey, extra half hour of battery life is crucial a lot of times… I’ll take what I can get to balance along with strong performance)

    -High HTC quality built.

    – Has keyboard, optical track pad to accurately pain free space/correct text (until google comes out with a better touch screen implementation to do so, like what apple did with their magnifying glass) 

    -Has LED flash at least and 720p video recording.

    – a nice 3.7″ wide viewing angle Super TFT screen. (Touted more battery efficient, especially on whites -think web browsing, but takes a hit on contrast/ blacks compared to superior amoled) I love the samoled’s contrast a lot personally, but samsung has those on lock down currently. G2’s screen will be nice and will have some new S-TFT technology backing it at least….

    -efficient, bloatware free STOCK ANDROID

    This is one of the best overall android phones out there, if not the best overall out currently IMO..

    From now on, I look forward to an equally efficient but way more powerful CPU/gpu upgrade, along with maybe a larger and more advanced screen, etc etc.. built upon ALL of this at a minimum with stock android.

    Not just cheap, featureless plastic encased, screen/CPU tech demos with unneccessary cheesy U.I overlays bloat ware.

    G2 overall FTW!

  • Adam

    I guess I’ll throw my T-Mobile employee opinion at the world. I’m super excited for this phone, the HSPA+ along with Android 2.2 is going to give me a super fast mobile wi-fi hot spot anywhere I need it. This alone makes this a phone I plan on buying, and considering I haven’t payed for a phone in over a year, contests, promotions, free phones, thats saying a lot.

    • g2 hotspot-not

      Rumor is that T-Mobile may disable the wifi hotspot until they figure out pricing options.

  • Tpavey

    There is an issue with this graph (it may have been mentioned as I did not read all 136 posts.)

    The Galaxy S series appears to be frame limited at 56fps. There are a number of threads around XDA boards about this. So, while it is refreshing to see the G2 running so well, I’m not sure a comparisson can be made to the Galaxy S phones. Actually, all phones have some sort of cap set in them. The only way to truly test the power would be to make them run in the 20fps range.

  • coolmandingo

    they clown’n with “Just as FAST” as the Droid X.

    • grumpy

      Ya kind of like that maillady troll on here with her “evo ftw” crap I wonder what she things of those scores…

  • grumpy

    800mhz w/ 205gpu vs 1ghz outside of any gpu intensive app which will be faster? I really have no plans on using games or vid I just want a phone that doesn’t sit and think for 3 seconds when I push the home button to get out of maps….

    • Foxeh

      The GPU is not just for games games. Pending newer versions of Android it’ll power the user interface too (it is planned). The iPhone already does things this way which is why it blows everything else out of the water.

      The GPU in the G2 can also accelerate SVG and Flash, but I do not know how Android handles OpenVG.

      A decent GPU will free up the CPU to do more under-the-hood tasks and not be bogged down with moving icons across the screen. The first generation Snapdragons like in the Nexus One and DInc had poor GPUs and relied on the brute force of the CPU, yet still have trouble competing with the iPhone with certain, particularly visually heavy tasks. The MSM7230 in the G2 promises to handle things much more elegantly.

      If the G2 really does work that way I’d be happy, but the fact of the matter is none of us know yet. Theoretically it’s a well rounded and sound device and the Stock UI *should* help make backing out of maps go a lot quicker. ;)

  • yup

    The only thing this thing has is htc widgets … should be a great phone until the next phone comes in december