Costco To Sell T-Mobile G2 As Well

So not only can you now pre-order the T-Mobile G2 from Best Buy, it looks like Costco will also offer the handset with some extra goodies as well. According to AndroidCentral, a tipster tells them the G2 will run you about $150-$200 with a 2-year contract agreement at Costco and $449.99 retail price. Additionally, Costco will also include accessories at no additional cost. I definitely wouldn’t mind a free case or a free car charger.


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  • YJ

    Way to go Costco! I can’t wait!

  • Mohammad

    What abt radioshack?

  • raul


  • mtnman

    The G2 is going to be showing up everywhere now. If it’s at Costco and Radio Shack, look for it at Best Buy and Wal-Mart here soon also.

  • Cupcake

    But why a price range for contracts? $150-200???

  • tcky

    do you have to paid for the activation fee?

    • GrammarNazi

      Pay, not paid

      • Shawn

        why do losers like you always have to point out spelling mistakes, when it is obvious the original poster made an innocent mistake. idiot.

      • George

        Dunno. Why do folks have so little pride in what they have to say that they unleash illiterate posts upon an unsuspecting world?

        And why would anyone defend that?

        It’s called proofreading. All the kids are doing it today. Take an extra ten seconds to ensure folks won’t think you dropped out of your ESL class. It isn’t difficult. No creams or ointments, no unpleasant bending. Just the pride in knowing you made the effort to do your best.

      • TmoBully

        @tcky Probably.

        @GrammarNazi LOL!

        @George You should try learning a new language and not make simple mistakes in grammar. I receive email from everywhere at my job and these mistakes are very common. And when it comes to comments, this is not an unsuspecting world. We expect to read some quick and sloppy “comments” because it’s nothing new. I’m not sure where tcky came from, if that’s even the issue, but it’s not too hard to figure out what that person was trying to say.

      • George

        @TmoBully–Just because you’ve reduced your expectations to the lowest common denominator doesn’t mean that everyone else should join you. To answer your remark, I have been learning Italian to reply to new in-laws and I expect them to correct mistakes I make in written and oral communication–otherwise, how would I learn?

        A common language has value only when it *is* common. As soon as participants begin to decide for themselves what words mean and how they are spelled, then the ability to be understood starts to erode. It isn’t unimportant to be clear and precise. As soon as we begin to accept (note: Not “except”, one of a million errors with hominyms routinely made) poor spelling and grammar as routine, then it bodes ill for all of us.

        Watch the Mike Judge’s movie “Idiocracy”, then an episode (or as much as you can stomach) of “Jersey Shore” and you’ll see what I mean.

      • TmoBully

        @George I understand what you mean. The thing is you still took it upon yourself to compare Tcky to an ESL dropout. Did you stop to think that maybe that person is in the process of learning? Just as you expect to be corrected, tcky was corrected by GrammarNazi. I noticed earlier you used the word “Dunno” which is poor grammar. Does that bode ill for all of us as well? We will never lose the ability to be understood. The point is that these are just comments. Just because you hold your expectations high for comments does not mean that everyone else should join you. Some people even post comments using a phone and predictive text can do funny things if you select the wrong word. We all make mistakes and even the best authors need proofreaders to go over their work to fix errors. I done didded make mistakes and I know peeps will pwn me for that… but we ain’t writing a book are we?

        For the record I did take a quick glance over and found a few simple errors. There’s probably more but I think I’ve made my position is clear enough. No hate here George. Idiocracy is actually on my Netflix list. Ha! See ya around.

  • Answerer

    Probably new user vs. existing user upgrade.

  • The Architect(of the Matrix)

    Woo-hoo(homer simpson voice) more news about the underwhelming g2. I’m so glad I signed up to stay in the loop. The constant updates are awesome!!!

    Reality check, the g2 is nothing more than a mediocre phone/stop loss measure implemented by tmousa to appeal to g1 early adopters who are fed up and feel left behind. Vanilla froyo was thrown in to appease the geeks(for lack of a better word).

    Sorry but tmousa had 2yrs(4yrs in android time) to bring forth a successor to the g1, and this is the best they can do!?. Other carriers offer phones that have tmousa cust’s ready to jump ship, but do any of you honestly believe a subscriber on another carrier would jump ship for a g2!?

    Truth is, many early g1 adopters will buy this phone, not b/c its the best phone available. But simply b/c it’ll be the best phone on tmousa. Well atleast until the vibrant gets froyo and a g.p.s. fix.

    Here’s to expecting the most from your cell phone provider, in exchange for your hard earned coin. Ftw

    • Vinchenzo

      Wow… Someone is a bit bitter. You must not be eligible for an upgrade. LOL

    • George

      Bitter, party of one?

      To answer your question, yes, I personally know of someone who is ready to ditch his phone–in this case, an Evo–to get faster downloading and cheaper service. He has lived with his Evo since the day of release, thinks it is OK but isn’t a fan of Sense and is beginning to understand the overhead that skins bring to the process of updating the OS. Vanilla is sounding pretty good to him. He digs the screen on the Evo but uses his phone a lot in daylight and believes the SLCD screen on the G2 will serve him better.

      If you don’t want the phone, then God bless you and good luck. You’ll find something out there to make you happy. But characterizing a phone you’ve not even touched as a failure because the published specs don’t meet YOUR expectations is about as egocentric as a person can be.

      Maybe it is best if you just disappeared for awhile and got over yourself?

      • Bobert

        @ George
        Are you about 200 lbs overweight?

      • George

        @Bobert–Preparing for my first triathalon. Were you were trying to be amusing?

        Sorry, but I have a low threshold for people who will whine on at great length about a product they haven’t even seen and use the opportunity to announce that it is a failure. There are too many folks here who are expecting rainbows and ponies in every new phone released, when a company like T-mobile needs to serve a broad community of customers, not a small fraction who are chasing the newest phone like a drug.

        The Vibrance is too large for my needs (I need a phone which can fit in my pocket, since it is, after all, a phone first). Just because the Vibrance is too large for my needs, I wouldn’t go on at length that the Vibrance was a “fail” (seriously, that term needs early retirement from overuse). The Galaxy S phones represent a perfect choice for many, perhaps millions, of others. Projecting my specific requirements over a product and claiming that it is a failure because it doesn’t meet MY needs would be the height of arrogance. It is simply not the right phone for ME, and it is my task to find one which is a better fit.

        By the same token, the G2 may be the perfect choice for many other customers, like those who prefer a physical keyboard. Rather than sniping at the G2 because it isn’t someone’s “perfect” phone, accept the fact that (A) life is often about compromises, and (B) we all have the freedom to vote with our dollars, moving to another company which meets our needs.

      • Bobomo

        @George – Since you have spent so much time defending the virtues of the English language, I feel the need to point out that the name of the phone is “Vibrant”, not “Vibrance”.

        Also, I wouldn’t call it a big phone at all. It fits in my pocket splendidly, and is extremely thin. Regardless, I think the G2 will be a great phone for a lot of people, and I’m happy T-Mobile is offering it.

      • George

        @Bobomo–Mea culpa, it is Vibrant. That’s what I get for typing without coffee. But don’t you think “Vibrance” is a much better name? No? OK.

        As to the size, I spent some time with a friend’s Vibrant and it wasn’t something I was comfortable with in the pocket–it seemed thin enough that it might torque in the wrong situation, and that the screen might be at risk. I think it’s gorgeous, but the dimensions just seemed wrong for me.

        Glad to know that it works well for you, but I certainly didn’t get a sense of confidence about going around with it in my front pocket.

    • deceptivesmiles

      Tell em why u mad But in all seriousness, if u aint gettin the phone, no need to gripe about it. Nobody’s forcin u to purchase it. If u have a problem w/ the phones TMO are releasin and u’re still a customer, what does that say about u Mr. Settle for Less

    • Bob

      How many of these super phones you mentioned have keyboards? That alone is enough to sell me. I’m sure many people feel this way, that they need a physical keyboard to work with. That alone is a great reason to upgrade form my G1. I’ve been holding onto it waiting for a good Android replacement with a hardware keyboard. Sprint’s flagship Evo doesn’t have this, neither does Verizon’s Droid X.

      I admit, I was a bit disappointed to hear it will be sporting a 800 Mhz processor compared to the rumored dual-core chips, or even other 1 Ghz chips. But, compared to 1 Ghz phones on the market, the G2 is a suitable replacement. Even then, 800 Mhz should still compare relatively well from what we have seen so far.

      • Moo

        Firstly, the EVO isn’t Sprint’s best phone any longer, the Epic is, and the Epic destroys the G2 on all fronts. I’m not one to poo-poo on another’s phone of choice, just thought I’d clarify.

      • George

        @Moo–That may be true that the Epic is better than the G2, but I don’t want to be on Sprint. Therefore, I will make the best choice from the options presented by T-mobile. If someone sees the model of phone he carries as a form of dick-measuring, then that is his issue. There aren’t enough hours in my day to get involved in juvenile my phone > your phone sniping, and I certainly am not going to waste time peering over the back fence and wondering if a phone on Sprint (or AT&T or Verizon) is bigger/faster/better than mine.

        I simply want a phone which provides me with good broadband service when I am away from home, links me to my email, has good GPA/Nav functions and does a good job of simply being a phone. If the G2 meets those needs, then I will be buying one. If it doesn’t, then I’ll wait for the next round of smartphones to be released next year. But if the G2 doesn’t do it for me, I certainly won’t be murdering pixels by proclaiming that the G2 is a failure because it doesn’t serve my needs.

    • j

      GEE, bitter much? G1 was a prototype to introduce the android OS, it did its job. There have plenty of successors, you just don’t care to acknowledge them. For you to say the G2 is a stop gap device shows your lack of intelligence. These sites get unverified info and post for the info hungry masses. There is no proof any of it is truthful. As for Vibrant GPS fix, I don’t need one as mine works flawlessly. G2 is not intended to cause people to jump carriers, it is however designed to be a good device along with great rates and service, that is why people would want to jump carriers. As for all the people wanting the iPhone on TMO, please, android is a far better OS.

    • Davidohio

      Actually, if you research it, the G2 is just as great as the Droids and the over-rated Evo as far as speed, graphics, and overall performance. Have you used data on a droid?? It is slow as hell. Verizon does not have a fast data network at all. I am getting the G2 and on t-mobiles HSPA+ network it will kick the droid amd evo’s asses even with a 800mhz processor!

  • JM77

    I was going to wait for reviews, but if someone offers the G2 for 100 or 150 with accessories… how can I say no??? My contract is up for extension on the 25th.

  • snapdragin

    another know it all. HSPA+ speeds! Find that on any handset in the tmousa better yet the USA. To date no phone will perform at a rate of 14mbs. the vibrant lacks capabilities the g2 posesses. so on oct 6th when I already have 2.2 and you are still waiting for a gps update/2.2 update i will already be tethering and goin to town. enjoy your phone that holds true to the idea of obsolete.

  • cellswag

    I really feel that the G2 is a great phone but I not going to jump and get this phone like I did with the G1 bcuz its the best phone on tmobile. But after this year and change that past I learned that its best to wait and see. There’s still hope for project emrald. I’m going to wait til 2011 sometime around march there should be aa better phone or news of one by then. Til then my bold will do the job.

  • alex32

    Come on tmobile.. Best Buy and Costco beats you to it. Just say the official release date and pre order already tmobile. Im eligible for an upgrade and will be using this phone as my upgrade. Getting very impatient knowing the days are closing. I am still banking on that September 15th will be the day tmobile will say the offical release and pre orders…

  • Foxeh

    While I’m not 100% sold on the G2 yet, I’m at definitely going to give it the fortnight buyer’s remorse period. I was expecting to be holding on to the trailblazing G1 for a while yet, but a “superphone” class device on my carrier running stock and having decent battery life is much too attractive. I’m not holding my breath for other devices to run my ugly, beloved stock Android.

    That and I do NOT want to be in the market for a new phone in 2011. The multi-core and GPU races are going to be especially ridiculous that year and I fully intend to just ride past that with a phone that’ll works perfectly fine. There is no evidence what so ever that the G2 will be incapable of doing that much.

    Of course, I could always tie a stick to my head and hang a carrot in front of me, but that would be the smart thing to do.

  • big Jake

    yup @ the architect, you said it…. Im good with the HD3, NOW THATS A PHONE

    • JM77

      Just an FYI, in case you are holding your breath for the stats you may have read qround here the other day, they were not real. Some of those specs won’t even come on a phone next year (4gb ram).

      The HD3/7/mozart/schubert will be a nice phone, but people who get their expectations up unreasonably high are doomed to a hard fall when specs are released. I saw it happen on the G2 and it’ll happen in the future.

      Competition is too intense in the cell phone market for any company to leap ahead of other companies by more than a couple months before someone new jumps ahead. No one can win the game of waiting for the next big thing.

      Im not saying you should get this phone, get whatever will make you happy until this crazy chip race slows down a bit (mid 2012 maybe??) I’m considering this phone because the hackers and modders (like cyanogen) will have it, and I think they can carry me through the next generation of phones.

  • kk

    when will costco start selling? are they taking pre-orders?>

  • Bobert

    Oh ya and Tubby. George while you were so busy with your proper grammar the rest of us were out getting laid.

    • TimmyT

      You got laid in a time span of 3 minutes? You’re a quick one.

      • George

        3 minutes would doubtless be an all-time endurance record for Bobert. The rest of the time would be spend deflating his date and putting her back in the closet.

    • john

      Not to pick much, but douche has an “e”…lol

      • Holiday

        i love fights

  • mtnman

    As for me, I’m gonna hold on this one and see the other phone coming down the pipe. Not that this a bad phone or anything, I just want to see that much anticipated Project Emerald Phone coming out in the next few months. They at least I’ll have options on which phone I want to get.

    I’ve alread got the Vibrant, but I know T-Mobile has something special planed for the Christmas Holiday and I want to give my self a presant this year.

    After all I’ve been a really good boy. :)

    • tcky

      Now watch ppl judge you for ur grammar : P
      They – Then
      my self – myself
      presant – present

  • Steve

    $449.99 retail price?! I’m sold!

  • Amanda

    I think I will buy it from tmobile. bogo plus they do the upgrades after 11 months. I have had my mytouch for 13 months and am ready for the g2!

    • MitchRyan912

      they stopped doing the super early upgrades. i was eligible for an upgrade at one point earlier this year, but they changed it cuz it was WAY too popular. IIRC, it got bumped up to the 18 month mark for an early upgrade and the 22 months for the standard upgrade.

  • thereugo

    What kind of service will the G2 pick up if the city I live in doesnt pick up the HSPA service, will it be 3G? Can someone please tell me what it will possibly do? I live in a city without the coverage but about 3 miles away a city will have the coverage (HSPA). My wife wants the phone but what sense does it make if the phone cannot run the full power that the service offers for that phone. My wife wants to get the G2 but why get it if I dont have the service, I hope the other phones coming out, the Glacier or project Emerald dont have the same issues, any feedback out there, I enjoy Tmobile for there customer service but I might have to jump ship if thats going to be the issue.

    • LookinForward

      The G2 will also support edge, and 3G if that is what you have available.

      For those saying that Sprint is cheaper, I would like to know what plans they are talking about. I have 5 lines with T-Mobile, two with unlimited data 1000 minutes shared, unlimited text. I pay about $180 per month. I looked into Sprint, and they were more than that for just two phones.

      I tethered my G1 to my laptop. I used 17MB in just a few minutes reading my email. I cannot see going with a plan with a limit of 5GB of data per month.

  • k-mack

    @thereugo my understanding is that it will definitely be on 3G, if HSPA is not available. It will go to the fastest service it has available, always. 3G is still fast, I think. Just like a lot of folks, I think the G2 is going to be such a solid, well built stock Android phone that it will do just about everything that people will want to do with it. The big screen and full size keyboard are awesome. I understand those that like pure touch screens like the Vibrant, but that keyboard just fills the huge void when I want to send emails and text messages fast! With the amazing MSM7230 chip and the brand new Adreno 205 GPU, this phone will rock!! have you seen the clips of Qualcomm demo of what this CPU/GPU combination can do?! it’s awesome!

    720p video, support for true Adobe Flash video. Yeah, I like their customer service too. They are definitely great for that.

    • thereugo

      @ k-mack that was an empressive demo, from that chip. Is that the chip that is going to be in the G2, if it is and whats to come thats excellent. Especially for gamers which my wife haopens to be, she loves those games. I’m hoping your right, thanks for the info. Now I need to show my son the video.

      • Foxeh

        That’s right, Qualcomm showed off the exact chip that’s now being used in the G2. Of course the game (Ilo Milo) is actually a Windows Phone 7 game and they simply ported that tech demo to Android for Qualcomm to have something to show.

        It’s no Epic Citadel, but if the Adreno 205 is truly comparable to what’s in the iPhone, then this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s best not to bring our hopes THAT high, though.

    • thereugo

      Do you have any information concerning the updates in the future concerning the G2, some say that it wont be updatable to gingerbread because of the chip size, that it would have to be 1ghz at least, any truth to this can I get some response please. I don’t see it happening or being a problem I should say with the G2 being a flagship model.

      • Foxeh

        Google shot down that rumor the minute it came up, but for some reason it just won’t die.

  • Costco Rep

    The cell phone section in Costco is a subcontracted division and the are not allowed to sell ANY PHONE for the regular price. You have to get a 2yr contract, but if they do they are not suppose to.

    • lazyn00b

      What are you talking about? Wasn’t Costco selling Nokia Nurons off-contract just a few weeks ago?

  • Costco FTW, I may just buy mine there.

  • thereugo

    @ k-mack and lookingforward- thanks for the information, I was also thinking that within sufficent time Tmobile should have it up in running in all cities if there Phones are going to be HSPA. It would only make sense since there going that way, @ k-mack I will cjeck out the video’s on the chip. Do you think I should hold off on the G2 and wait for the Desire HD, they say it’s going to be a mytouch slide with just a bigger screen, why thou? Why would you make the same phone but with a little more features, wouldnt they have just waited and did it now with the Desire instead of making a mytouch 3G slide? I believe either way I’m getting it for the wife, she’s about to toss her Cliq XT in the trash.

    • k-mack

      I haven’t heard of the Desire HD but have heard of a myTouch HD. This one won’t have a keyboard so can’t really compare to the mytouch slide. I think the G2 is going to be a great one, especially if you like the nice full keyboard. I’m getting it too. Pick it up for your wife, it is such a super phone compared to the cliq xt!

  • Myg1

    I’m a happy vibrant customer but this g2 does make me jealous alil looks sexy n the hspa+ is going to rock with 2.2!! I’m running 6mbps on this vibrant, just imagine how fast it is with the g2..this new scorpion proc also would improve battery dramatically..not everything is about mhz guys

  • Mark

    Costco charges tax of regular price and not only in Cali but other states too.

  • going_home

    So what happened to the “longtime TMO customers get 1st shot at it” thing ?
    Why did we bother signing up at that stupid website if we dont get special treatment ?


  • thereugo

    Does anybody have any information concerning the updates in the future concerning the G2, some say that it wont be updatable to gingerbread because of the chip size, that it would have to be 1ghz at least, any truth to this can I get some response please. I don’t see it happening or being a problem I should say with the G2 being a flagship model.

    • George

      This has been mentioned about a dozen times, but once more won’t hurt.

      Google NEVER said that 1gHz was a minimum for Gingerbread.That was info gleaned from a Russian blog and repeated in an American blog. Google denied the claim soon thereafter. The quote from the Russian blog was apparently a misunderstanding of a statement from Google, which was trying to say that earlier phones like the G1 likely wouldn’t have enough horsepower to run Gingerbread, in the way a computer with a 486 couldn’t run Windows 7.

      There is no reason to fear that the G2 won’t be able to upgrade to Gingerbread; in fact, the G2 and Nexus One will most likely have it first, owing to the plain vanilla OS. A phone with a skin, like the Vibrant, will need additional tweaking from Samsung and T-mobile before a download is released.

      Finally, to touch on something else which has been repeatedly mentioned, chip speed is but one factor in the ability of a chip to process data, in this case the OS. The chip in the G2 is a newer, more efficient version on a smaller die of the chip in the Nexus One and Evo. It figures to be as fast or faster than the 1gHz chips in those phones, and the HSPA+ capability of the G2 promises faster downloads of data for that chip to process.

      • thereugo

        @ george, thanks for the information. It’s nice to hear something solid from someone, which I believe you said is true. What do you personallay think of the Glacier? And do you think the G2 will be an excellent phone?

      • George

        @thereugo, I think Glacier looks interesting, but the extra processing ability of a dual-core processor might be lost on me, since I am not a gamer. I have successfully used the main apps in my phone (Google Nav, Google Translate, MLB At Bat, Amazon and Kayak, among many) on a MT3G. The G2 should be good enough for me, with the increased download speed worth more to me than the processing difference between the G2 and Glacier CPUs.

        Therefore, the increased speed resulting from (A) the difference between Donut and Froyo, and (B) the Scorpion CPU versus the Fisher-Price one in the MT3G, would be plenty of speed bump for me.

        Also the G2 is the proverbial bird in the hand, since Qualcomm might have difficulty getting the dual-core chips in sufficient quantity for HTC to produce the numbers they’re anticipating, meaning the Glacier could wind up arriving after the holidays.

  • mike

    Nice. Worth the 2 hour drive to El Paso and ill get to play on hspa+ while I’m there

  • Amanda

    I hope Costco has a good deal on this. My mom, sister, and I are all getting the g2. two on tmobile bogo and probably one at costco if it is a good deal. I have a question though. I know if you buy a phone at tmobile and it stops working then they will replace it. What happens if you get the phone from costco and it stops working? are you out of luck?

  • ace

    Man the g2 looks so cool I took a traning on it and. It looks very promising

  • Hin

    Interesting convos going on up there =p

    I’ve been waiting to get a new phone for an extremely long time; I was about to get either the MyTouch 3G Slide or the Vibrant when I heard about the G2 and I was so excited, but this pushing back of release dates is bothering me a lot… who knows how much they’ll keep delaying? So my question is: Since I’m not on contract with T-Mobile and will be buying the phone at a retail price with no warranty, is it even worth getting when it’s so new? Would it be a better idea to just get the Vibrant or the MyTouch Slide? The thing about the Vibrant is that I don’t like the UI, but if it’s the best I can get with T-Mobile, then I can live with that