It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Update: Remember, the dates listed are NOT the dates the phones will be received or sold, this is just an accessory list and the dates are when accessories for these devices will likely be shipping or received by stores!

Well what do we have here, the golden ticket? No. So what is it? Well one of our super ninjas just made Christmas happen in September with some information regarding upcoming and future T-Mobile handsets. By now you’ve already scanned this document at least 4 times and you can see it is just full of goodies. From the Windows Phone 7 HD7, to the unknown “Comet and Dell Claire” to the Blackberry Bold 9780 to the drum roll please…LG Optimus T! Boom, we have the Moto Jordan (which of course we now know is the Defy) and the Moto Begonia there and ready to be discovered. This all sounds like that leaked roadmap from a while back doesn’t it? Things sure are shaping up nicely from that roadmap aren’t they?

Seriously, by now you guys are already looking at this image again…so really, check out the whole thing, if this is legit and we have faith in our ninjas then T-Mobile is definitely ready to come strong this Holiday season and we welcome it, oh do we welcome it!

As for the Dell Claire and “Comet,” I’ll be digging because we have zero idea as to what they are, but we definitely want to know!

Oh and P.S., come back tomorrow for one more shot with just one more device hanging around!

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  • alex

    Well I really want the mytouch hd, how about we get both? :D

  • En2Mente

    Engadget is claiming the claire is a tmo version of the streak. So we will see how that goes.

  • g1ana

    now I dont know if I should get the G2 or wait until november!! uuggh
    check this out in motorola website

  • 3Gsurfer

    No one is wondering what that other Motorola Android is [besides the Defy]? I want a powerhouse Android phone that is NOT HTC. HTC makes really good phones, but just not for me. I don’t like the look of Sense UI. Not a fan of Windows phones, but would love the form factor of the HD3/HD7 on android. The myTouch HD looks nice, but again its made by HTC and will have some HTC UI on it. The G2 is really great, even tho its made by HTC it has stock android. Only thing I don’t like is the form factor. I will be PISSED if that other Moto phone is the Flip-Out. Need to ditch my Cliq XT! It is still on 1.5!

  • Chuck

    “Oh and P.S., come back tomorrow for one more shot with just one more device
    hanging around!”

    There is iPhone products on that list,……?

    I mean why wait until tommorrow?

  • shawn

    Oh come on how long are you going to prolong the agony?
    I mean the suspense is like Christmas.. oh I see what you’re doing. :D

    “Well we’re waiting” (Ted Knight – CaddyShack circa 1980)

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    check out the G2 (actually the HTC Desire) pics and one vid from the london event, the vid shows how fast it boots up, regardless of what news comes out later today or tomorrow, i gots to get my hands on a G2.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Just remember that boot up is NOT what the G2 will have, thats running the new Sense and our G2 will be stock Android!

      • G1 user waiting on G2

        So do you think it would be faster or slower? Im somewhat new at all this phone stuff and hear people saying stock is faster, either way, im loving and waiting for the phone day by day.

  • joel
  • jazzmanmonty

    OK so it sounds like for now, most of us that were gearing up for the G2 are now starting to debate holding off. Much speculation for some of these new devices are that they are tablets and not phones. I find it interesting on that note that tmobile is gonna suddenly pop out 2 or 3 tablets at the same time. great for the tablet lover to have options. but i hope it wont be like their multiple releases of phones where we get a few phones, each with some cool features yet lacking others, instead of just one amazing powerphone.

    But for the ones that are phones, i think we need to solidify what is what and separate the rumors from what we actually know about the upcoming devices in a nice comparison chart. We have all the specs on the G2. We have the specs for the moto defy. But the Desire hd has now added more confusion, which we all thought would be the mytouch hd but are now unsure. We’ve received a lot of new info in the past week and i think its time to sort it out nicely in a chart in comparison to the leaked roadmap. I know in a perfect world we’d have all the specs and it’d be simple, but lets do what we can with what we got.

    Also, though i refuse to go to a winmo device, i do have to agree that the more i see out there, it’s becoming more appealing. i think its the stupid animations! lol

    • alex

      it is the mytouch hd,you already saw the pic;grab and go

  • Jay

    i onder if the HTC HD7 is a Win Mo 7 phone or if it’ll be ther first 4.3 in. android phone to T-mobile


    • Marc

      it’s suppose to be a win7 phone. I just hope we get the HTC Desire HD, I hope that is the big surprise for tomorrow. Please Please Please !!!!

      • Barry

        I feel its either that glacier or iPhone news and I think its iPhone related.

  • AM123

    HTC DESIRE HD PLEASE T-MOBILE, PLEASE!!! If it goes to At&t, I’m just gonna wait for Verizon to drop their version of the EVO!!!!!!

    • Marc

      I hope it comes to tmobile, because I would definitely buy that phone.

  • rudy

    I have the original MyTouch and the poor fella is on his last legs. But it looks like he has to last until the HD7 drops this November.

  • Kyle

    Does anyone know why TmoNews hasn’t posted any of these new videos on the HTC Desire Z (T-Mobile G2)? They’re all over the internet..

    • David, Managing Editor

      Because it’s not T-Mobile related!

      • Kyle

        It’s the exact phone T-Mobile will carry.. minus the HTC Sense.

        • David, Managing Editor

          That’s not the exact same phone then,why confuse people?!

  • Acacia Strain

    Seriously if the Vibrant, HD7, Mytouch HD, G2, and the LG Optimus Tablet doesn’t make you think that:

    A) Tmo is really stepping up
    B) They are going to have the best phone lineup HANDS DOWN
    C) This is just a precursor of brilliant things to come in the next year(s)

    Then you just can’t be satisfied. Tmo is getting close to being #3.

    • Barry

      They still need that device with the “wow I have to have that” factor. Is that device coming soon I surely hope so. Maybe the HD7 will do the job but I doubt it since everyone wants android (myself included). But If the HD7 comes correct I may give Windows 7 a shot.

  • Emilio

    So where’s the shot of the new phone??? Desire HD for tmobile US???

    • Andrew

      The Desire HD just passed the FCC with no US bands. The Desire HD is not coming to the US at this time.

  • jazzmanmonty


  • IT Rush

    Hmm, ya.. it really is Christmas time you know..

  • IT Rush

    Hmm, ya.. it really is Christmas time you know..