Kids Are Free And They Must Swear An Oath

I admit that ad campaigns like this actually grab my attention and wonder just what exactly this whole “Kids Are Free” campaign is all about. The question is, will it make others question that as well and I would like to think after watching this a few times, it’s just “cute” enough to get people wondering. Admittedly, since the campaign itself isn’t specific toward kids, that might have been included as well but with back to school in full swing and kids likely demanding cell phones in every household across the nation, the timing is just right for a commercial of this nature. Now, let’s talk about that T-Mobile G2 marketing campaign mmmkay?

T-Mobile YouTube

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  • derrickps3

    yeah my 10 yr old brother has been constantly asking mother can he get a phone for the holidays lol……….kids these days are just too grown hahahaha

  • Manny

    “the family network”… i dunno. They are always focusing on the damn family. When the G2 comes out they better market it like a beast. The HD2 ads were amazing. but i wonder how much of those were of HTC doings and not TMO

  • We won’t hear a damn thing about the G2. They aren’t interested in marketing the things that make them money, they want to tell everyone about what you can get for free.

    • *d.*

      I concur. For starters, I HATE seeing 10 yr. olds with iPhones, I DON’T want them w/ Vibrants/Captivates/Fascinates/Magicallizes or whatevers. Second, my new G2 is going to run like CRAP in my tiny no-HSPA+ town, because all the f-ing kids will be calling , who even? dora? wtf…fml.

      • Yo

        You must have had a really restricted childhood…. Too bad, and parents aren’t that stupid….. Very few parents buy a data plan knowing that hey will pay $30 a month as well as the carelessness

      • josue

        What an ugly post.

      • unfortunately true

        Ive seen 8, 9, 10, 11 year olds with iphones and all the fancy phones and the parents hock up the money for the data plans… It disgusts me!!! And now I really want to switch from tmo if nothing but kids are getting all these phones… My 7 year old neice has a blackberry… What the hell is up with this… fml

    • Holidaystyles

      sounds like someone was asked to sit on thier aunt tom’s lap way to many times…

  • Trev

    the phone the guy holds at the beginning looks like an iphone. hmmmmm.

  • Trev

    that phone that the guy holds in the beginning looks like an iphone. hmmmmmm??

    • manus


    • Joel

      Nope its a Vibrant.

      • Foxeh

        Lies all lies!
        iPhone for T-Mobile CONFIRMED!!!

        So do the parents of these kids proudly proclaim that their kids are cheap as free?

  • Derrick

    I sold 70 phones last month with the $5 add-a-line promo. Imagine how many phones i will sell with this promo all thru the holidays. I sold 160 phones in December, so I am going to double that… Rank #6 in the nation last year #1 within my company.

    So kudos to TMo for dropping this promo. Had a customer switch over from ATT and brought over 5 lines w/the promo. 1-Vibrant & 4 BB9700’s

    • manus

      u a beast.

    • Holidaystyles

      that’s beast mode bro. nice paychecks are coming your way.

  • Vibrant Addict

    Just got off the phone with Tmobile about this, current lines can’t be switched over. I’m still not happy that current customers can’t take advantage of this. We’ll still end up paying at the end of it all, they really can’t save us a bit of money for loyalty? Oh well.

    • angelo

      i am on even more plus and i was able to switch my 3rd line for $0. i called and the person didnt know what i was talking about. then i chatted online and the person was able to do it for me. so just keep trying.

    • MizzBranNu

      I was able to switch to it. Maybe you should try it again.

    • Vibrant Addict

      Thanks for the notes guys. I ended up going online and switching it over. I’ll pay one more month of extra $15 since I couldn’t do it before the bill closed, but at least I’ll save quite a bit of money till 2012.

  • carlos

    if you are a current customer you can switch. call again and verify. I did on the day the promotion got started.

  • Cybersedan

    Now that is a really good commercial, well done T-Mobile!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I was looking for the Oath… (Using Opera on HD2 so if it’s in the video, I can’t see it) I may come back using Skyfire.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      ok so I saw the oath… That’s a pretty good Oath, but This is THE OATH:

      The Oath (Sorry for the Sound and Video Quality – it’s the only one I could find):

  • I think this is a great promotion point and the perfect time of year. I am not sure it is a fantastic pull, but well worth the chance.

    Couple ways I look at it.

    1, If you are a full family and truly need 5 lines of service, you are only paying for 2 lines for the next year. If you have all data lines, then sure, it is a small savings, but a savings none the less. You are saving $70 for each additional line for the next 14 months, if you jumped at it now.

    2, I am an opportunist. If I have a friend paying 80 – 100 for their bill and they are not using unlimited minutes, I would either add them on my account and have them pay me for their text, internet, and a little extra. Saves them money and saves me a little bit.

    Any promotion is always geared toward new customers. I have read through various sites about how it isn’t fair to existing customers, etc, etc. While I think an existing customer should get a chance at this, I do not think that it should be cheapened to the customers that T-Mobile is trying to bring in. T-Mobile needs to grow if it wants to stay in the game. Keeping customers is important as well, but if you plan on leaving over a promotional price, chances are you were thinking about leaving anyway.

  • going_home

    Now learn to make ads for phones like Verizon (I extremely dislike Verizon but their marketing is some of the best).


    • mtnman

      Ya have to remember going_home that Verizon does comercials that just advertise their Droid phones. But they never say anything what so ever about price of their plans. While you and I, and a lot of here would love that Superphone, T-Mobile is looking at the big picture. Just selling the lattest Superphone isn’t going to keep the company aflot, and haveing whole familys on one carrier for 2 years w/data plans seems like a smart move to me.

      • Raven64118

        I agree it woudl be nice to have cool adds for the phones like the Droid. but remember. Verizon’s cost more per month and uses that money to Pay Lucas arts to do the commercial. woudl you rather have the cool commercial and pay more.. or pay less and let them focus on Family’s?

  • mtnman

    I think this is great that T-Mobile is calling itself “The Family Network” because what its doing is getting the whole family on one single carrier. Plus the fact that as you have the family on a 2 year contract and more than likely you’ll have them re-up afterwards. It also makes it so that there’s a loyality factor, when you have a whole family (especially the kids) growing up using and remembering one carrier, that being T-Mobile.

    1. It locks the whole famly into a 2 year contract.
    2. It has them on data plans, to which that’s where most of the money comes from.
    3. It has the loyality factor (Customer repete) for years to come.
    4. Family Network. T-Mobile haveing the lowest family plans off all 4 carriers.
    5. Economy: It’s not getting any better out their and it looks like it might even get worst. Familys trying to same money in these trying times are all cutting back. This saves them money as well as letting the kids and parants have the cool phone without braking the bank.
    6. A plus for T-Mobile: Tmo also is aware of the tought economic times and is looking to the future, for the forseable futrue, things don’t look good, and this will certainly help put some serious coin in Tmo’s pocket.

  • hi

    I think this commercial is great. Like David said, it’s, “cute” and intriguing….people like free.

    BUT!!!!!!!!!! What’s with the iPhone at the beginning of the commercial?!?!!?

    No, I do not think this is some super secret way of them hinting at anything. Yes, I do think it’s very very very misleading and essentially false advertising.

    They know, as well as all of us know, that it’s the most recognizable phone and arguably the most sought after device so they just pirate it and stick in all sly like in a commercial? I don’t know about that

    • mtnman

      hi: That wasn’t an iPhone. I went back and looked it. It’s a Vibrant. I know it looks like an iPhone because I get asked all the time if my Vibrant is an iPhone. If T-Mobile used the iPhone in their comercials they’d be sued by now for copyright infringment.

      • Raven64118

        Not really. T-mobile UK has the Iphone all it takes is Duetch Telecom to actually produce the commersial and its perfectly fine at that point

  • Midori

    I went to t-mobile to upgrade to a vibrant and a rep told me I had to keep a smartphone data plan until February (Its supposed to be a new policy) is that true? I know u have to initially get a data,but I wanted to cancel the plan the next day and not pay for a data plan like other people I know.

    • Mohammad

      Nope, can’t do that. Must keep data plan for 2 years if you want to get a smart phone!

    • newbee

      If you buy a phone outright you don’t have to have a smart phone plan. You can take it off and put it back on as much as you like. But if you have a contract, I am afraid its a two year requirement.

  • CoCo

    Why buy a smart phone with out a data package?? Why not just buy a Nuron…With out the data feature it’s about as useful as one anyways…

  • tmorep

    its a good deal no matter how u look at it…. yea ur under a 2 yr contract but you get up to 3 freelines for 15 months all your paying is tax and any optional additional features…. plus you can do bogo on messaging phones now like all samsungs or even the nurons… kids have no business with smart phones anyways so i dont know why some douchebags here even bring up the $30 data plan….

    Why would anyone want a vibrant without data???

  • Jimbo

    I work in customer service and that bugs me some sales people don’t try to get the customer the right phone but the more expensive phone I constiently see 55 plus year old calling me how to work there vibrant bberry mytouch most don’t even know how to turn them on…..and when the bill comes its what’s this charge on my bill its ur web ma’am what’s the web? I can get on the internet on this thing? 30min later….. this is confusing I’m going to the store to return this phone……. sad thing is its past the return time fame any sales associates read this please do the right things

  • Chris

    Derrick says:
    September 10, 2010 at 11:14 AM
    I sold 70 phones last month with the $5 add-a-line promo. Imagine how many phones i will sell with this promo all thru the holidays. I sold 160 phones in December, so I am going to double that… Rank #6 in the nation last year #1 within my company.

    Only problem being the promotion ends at the start of November. So I’m not sure how many $0 AAL’s you’ll be doing in november. However I do know you will be doing 0 in December.
    Sometimes sales ranks don’t translate into product knowledge.

  • PP

    As a T-mobile Sales Rep, I wish I was in charge of Marketing.

  • Walter Sperr

    Really bad timing for a campaign like this one. T-Mobile is the company that acts like it goes out of its way to place its cell towers next to elementary schools, healthcare facilities, family-oriented city parks and other inappropriate locations. They got kick in the pants from the Los Angeles school district and are trying to put a tower 20 feet from the play yard of an elementary school in Huntington Beach. What is T-Mobile thinking? There’s a mounting body of evidence from around the world that cell towers are health hazards, ugly and lower property rates. The theme for this is ad is more along the lines of “Kids are free to get ‘towering radiation.'” Stand by for the backlash.

    • Raven64118

      Actually they dont lower property rates. they can actually increase them. So many people now do not use landlines. its eitehr VOIP or Cells phones. and the biggest argument is that NO cell phone carrier can gaurantee service inside a building. so why not have a tower near your home. gauranteed signal. now personally.. i wouldnt want to live by one.. im not going to argue te Ugly fact. but ive seen some decnt coverups… i saw one in Mississippi that looked like the washington monument.

  • angelica

    do not be fooled from this advertisement. they want to grab your money. Listen, you have to extend your service for another two years, kids are free expires on jan. 2012 so you have to pay 15 dollars per phone if you have 2 kids you will end up paying $30.00 until your service expires which means 9 months more for your hard earned money. Say no to this advertising.