Have You Been Able To Pre-Order The G2 At Best Buy?

So yesterday, Best Buy (supposedly) started taking down pre-orders for the T-Mobile G2. Oddly enough, word coming through Twitter and through our very own TmoNews Forums say differently. As a matter of fact, to find out for myself, I drove down to my nearest Best Buy store this morning and lo and behold the representative had no clue what I was talking about. So either we’re all going insane, or Best Buy isn’t currently offering the G2 for pre-order. Have any of you been able to pre-order the G2 at Best Buy yet? Let us know in the comments!

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  • NiiDiddy

    I’m not cause I am ok for niw with my Vibrant. However, anyone tried maybe pre ordering at Best Buy online somewhere…maybe?

    • daniel

      really?? lol no one cares if you are or aint… read the question! leave and never come back haha

      • itsmyphone

        GEE, a little Vibrant envy Daniel?

      • NiiDiddy

        Shame on you @daniel. I was only trying to help. Stop causing trouble.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I care. :(

      • Steve Jobless

        I sense disturbance in the force.

  • JoshL

    It was on their corporate website… I would imagine that they would be prepared to take pre-orders…. it doesn’t matter to me because I am ordering through T-Mobile so I can receive mine before Best Buy or Costco people! :)

  • joe

    i might just be retarded but i cant find a pre-order page anywhere on their site.

    • Matias

      Google search the corporate site for best buy. I had trouble finding it too. Its not on their regular bestbuy.com site

    • mee
      • Foxeh

        Pre-order may not guarantee receipt of device on day of launch.

        Considering Best Buy seems intent in not letting any of us preorder from them anyway, perhaps it’s for the best…

  • Bikemonkey

    I went in to Best Buy yesterday and asked about it. The guy had not heard anything about G2 pre-orders, but double checked on a computer and said they were. I’ll wait for T-Mobile though..

    • twest

      BestBuy employee not knowing what’s up?……No surprise there….half the time they can barely locate stuff they are supposed to have in the store.

      • daniel

        haha true.. PEOPLE c-mon just wait till tmob launches it before you lock yourself in with best buy or costco and then get it later than the people who bought it either with tmob online or in store…….

      • todd

        Best buy employees almost never know what’s up. If you want to avoid grief, don’t order anything from Best Buy.

  • Galen20K

    I love my Nexus One but I kind of dig the G2 a little bit. My question is should I get the G2 and sell it in November when the MyTOuch HD(depending if its good) or just keep my Nexus One which I am completely satisfied with and love and get get that then? hmmm….

    • briaann

      i got a N1 too , i might just wait to see if they come out with a 2core adriod phone next year early 2011

    • Chris

      just wait it out next year man. I’m sure the new Galaxy S 2 or what not next year would be a lot better than the phones coming out these year.

      altho my friend switched his n1 to a vibrant.

    • An

      yes wait until november it sould be a good idea there could be that motorola 3.7 inch it going to be a high end phone mytouch HD a other high end one u just never know in the smart phone world

    • DHer

      I have a N1, the G2 is a N1 with a keyboard. Im going to pre order

      • daniel

        why not wait till 2020 when phones will disappear and well be able to have mind converstions!!! POINT- doesnt matter at this point in the game there is always gonna be phones comming out right after the new ones launch just get what satisfies your needs or shoot buy it and sell it that sounds like a lot better of an idea

    • noname

      Galen, you should just get the G2 man. The touch HD desn’t have much to offer, the G2 will keep you on the go for at least couple months

  • thereugo

    @ Galen20K is the Nexus One all it’s cracked up to be? Is it that great of a Phone honestly? I’m waiting for a Android phone that I can be please with and I don’t know if I should get the G2, I’m getting it for my wife but what about me? Is the HD going to be the mytouch slide with just a bigger screen?

    • SimplyAmazing

      It most likely will if that render of the MTHD is for real. Remember it had the Genius button , so it’s most likely gonna include that espresso UI. The internal specs may be different. But judging by how T-mobile has their android lineup, I HIGHLY DOUBT that this MTHD will be all its supposed to be. It’ll most likely have a 1ghz processor and a big screen, 4- 4.3 in. but i don’t think its gonna be a performance beast like the incredible or droids or even the G2 with stock android.

    • vinny

      The Nexus One is still the best built, looking and can do more with it then any other Android device out there currently. If you owned one and took it to the next level and root it you would know what I mean. htc + googled = WINNER. Saying that I still want the G2. Looks like the Nexus One with keyboard. The size to me is perfect for a phone but still gives great browsing experience. It has very good iternal memory, that processor looks very interesting and most of all I like the vanilla Froyo 2.2. Take that baby, root it and skies the limit. Thank you T-Mobile.

      • Eddie Android

        But rooting my N1 is not gonna fix the multitouch issues and glitchy screen sensor. So ill be getting the G2 since its pretty much the N1 with keyboard, better CPU/GPU, 720p video, and more memory (I’m gonna flash the N1’s bootscreen when available :))

  • damein

    when I went there and asked they didnt even know what the G2 was…lol

  • AndroRoid

    I love my N1. I am looking at either the Vibrant or G2 for the wife though. She may do better with the physical keyboard. Of course who needs that anyway with Swype!? Now when I get it and if I like it better than the N1 (not likely), I may keep and give her the Nexus.

  • mtnman

    According to the Road Map the High end phones are the ones slated for Q4. And the G2 is supposed to be apart of that. Now weather the MTHD will be even better than the G2 remains to be seen. I for one thought that the Vibrant (although lacking HSPA+ and stock Android) is on par if not better than the G2.

    I went onto the Best Buy website and didn’t see the G2 anywhere. Maybe perhaps it’s been delayed, and if it has then why hasn’t Tmo given any formal anouncement? I guess I’ll call CC to see if they have any answers, or keep checking out their Twitter page. Stay Tuned!

    • GrammarNazi

      Whether not weather

      • kennedy

        Is this guy one of TMO’s editor, cuz the only thing he does is correct ppls grammar LMAO

      • MattB

        “Whether not weather”


        “Whether(,) not weather(.)”

        Your should change your name to HomophoneNazi, because you fail at grammar.

  • thereugo

    What does anyone think about the HTC coming out party on the 15th for a surprise phone? Does anyone think it will be a Phone for Tmobile? Man why can’t Tmobile get a good phone like the Epic, or even the Droid Incredile or the Desire that Phone is nice. Google dropped the ball bigtime by not allowing the Nexus One for sale in the stores, it would of put Tmobile on the map?

    • BRI

      T-mobile is getting a good phone..The G2 will be a lot better than those phones you mentioned where have you been?? And the nexus one was on t-mobile as far as i know..They just didn’t sell the phone through their stores

    • 30014

      The g2 is basically a n1 with a keyboard and a little more under the hood.

  • Went into a Best Buy Mobile in the mall by me and they knew all about it. I’m also waiting for the T-Mobile presale though.

  • mee
  • SaggyBalls

    T-Mobile’s site is down. Maybe they’re prepping for the G2 pre-order.

  • ov1

    The epic as a whole is a great phone but it feels rather cheap. Now with that being said its still nice with the sprint extras. In addition to the rest of you guys I too went to best buy and the guy gave me the scooby doo look when I asked him about the g2. I spoke to a rep at kios in a mall and said the pictures that have been released are not accurate. I think he maybe mistaken, now a shack rep said they had a conference call and they may get a demo in by the end of next week.

  • aksnoopy

    I haven’t seen anything on the Best Buy website and can’t find what people are talking about on the corporate site other than a presale announcement. According to TMO’s site, there will be a special early sale for current customers.

  • dfresh

    Some Best Buy locations do not sell TMobile products. I went to my local best buy in Washington, DC and they said that they knew about the preorder, but that it would not be available for preorder in the entire DC metro region because they do not carry TMobile phones.

    • Me

      No wonder I haven’t seen tmobile phones in best buy all these years! Haha but that’s really disappointing.

  • NiiDiddy

    I just left Best Buy Mobile store in my local mall here, and they are pre-ordering the G2 for $99 aster a $100 instant rebate. Same as the Vibrant for $1 after $100 instant rebate (originally $99)

    • Foxeh

      That’s on contract, I assume? I’d wait a couple extra weeks if it means I don’t have to pay $250 out the door (even with a $50 mail-in rebate). Perhaps I ought to look into this…

      • NiiDiddy

        @Foxeh–You are right, that’s on contract. I didn’t think it was that bad. Yes please look into it…

      • Foxeh

        So I stopped back at a local mall today. Best Buy Mobile didn’t know anything about the G2 other than the fact that they had it on preorder, but the price they told me was $199. I asked if there were any instant or mail-in rebates and they told me “no.” They did say the advantage from getting it from them is that you don’t have to deal with the $50 mail-in, so they weren’t completely clueless.

        I then stopped in at the T-Mo mall store and they wouldn’t even give me a price. I went to another T-Mo location that was just outside the mall itself and the rep there had to guess the price!

        It seems not everyone will be able to get a $99 G2. There are a jillion locations for both BB Mobile and T-Mo around here so I’ll keep my eyes open.

  • Chad

    Those of you preordering by bestbuy or Costco won’t get your G2 on launch day b/c Tmobile is ofeering pre-order for customers first and the only way BB or Costco gets there order is when Tmo send it to them so you guys will get what is left from Tmo preorders which may not be enough to meet needs after Tmo customers who preordered through Tmo, …I’m waiting for Tmo preorder

    • sitNlow

      Costco does not offer pre-orders. And Costco will have the phone available on launch day. They might not have a ton at each location, but they will have it.

  • rob

    A tmo rep told me that pre order starts next week, in 3 weeks the G2 will sell sept 29…

    • cboler2

      did they happen to say exactly what day this week? 3 weeks from the 29th would be the 15th i would think

  • k-fed

    Went into my local best buy in Spokane and probably talked to the oldest Guy there. He didn’t even check his computer, just turned me away. I made sure to cuss him out to his manager and left. Best buy can suck it.

  • TmoBully

    Best Buy store #177 in Ahwatukee, Arizona is offering pre-orders for G2. The first store I tried. It’s $50 to place a pre-order which actually goes on a Best Buy gift card that you use when the phone arrives. There is no confirmation of official price but they guess it will be around $200. The T-mobile rep there said that phone will be available next month. So most likely NOT a September release date for Best Buy stores. The rep had told me that I would be guaranteed a phone if I pre-order and I will not have to worry about back orders but…. we all know how guarantees are with new phones.

    • GeneralSanity

      I pre-ordered one at Best Buy #477 in Lynnwood, WA.
      Pretty much the same as the TmoBully. All you needed to do is purchase a $50 gift card. I went ahead and pre-ordered. I went in at noon on Friday and they said I was the first one to pre-order at that store. I figure if T-mobile has a better pre-order, I can still take advantage of it and use the gift card for something else.

  • Phonaphiliac

    I pre-ordered my g2 at a BB mobile on friday afternoon. I just asked the rep and they had flyers on it behind the counter. It required a 50.00 deposit and was put on a gift card.I read the flyer completely and it says 199.99 for 2 yr contract or 499.99 for the out right sale. Although the flyer explicitly says that the gift card is no required to be used on the transaction of the phone the clerk was adamant that you had to use it. I showed him on the flyer where it says otherwise and he still did believe it could be done. I only get deals and loss loosers at BB , but they doo have loopholes and decent promos at times. (with the right un-knowledgable clerk)

    • Foxeh

      I haven’t seen the terms myself, but from that summary, it sounds like if you don’t have the $50 gift card then the deposit wont be put toward the cost of the phone. At least that’s the only way any of this would make sense.

  • The Architect(of the Matrix)

    As a physical k.b. lover, my ideal phone would include these specs..

    -4in Samoled screen
    -full (5 row) qwerty k.b.
    -1ghz hummingbird processor
    -5mp cam w flash and 720p recording capability
    -l.e.d. notification

    *sighs* if a phone had all these qualities I’d be flexible about things like build quality, manufacturer and u.i.
    Really?!, such a phone ALREADY exists!!! http://www.engadget.com/2010/08/16/epic-4g-review/
    *tear dropping* why do we always have to settle on tmousa!?. Obviously tmousa’s parents(d.t.) are loaded, but they treat tmousa like a foster child. D.t.’s mindset is “hey, as long as the company is profitable, and we still appeal to our base(families and teenie-boppers) why rock the boat. Sad I know, but true. If the epic was hspa+ it would be the undisputed champion of physical k.b. phones. But as it stands it can def hold its own against any phone currently available.

    • Foxeh

      You seem quite bummed about this. Considering your requirements, you are dead set on a Samsung handset. If you don’t want the G2, don’t buy it. It’s not a requirement to stay with T-Mobile.

      If you are not satisfied with T-Mobile’s quality of service, go ahead and chase your dream phone.

      I’m not trying to be rude here, but I’ve seen you copy and paste what you want from a phone and how T-Mobile just cannot do it for you. It’s hard to tell what your agenda is, but you CAN do something about it you know. If you aren’t looking for advice then I am at a loss as to why you feel so important to cross post what you want in a device.

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      sounds the like the sprint epic, why dont you go there if you want this phone.

  • mikeeeee

    when t-mo starts preordering themselves i’ll order it.

    i live in a remote area and it’s easier to have t-mo mail me one than it is to schlep and get one.

  • slimnoodle

    Slow Weekend News again… ughhh

  • just some dude

    So is it known yet if tmobile disabled the native tethering?

  • G1 user waitin for G2

    just went to the best buy mobile website, check this out, the G2 is supposed to come out on the 10th
    “T-Mobile becomes the latest mobile carrier to enter the 4G arena with release of its new G2 smartphone, available for pre-order at Best Buy Mobile stores starting Friday, September 10. Running a state-of-the-art Android 2.2 operating system, the T-Mobile G2 allows users to connect at super-fast 4G speeds (where available). HTC’s exclusive “Z-hinge” design opens up to a full QWERTY keyboard and a sharp, 3.7” touch screen.

    The T-Mobile G2 hits stores on October 10. Visit any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile stand-alone store to pre-order your T-Mobile G2 today.”

  • justin

    Just pre-ordered my g2 at best buy. They said I was the only one to preorder do I should be the first to get it when it comes in. Had to put 50 on gift card for pre-order. $199.99 total but the rep said no instant rebate but they would probably match the price of radio shack.

    • Foxeh

      That’s a good point. I like Radio Shack’s price, but I really do not want to buy a phone from them. How could I forget that BB price matches…

      I actually found a BB Mobile location with a knowledgeable rep and he told me pretty much the same thing on how the preorder is going to work (and how much it costs). He also straight up told me that both HTC and T-Mobile have been extremely sketchy on when the phone will actually be coming out; also something which I know to be true, heh.

      I think I may wait for T-Mobile to finally come out and say what the frak they are going to do before I decide who to buy the G2 from. I’m just fussy about preordering items that still have so much mystery about them, yet.

  • Shawn

    So is the $149 at Radio Shack a 2 year upgrade price?

  • lilmissjz

    i work at a best buy and i know they dont carry tmobile at my store..and im not even going to waste my time going to another best buy because im not eligible to preorder since im an employee…so i’m just going to wait until the pre-order is available through t-mobile.

    plus i know that when people preordered the evo it took weeks after the actual release date for people to actually be able to get them