June 19th, The Mother Of All Father’s Day Sales?

Look…it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Father’s Day Sale Extravaganza.  We’ve all been trying to figure out just what exactly is in store for June 19th. We’re still working to paint a total picture of what exactly is happening that day, but the above image should give a better idea of what is going down.  As always, this is all subject to change.

These images are none other than the scripts for two commercial spots, filmed last week and airing sometime before the 19th of June.  While our sources have stated some additional details that may not be included, we’re only going with what’s actually on the picture itself.  Is this rock solid information?  No, of course not, nothing is rock solid until we can say, “this is rock solid”, but we’re confident that the above images are real and actually scripts for commercials regarding the Father’s Day June 19th promotion.

So, while it looks as though new lines or new family plans are the real sell here, there are still plenty of unknowns regarding this promotion.  As with any other rumors, we’re still trying to figure out fact from fiction. For now, hopefully, the above images will get some buzz going and allow T-Mobile to pick up some customers and actually begin a real fight for third place.

We have plenty of lingering questions, however, about what plans will this work with.  Will it be Even More and/or Even More Plus?  What happens to customers who want to upgrade AND add a line?  Plenty of questions over here, but we’ll keep hunting for details!

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  • Solidus433

    I want to know how this will work for those currently on a family plan eligible for an upgrade. Bad reviews aside, a free HD2 would be a sweet fathers day present.

    • Yo

      Same I hope it works!!! If not I’m going to gave to have a talk;)

  • Android17

    OK rockermommyof2/Cameron, I think everyone gets your point that your going to Sprint for the EVO, you’ve been ranting the same thing over and over on Tmonews as well. Have fun with that company and their “extra” charges. Patience is always rewarding. Don’t be surprised if Magenta comes out with a super phone that tops them all to help market their HSPA+ network. OH and as far as Sprint’s coverage, I was in a sprint store last week my friend’s phone was roaming. LMAO.

    • Cameron

      I’m not totally convinced yet but my paitents are wearing thin. they have 4 phones that are pretty much the exact same thing. The HD2 would be the sweetest phone ever if it was android (for me). Sprint doesn’t charge more you just get less minutes.
      Not only with their phones am I very impatient but their customer service phone wise has gone down hill. With the outsourcing to india and cutting the customer service from 24 hours to closing before 9pm pacific time and doing nothing to please their existing customers it’s making me pissy sorry. at least with sprint you get an upgrade every year and not a partial one either like t-mo’s $50 off. I’m on even more plus anyway so i don’t get any discount on any phone.

      • Jute

        sprints upgrade every year is only if you have had their service for like 5 years or more, their reception is HORRIBLE and the cust service is even worse. if you think tmobs is bad, your going to want to jam a pencil in your eye after calling sprint!

        the only part of the call center that was outsourced as far as im aware is flexpay and they are sent to the Philippines. and the technical center is 24/7 just ask for tech care and you shouldn’t have a problem

      • BIg-E

        Atleast read up on the internet about Sprint before you continue to boast how they are going to be a better alternative. Sprint lost more customer’s in their 2009 Q4 than T-Mobile added in Q4. I don’t remember exact numbers, but it was about 500,000 subscribers lost for sprint and 300,000 added for T-Mobile.

        Not to mention Sprint’s customer service isn’t even down hill, it is in the valley giving you the middle finger.

        You want to complain about T-Mobile, be my guest, it isn’t hurting anyone. Atleast bring a good company to compare to the table.

      • Bigs12

        thats your fault for changing, customers call in an they get upset because they cant get an upgrade or money off the phone…you chose the plan to lower your bill, if your not saving more then 10.00 per line its not worth changing unless you always but unlocked phones……

  • Android17

    OK rockermommyof2/Cameron, I think everyone gets your point that your going to Sprint for the EVO, you’ve been ranting the same thing over and over on Phonedog as well. Have fun with that company and their “extra” charges. Patience is always rewarding. Don’t be surprised if Magenta comes out with a super phone that tops them all to help market their HSPA+ network. OH and as far as Sprint’s coverage, I was in a sprint store last week my friend’s phone was roaming. LMAO.

  • Doug

    yeah, if they honor eligible upgrades, i’ll be there “buying” two slides. i want to try android and have no problem paying just the upgrade fee to get one.

  • brian

    That is pretty awesome. I hope it applies to eligible upgrades on a family plan. I have 3 lines that could take advantage of this opportunity.

  • oov

    I’m a little new to this, but my family plan contract ended a couple of weeks ago, and we were looking to stay with T-mobile and switch a few things when we renew our contract (ie. add data, text, minutes, etc.). Are we considered “new customers” or are we considered as “upgrades”?

    Also, I plan to sign a new contract over the phone and so how will I be able to get these free phones if I do it that way? Or are the free phones for those who sign a new contract in store? Sorry, but I haven’t done this before and I wanted to get the best deal possible. Are the T-mobile stores tied in with the phone reps and the T-mobile system? So if I sign the new contract over the phone, will the T-mobile reps in store see that I’m eligible for the phone upgrades?

    • Ktwist


      Ok first off, your an existing T-Mobile customer so your are considered an Upgrade. Now if your off contract your upgrade will be the same pricing as a New Customer only the upgrade will have a fee of $18 plus what ever free phone you get on the 19th. New customers have to pay a $35 dollar activation fee and the what ever free phone they want.

      Second, if you sign a contract over the phone with customer service, you can’t go in the store to get your phone, it will have to be shipped to you. Keep in mind if you go through care over the phone, if you have any problems with the phone, you can’t take it back to a store location. Anything ordered thru care has to be sent back to care. Most likely this is an in store event and the free phones may not apply to phone purchases thru customer care anyways.

  • Broski

    i think this sums up why t-mobile is in last. yeah t-mobile has the cheapest prices, but if you look at the other phone companies, verizon is the most expensive out of them all, then would come at&t, and verizon is in first, at&t is in second. why? people care more about awesome phones. verizon is constantly coming out with awesome phones, and well at&t has iphone so they always have a ton of buyers. most people woud rather pay a little more and have awesome phones, than pay less and have only decent phones. t-mobiles service is good, price is good, customer service is good, they just need to get these awesome phones that the other companies have. yeah youll be paying a little bit more per month for these super phones but if you want to pay less than all you have to do is get one of t-mobiles many middle line phones.

    • john

      Actually verizon is in first because they bought alltel, and at&t is second because they bought cingular, sprint, of course bought nextel, the big 4 used to be the big 7.

  • iron

    So T-mobile… What’s the catch?

  • JBLmobileG1

    You know… for everyone who iss saying this is a failure from Tmobile your crazy and have no common sense. While I may be a little crazy myself (I just bought the Nexus One outright) I think this deal is amazing and really is BIG news. Think about it for a minute. ANY phone for FREE!? The Slide and HD2 would be my two choices. Again… think about this… anyone who wants say a Nexus One can get one for probably $200. Why? Well…. first you get the most expensive phone for free (the one that sells for the most on e-bay) then… can you guess what comes next? You guessed it! Sell it on ebay for $350 or so.. go! Check for yourself… the ones ending the soonest are selling for about $350 and THEY HAVE BIDDERS! So… the Nexus One sells for $529 which includes tax and FREE overnight shipping. If you do the Math you can get yourself a brand spanking new Nexus One for $179!!! So… if this deal is true you can get a KILLER phone for CHEAP. So for everyone who thinks this deal is dumb and wants to jump ship because of this deal… I say GET OUTTA HERE. Go get your EVO. Yes it IS a nice phone but who the heck wants Sprint? Seriously… the network quality, price, and customer service comes first for me. I mean your stuck with the service for two years while there are ALWAYS new phones. I guess if you planned on keeping the same phone FOREVER then maybe… just maybe you’d leave one company for another. I myself said this before.. but you know what? I actually stuck with Tmobile and saved my money to get the phone I REALLY wanted. With the plan that I currently have I pay around $65 a month… thats 1,000 mins w/ N&W with myfavs (unlimited if I use Google Voice), unlimited data with 400 messages (unlimited Messages if I use Google Voice). You can’t top that unless you go with a prepaid carrier like Straight Talk. While they offer great deals you don’t get the phone you really want and the customer service is horrible…. my rating for it would be like a D+ because if you ever had to call them and actually get through sucessfully you may have a hard time trying to understand what they are saying. Heck… even though I bought my Nexus One outright I am tempted to upgrade anyways then resell the new phone on ebay so I make up the cost. Everyone in your family could get a Nexus One. Or if you dont want an Awesome phone… any other Tmobile phone would be avaliable for your choosing. And if your Dream phone isnt out yet… upgrade anyways…. sell the new phone and save… YES SAVE the money and buy the phone you really want at outright price when it comes out. AGAIN while it still may be $500 or $600 you still will have the $350 or so already to put towards it which will make your new phone less that even what you WOULD have paid with an upgrade. Another advantage is that your 2 year commitment may end up being less by the time you get your NEW phone that you really wanted…. that way when the next BIG phone comes along you won’t have as long to wait. Again.. this really is BIG news… you just have to think about it all first. So the phone that you REALLY want isnt on Tmobile yet… but you really like Tmobile!? Do what I say and you’ll end up being happy in the end so long as you think it through and have patience.

    • Alex

      Why do people who obviously work for T-Mobile write these long responses? Yes, T-mobile does has good customer service, but it does not have the iphone! I would rather spend $200 to get the iphone 4g then have any phone on T-mobile for free. $200 amortized over 24 months is not a bad value for an iconic phone as the iphone. Granted AT&T does suck as a carrier, but I do believe at least in Austin, the service is better than T-Mobile plus i think their 3g foot print is larger with faster speeds on average. I have said this before and will say again, T-Mobile is suffering from an identity crisis, you want contract customers, but offer better values to prepaid customers. Either compete with Verizon and AT&T or go after the prepaid market (Boost, Cricket and Metro). Good your CEO was pushed out, he bet against data, and lost big time, this is why you are so late in the 3g game while Sprint already has a 4g network.

      • Ktwist

        Yeah you pay 200 for the iphone but pay upwards of $1000 dollars more per year on AT&T. If you check the coverage map for T-mobile in Texas, it’s pretty much all Green. I lived in San Antonio and I had way better coverage than AT&T and faster data speeds with T-mobile. Sprint has 4G yes but like in 7 cities. T-mobiles HSPA+ will be completely rolled out by the end of the year with faster proven speeds than 4g, sorry to disappoint you. I had the iphone and yes it’s a great phone but I dropped calls so many times it wasn’t worth the hassle. I’m just saying “kanye shrug”.

      • john

        Lol @ iconic…oh wait, you were serious. The iphone being glass front and back was a horrible idea, call quality is always sub par with them, customization is not an option, you always just see your apps. Iconic iphone, more like piss poor phone that is a great app launcher. Before you reply, I had a 2g and 3gs both unlocked/jailbroken tried them on at&t and tmo. Come back when you get a big boy phone.

      • jake

        iphone for tmobile= no more unlimited data plans, just look at what the iphone did to AT&T, I hope than thing never comes to tmo, I like my unlimited plan and want to keep it.

  • En2Mente

    T-mobile hasn’t been too good to current customers only giving deals to new lines and limiting upgrades. I checked the website this weekend and you still cant upgrade to the HD2, so i really doubt they’ll give current customers this deal.

    • Matlock

      Umm, I upgrade current customers every day to the HD2! Maybe you arent eligible for a discount on the phone yet! or instead of checking the site, stop by a store Im sure you will get a discount, IF you are eligible.

      Also, T-mobile’s been giving all their customers pretty good deals lately, especially those that are on family plans. At the one year mark you can get your full upgrade now, as long as your on a plan that’s 89.99 or higher!!!

      • Doug

        this 89.99 you speak of. is that JUST the price of the minute plan? or does this include the minutes, text messaging, data, etc…

  • JBLmobileG1

    On an added note… ebay has a Tmobile MyTouch Slide with over a day left and its already at $355 with 16 bidders. Who knows it may reach the $400 mark by the time it ends which means you may end up paying less than $150 for the Super Smartphone of your dreams. Possibly even close to the $100 range. Still think this deal is stupid? Well then… Stupid starts with S and S starts with Sprint… so I guess it would be a match made in heaven.

  • JBLmobileG1

    En2… you never know… they did say this is BIG. If everyone was able to get a FREE phone (so long its new or eligable for a FULL 2 year upgrade) its possible. It would not only pull people in from other carriers but keep current customers happy as well. That would be considered BIG news in my eyes… don’t you agree?

    • En2Mente

      I have 2 lines that are eligable for a full upgrade so trust me I will be there on the 19th. But I wont be getting my hopes up.

  • Negtne

    Good luck with that! I just sold my buddies hd2 for $200 if you look on craigslist there going for 100-325 nobody is buying them for above $200. They will be worth alot more if xda gets the android port then they will be gold mines.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You are so full of it or that’s a scam, which Craig’s is famous for.

      The Touch Pro2 does not sell that low, except once in a great while when someone really needs the money.

      In March of this year, so I could get the HD2 I sold my Touch Pro2 on eBay for close to $375 (with a few accessories). At the time T-Mobile still had it listed for $450 retail.

      So quit making up stories. Yeah the HD2 is selling used for $200. And nobody is buying them for more than $200.

      Sheesh, the bullsheet people post on here.

      If an HD2 (TMOUS) sold for $200 on CL, post a link to the ad.

      Check this out… moron.

      HD2 listings (I can assure you people check to see what an item sells for when deciding a price to list at. So these prices reflect that HD2s are selling way above $200.


      And here is a completed sales search on eBay. Green mean the HD2 sold at that price.


  • Shawn

    So, since I’m on an Even More Plus family plan (I still have time left on a previous “contract” I was on when I switched over), this means nothing to me.

    • john

      If you are really nice on the phone, and get a good rep they will help you. I did that for even more plus, but I asked nicely and they put me back on my old plan myfaves and all. It seems if you come at someone like a bull, you get a wall of no, you ask nicely and treat them like they are human and most will help you within reason.

  • reddman

    OK, I need to respond to some of the “negative” comments regarding the 19th. People that say this is lame, or they are disappointed…think about this: When is the last time ANY other carrier offered ALL FREE PHONES with an INSTANT rebate, on ANY device you want? NONE OF THEM.

    So many people are complaining about it, because they got their hopes up for something they thought it would be, and it wasn’t what they “wanted” it to be. But if you think about it…it is a pretty big deal. I mean even on a 2-year contract, if you get a 3-line family plan, you would normally pay $600 for 3 HD2’s. But on this day, you can get them for FREE? That’s a $600 instant savings, AND T-Mobile is basically paying YOU to activate the phones.

    People can jump ship because they are disappointed, but T-Mobile is the ONLY carrier to offer anything like this…EVER.

    T-Mobile was the first US National carrier to allow customers to finance phones with no interest.

    T-Mobile was the first US National carrier to allow NO CONTRACT rate plans.

    T-Mobile was the FIRST US carrier to launch Android.

    T-Mobile’s network was rated as high as Verizon’s network, by Consumer Reports

    T-Mobile has come a long way. So for those that are upset or disappointed in this announcement…think about the points I made. Just because it’s not what you WANTED it to be or THOUGHT it would be….doesn’t mean it’s a BAD move for T-Mobile…because last I checked, no other carrier is doing or has ever done ANY SALE LIKE THIS.

    • TonyJohns

      It’s all because T-Mobile doesn’t have “that” “superphone”. Anything else is must moot to them. T-Mobile could be the first company to find a cure for AIDs, and T-Mobile would still suck, because it doesn’t have a phone with a 4.3 inch screen and android. Smh.

      • badaphooko01


    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      And you can add this article to a “best” list:


      Of the four superphones compared (Incredible, Evo, iPhone, Nexus One) and where there was voting, the Nexus One (so far) was voted the best of the four phones compared. Interesting.

  • Matlock

    WTF do you call the HD2, its a phone aimed at geeks and hackers!!! I think everyone thats going googoo gaga over the Evo are a bunch of idiots!! The HD2 and the Evo are essentially the same phone, with slight differences!!

    As far as hacking and modding goes, the HD2 is much more hack and mod friendly than any Android phone! And yes I have the right to speak on this since I own and N1 and the HD2, unlike the majority of you cheap asses who dont even want to pay the true price of admission to the super phone game!!

    My HD2 is running the Elegencia rom, and Im waiting for a stable rom of Froyo before I root my N1. So to all the wanna-be super phone owners STFU, suck it up and buy the N1 if you want an Android super phone, or try the HD2 with a cooked rom, before you talk out of your inexperienced asses!!!

    Also, the Iphone is a well marketed, overhyped, phone for the sheep that think that Apple is the Godsend! The phone is a joke, and Im sick and tired of people touting it to be the greatest phone ever. All it is, is a smartphone for idiots who cant use a real smartphone. Every year I hear people hooting and hollering over the new Iphone, which adds a new feature each year, which is basic stuff my MDA could do years ago!

    Ok im done, you may now continue with your regularly scheduled bitching about T-mobile!!!

    • Negtne

      My brother is a psychiatrist I can refer him to you to help with your anger problems!!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I was in a T-Mobile today (see below) and there was an HTC rep visiting.

      I whipped out my HD2 running all kinds of custom cab files and the Evo Cell Series custom ROM (that includes Cookies Home Tab Editor).

      He was super impressed and said I know far more than he does. And his jaw dropped when he asked “What phone did you have that the HD2 replaced?” When I said the Touch Pro2 he couldn’t believe that one would so soon replace a phone as nice as the Touch Pro2. LOL.

      While I was showing him everything I thought to myself how fantastic the HD2 with WinMo is, especially compared to other phone platforms.

      Sidenote: When I demonstrated how I have Task Manager as a Quicklink and that I use it every few hours to close open programs, he said “Yes, that’s a problem with our WinMo users. They don’t know that they need to use Task Manager to close programs, otherwise apps stay resident and drain resources.”

      Query: Maybe there needs to be a program in the OS that automatically detects programs not being used and for a Task Manager type program to close all open, but not used, programs every few hours. This would be a great solution to the problem.

      • BIg-E

        You hit it right on the head. People are so caught up in trying to look cool and have phones that they do not understand how to use that they immediately toss it out as a bad phone.

        I am no fan of windows mobile, but the HD2 is a really nice phone if you maintain it properly.

        Of course, you could say that it is a failure since it is not the most ‘user friendly.’

        That is what the iPhone will continue to have over most phones. A company that is great with marketing and great at understanding that the average user isn’t tech savvy or the most intelligent. You make an idiot proof phone with a great ad campaign and it is hard to not have success.

  • redmann

    OK, I need to respond to some of the “negative” comments regarding the 19th. People that say this is lame, or they are disappointed…think about this: When is the last time ANY other carrier offered ALL FREE PHONES with an INSTANT rebate, on ANY device you want? NONE OF THEM.

    So many people are complaining about it, because they got their hopes up for something they thought it would be, and it wasn’t what they “wanted” it to be. But if you think about it…it is a pretty big deal. I mean even on a 2-year contract, if you get a 3-line family plan, you would normally pay $600 for 3 HD2’s. But on this day, you can get them for FREE? That’s a $600 instant savings, AND T-Mobile is basically paying YOU to activate the phones.

    People can jump ship because they are disappointed, but T-Mobile is the ONLY carrier to offer anything like this…EVER.

    T-Mobile was the first US National carrier to allow customers to finance phones with no interest.

    T-Mobile was the first US National carrier to allow NO CONTRACT rate plans.

    T-Mobile was the FIRST US carrier to launch Android.

    T-Mobile’s network was rated as high as Verizon’s network, by Consumer Reports

    T-Mobile has come a long way. So for those that are upset or disappointed in this announcement…think about the points I made. Just because it’s not what you WANTED it to be or THOUGHT it would be….doesn’t mean it’s a BAD move for T-Mobile…because last I checked, T-Mobile is the ONLY one that has offered anything like this.

    • pimpstrong

      here here.

    • Joe

      What does it matter if there are no phones you would even pay money for? So because there are no phones I currently want to upgrade to, I should be excited because they are offering these phones that I don’t want, for free?

      Awesome!!!!!! I’m so excited!

    • Taaars

      I think what why everyone is so “negative” towards this is that they were (and myself) a super android phone, granted, this is a very good deal for new tmobile customers, and an attempt to sway customers from the recent super phone releases/announcements, but, in the end this does almost nothing for existing tmobile customers, especially those who are anxious for a top notch android device.

  • Lady

    Hmmm I feel like there is more to it, seeing as how walmart has phones for free all the time, a smart store will price match to close a sale. Soooo is this really that enticing? Other than the fact its getting national for advertising for a one day only sale. Pretty sure there are stores that give devices for free on a daily basis no matter what kind it is….so what’s the big deal? Open at 8 when no other store in the mall is? Not even an anchor? And rely on three days worth of advertising to boost business? Hmmmmmm

  • Atljogger

    T-MO store rep told me they were getting in a a bunch of new models (mostly android) on June 19 – like said 7 or 8 new phones. He said nothing about the free giveaway though. If only the Galaxy S was a free giveaway.

  • Atljogger

    Also he told me T-Mo would get the iphone soon too so judge for yourself how reliable the source is

  • JBLmobileG1

    Negtne.. noticed I said EBAY and not Cragslist. Cragslist to me is for people who want stuff for dirt cheap. So yeah you might sell a HD2 on there for $200 or less… go look them up on ebay and you will see people are actually paying more than $200. And they aren’t buy it now prices but rather bids that people actually are bidding on. So your safe. I would however get the Slide to sell first since it seems to be bringing in more money and is a newer phone. Once Froyo is released I say the price may even go higher so long as its released soon like they said.

  • JBLmobileG1

    You know… I just looked up the HD phone on ebay and they are selling really well too. One that ends in 44mins is already at $375 and another at about an hour left is at $350… they both have lots of bids. Whoever is selling them on Cragslist much be selling them in an area where EVERYONE either owns one OR the one your buying is HOT a.k.a. stolen.

    • Negtne

      You know I just looked that up and I have a couple more friends that are selling there’s I will make sure they do eBay! Thanks!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    FWIW I went into the T-Mobile store next to my P.O. Box here in San Francisco, at Embarcadero Center.

    As luck would have it an HTC rep was in the store, for whatever reason.

    The CSR introduced me to him since “Here is the guy that will blow you away on his phone setups.”

    The guy was blown away when I showed him how I customized my HD2, but that’s not why I am posting this. I want to comment about the Slide.

    OMFG is the Slide an awesome phone. First thing I noted was that as suspected the keyboard is like the one I had on my Touch Pro2. HTC makes the best keyboards on the planet. And they confirmed this again, on the Slide.

    But first thing I noticed is how heavy the Slide is. It feels like a quality phone. (I noted that on my Touch Pro2, it was heavy and that evokes a quality feel to it).

    The display is super bright and has a sharp resolution. And even though the display is only 3.4″ (I think) it is a nice size. Of course if you want a BIG display the phone is going to be bigger. So the Slide’s display size is a good compromise between too small and too big.

    The phone worked well too. There was no lag when changing apps or flipping pages.

    All in all it is a fantastic phone. If I can convince a CSR to give me the $50 loyalty discount for us EMP customers I am going to buy one for my GF.

    And those in here dissing the Slide, you don’t know what you are talking about. The Slide is a flagship product IMHO. It’s one of the best, if not best, physical keyboard, Android-based phones out there. Now I know why the Slide has received so many glowing reviews.

    I guarantee that anyone walking into a T-Mobile store and trying it out will buy it for $179. It’s that good.

    Just sayin.

    Bonus Inside Info: The HTC rep said that HTC is very concerned about the new Apple iPhone, not because it is better but because Apple is so good at marketing and has a “good following.” Because of this HTC is on “overdrive” to come out with handsets to best what Apple has. That’s good to hear in my book.

    I told him that IMHO HTC was the hottest handset maker on the planet. He looked at me like he wanted to believe that, but he also had a look like he felt threatened by Apple’s iPhone.

    • Peter Shore

      I appreciate the review, but an inch goes a long way (twss) in terms of screen size. And as much as I’m a fan of the keyboard on my G1, there has to be a phone coming down the pipe where I can have an awesome huge screen and a qwerty. I think this promotion is going to keep a lot of the casual subscribers (the bulk of their business), but I think they’re still going to bleed a lot of techy/media geeks.

      The thing that Tmobile always had was their reasonable rates. I went with the G1 instead of the Iphone because it would’ve cost me 50 dollars more a month for what I get with TMo. Sprints pricing is really competitive now and with the Evo being what it is, it might time for a switch. Now if the Nexus One were somewhere in the picture, that would definitely change things and if they could make an attempt at their initial G1 customers coming up on contract with that as an offer I would be all over it.

    • Joe

      Why don’t you post your story one more time?

  • Mystro

    Screw TMO!!! Even More Plus customers are like an afterthought! We can’t take part in any promotions. Been with them since 2004. Change to EM+ and now I can NEVER go back to a contract plan or get subsidized upgrades? Been nice if I had known that before switching! Oh well, another fail from Tmo. May be time to move on!

    • SteveBerman

      EM+ makes no sense in America. There is no incentive to buy a phone outright on T-mobile except for maybe saving 200-250 dollars over two years. But really, who is going to do that? The phone is still going to be locked to T-mobile and no one else uses T-mobiles 3G bands. I regret my decision to do EM+. All it did was drain 450 dollars out of my account quicker than buying a subsidized phone.

      • TonyJohns

        I agree! America is not use to EM+. It’s the same system echoed worldwide, but of course the American mobile market is different. I like EM+ because I would rather pay more upfront to pay less in the long run. Long term savings outweigh short term loss.

      • dtxtellsit

        I never ever comment but couldn’t let this one go. WOW! Em+ prolly best thing to happen to wireless in the US since gsm..also tmo! Do the doggone math. 20×24 =? That’s the differnce in cost for smartphone cust em/em+. EM you normally also pay@200 for smartphone= 680 + on a contract so if company doesn’t act right a cancel fee or in 7 months when new hot phone comes out you pay about full price again either way GET OVER IT! tmo,att,verizon, sprint in business to make money not cellphones. You pay for your phone either way.And by the way em+ means you can bounce if you don’t like it or if you can not use a calculator or do simple addition,subtraction, etc. Sign a 2yr contract with tmo and get new number if you are post paid ie have credit they will let ya! Plus you can buy whatever phone you want whenever you want and bill it over 20 months provided you have credit and or money…on even more plus!! But then again I do understand the haterz they are broke flex pay cutomers ;-{ if not would have bought an iphone by now if you could pass that att credit check and resign self to fact that you pay more to “look cool”… whew! ;-}

    • Broke

      I’m certainly regretting Even More Plus. Stuck with an old phone and can’t take advantage of the great new offers :(

      • Nenes78

        don’t forget to use the eip. 20 payments and get the phone you want. for example when the hd2 came out you get it for 22 bucks a month. if you don’t like it sell it pay off the phone and get another one. so far i got the cliq for my wife. hd2 for me and just picked up he mt slide for my daughter. each phone on release day. and i pay 1/2 the phone price to drop the 20 remaining payments.

  • TonyJohns

    You guys are so funny! You constantly complain about TMO not having a EVO/Incredible/Iphone like device. Can I ask a question? Why are you still with T-Mobile? If you are THAT upset, then just switch carriers. It really is THAT simple. You just represent 5% of TMobile’s subscriber base. Not everyone wants an uber android device. I know that is hard to believe, but it is true.

    The law firm I work at is full of highly paid attorneys and paralegals, and most of them have simple flip phones and if they need to do more, they have a blackberry. So not everyone is crying because their isn’t an abundance of superphones.

    I’m just hoping this promotion includes EM+ customers. If so, I will be lining up Saturday for my new slide!

    • Peter Shore

      You’re probably right about that percentage, but we’re also the demographic of people that spread word on great devices and bring people to devices they never knew they wanted, which makes us important for a company’s reputation. I haven’t left TMo because there are aspects of their service I really like (customer service, price structure), but they really dropped the ball by not going with Android on the HD2. Had they done that, they could have had all the hype that the Evo is getting and been 2 months ahead of them.

    • mad dog

      Wow, you’re smart enough to work at a law firm but not smart enough to know that em+ customers don’t get promotional deals on phones. Enjoy paying full price for your next phone.

      • TonyJohns

        I guess if you don’t have a productive/sensible response, you resort to personal attacks. I know your mom is proud.

    • c-phresh

      truth is most tmo customers are cheap. everyone is hating on the company but if Steve Jobs would have announced the iPhone4 coming to tmobile every one would hop on tmobile’s nuts faster than ants on a dropped lolli pop!! tmobile is the best VALUE and thats why customers moan and groan about this and that, and about how they’re gonna leave the company and then where do i see them next month?? right back at my counter paying their bill or doing an upgrade. People are never gonna be happy no matter what, complaining is sooo much simpler than being satisfied for most.

  • HSPA_guy

    HSPA+ rollout announcement? That would make them THE FASTEST wireless network in the US !

  • Barry

    Anyone see the new milestone pass FCC with T-Mobile 3G bands ?

  • shawn1224

    If this is true, I’ll be picking up the Mytouch Slide

  • tato22

    i just did a order for my evo as well but stilll have my other line on tmobile so ill still be around lol

    • lev

      I am going to as well tomorrow, but keep tmobile and see how my Sprint Coverage is in South Florida

  • tato22

    the slide was a good phone but not all that if you are coming from a g1 and cliq and mytouch 3g then you would love it but this deal is good free phones u cant beat it

  • raymond

    yawns so thats why smart phones sale like hot cakes because not everyone wants one -_- ok thanks law firm man -_-

  • Barry
  • http://tmonews dcb

    What planet are some of you people from???…. the em+ plans with data saves you 20.00 for 1 line and 40.00 for 2…..so its much better for people who want to use their unlocked phone and if you buy 400.00 phones from t-mobile then that would be 40.00/ mo on your bill so you would pay the same amount as the contracted plans without phones! Have you taken math??

  • John

    Which phone service is better Sprint, or T-Mobile? who has the better network Sprint, or T-Mobile even though the 4G is same thing as HSPA+ which phone would you prefer the HTC Evo 4G Sprint a WiMax powered Android device or T-Mobile HTC HD2 Windows 3G smartphone. I would either get the MyTouch 3G Slide or the HTC HD2, Motorola Cliq or even the beast the HTC Touch Pro 2. I already have T-Mobile but I will sign a new account just to get the great offers. Horray!!!!!!

  • socalfrank

    Too bad the Samsung Galaxy S won’t be out by June 19th….I would have renewed one of my likes for that.

  • ObviousState

    I foresee a lot of angry Even More+ customers coming in to the utter disappointment that they can’t partake on the FREE phone goodness. I am a T-Mo rep and we were told to “lead with even more plus plans” to every customer and sell every customer on how Even More+ was the greater benefit. To sell customers on the “savings over the life of the service over than the up front savings on the phone.” Now these EM+ will be shafted just as they were with the BOGO.

    I do want to say that this is an awesome promo but not great enough to live up to the hoopla that this June 19th secrecy has drawn up. Where’s the super phone Magenta? HD2? Not it. Give us an Evo/iPhone/Incredible type device. The HD2 had that hype for all of a week until the bugs started coming out and let alone a HUGE lack of inventory.

    • remister

      I agree. I just brought my SLide with the Even More Plus plan. I would help they give like a 100$-200$ discount. I hope there is a deal for us..

  • c-phresh

    cant believe i called this promotion so long ago lol my coworkers didnt believe it!! this is an awesome opportunity for T-Mobile!!

  • Tmo_sucks

    three reasons why people shouldn’t get T-Mobile, regardless of free phones or not.
    1. reception sucks
    2. reception sucks
    3. reception sucks
    I’d rather pay $50 more for something that actually WORKS. it’s not about how much you pay it’s about the service you receive. once my contract is up I’m saying hello to Verizon, or possibly Sprint since they’re cheaper with an employee discount

  • pdxDavid

    We are on the Even More + plan so I guess I am sleeping in on the 19th.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    so, could I get my money back for the no contract HD2 I bought from Tmobile or will this just be for contract plans only?

  • Ag

    I bought my wife the slide last week on our even more plan. I still have my stinkin g1. I’m leaving her ass behind and lining up for iphone4. I just need a better “superphone” like now. It’s going to be rough switching to at@t but that iPhone is pure sex. You can’t hate apple for making products that people like. They know how to market and get people in their stores.

    • HD2

      what does that have to do with anything. who is Colonel H. Stinkmeaner? Ag, I dont blame you if at all. the iphone is one hell of a smart phone.

      • Comicaze

        LMAO @ the boondocks reference >.<

    • Taaars

      Ill give you this, iphone is a really good phone, but it still dosent sway me, maybe is because Iphone, much like Ipod has become such a “hey, look at me, I got an Iphone/apod so I am awsome” type of deal, or that I feel that die hard apple users are almost as fanatically devoted to apples belief system as scientologists. But overall, I like the more “custom” feel of the android OS, it just allows users to setup everything the way they feel more useful, apples OS is limited in this area, it basically one size fits all. Again, I have played with the iphone extensively, my wifes cousin has one, and said, “wow, this thing is really nice, moves smooth, no hicups”, but after a bit I begun to miss my widgets and personal touch to the home screens. In fact, my wifes cousin kept asking how can she make her iphone look more like my home screens and live widgets, I told her..you can’t. If TMO released Iphone 4 tomorrow and wanted to give me it for free I would still prefer and android unit, thats just my personal choice.

    • john

      Have fun iSheep

  • Be Real

    So everyone dissing the iPhone clearly has never had one. I myself work a different phone carrier besides AT&T but carry an iPhone I purchased a couple months before starting with this different carrier. I believe in my product but hands down the iPhone is THE BEST device I have had my hands on. Iv been selling in the wireless industry for 6 years and never stood behind a product like I do the iPhone. Yes, AT&T is over priced and over rated but the phone is amazing. Let’s look big picture guys, realisticly yes we, as consumers, care about howuxh we spend monthly but we care a tiny bit more about what our device looks like, does, and most of all popularity….

    Any retail sales person cannot argue that we sell what’s popular, sleek , and “cool”…. Not price

    • Taaars

      I am an apple field rep, and I prefer the android over the iphone, no joke. The iphone started the craze, and was very inovative, but I feel android has taken it a step further. Iphone 4 is a smaller leap forward than the original Iphone took, and although they added some cool new features..it still dosen’t get my vote. I am not bashing Iphone or its users, I am just not as memorized by iphone as some other people.

  • Be Real

    Network?! Customers don’t care about that much anymore. As long as they can make and recieve calls or text…. Quit wasting ur breath arguing about which network is better.

  • Dethduck

    Good on T-mobile for this. I just wish it wasn’t only for the family plans. I have an MT3G on a myfaves single plan. As I have no kids or spouse,i really have no practical need or use for the family plan. It’s a shame really,i wouldn’t mind trading in my htc magic for a slide.

  • paul

    I can’t believe this iphone zombie-ism everywhere. Android had rough edges at first but it’s about equal to the iphone now, better in some ways, still catching up in others, and MUCH more open, plus the HTC phones beat the crap out of the iphone. Not being able to swap batteries in a phone is a complete nonstarter, and then there’s the lack of a memory slot. The phone I actually want though is the Nokia N9 when it comes out, running Meego. It should be even geekier than Android.

    I don’t understand the bagging on EM+ except I guess it’s too expensive if you’re using it primarily for voice. The attraction is the 5GB of data it comes with. I don’t want a subsidy plan where they build the price of the phone into the monthly fees. I want to use my own phone and pay as little as I can per month, especially for voice. In fact I’d be happy if I could get the $40/month data-only plan (3g usb stick) and put it in my smartphone. Who uses voice any more? It’s obsolete technology. I’d just use the $8/month pay-as-you-go plan for the rare occasions when I want to make a voice call.

    So tmo, come out with a good prepaid data plan and I’m there!!!

  • ah
  • Taaars

    Tmo owes me and my wife 2 new android phones, so I am just waiting for a good unit to come by to convince me to use my free pass. The slide wasnt it…was hoping the 19th would have brought me better luck, guess I have to wait for July now (hopefully). At this rate Metro will have a better android before TMO…. cause if TMO thinks the slide is a “flagship” phone they are delusional..I dont care about the keyboard, I have swype, so toss that away Im left with a marginally better unit than my MT3g, which I have rooted and working almost as snappy as the slide now. A co-worker of mine got the incredible, now thats an impressive phone, screen is sharp, very nice camera/video, runs smooth..leaps and bounds above the slide.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I have an idea I am considering. I might cancel my EM+ account (two lines) that are both in my name and have my GF open up a new account for two lines, get two free phones. Just a thought. I am trying to think of the downside to this tactic.

    I did pay $35 per line to switch to EM+, but “losing” that $70 in exchange for $400 in phones seems the better way to go.


    And maybe if I told retentions that that was my plan they might give us some phones, if not for free then at a big discount.

    • Hmm

      The only real downsize is that you’re going to be paying 10-20 dollars more each month on the em plan. which for a 2yr contract you’ll pay more than buying the new phone and staying on the em+ plan. Meaning, before taxes, in 24monuths if you are on the em+ 1500 family talk text and web you pay 3309.75 with the new mytouch slide at 429.99. On the em 1500 talk text and web with free mytouch slide you would end up paying 3839.76. So, in the end you’re paying more if you get the discount on the phone. EM+ 1500 ttxtweb = 119.99 x 24 = 2879.76 + 429.99 =3309.75
      EM 1500 ttxtweb = 159.99 x 24 = 3839.76

      OF course if you don’t have text or web for one line it could be a little different, but if you keep both plans with the same features in the long run you are paying more. But I understand not having 400 up front for a phone.

      • Megan

        Well, to be honest, some benefit from being on the EM plans if they have a corporate discount. Half of my customers are qualified to be on an corporate discount which is sometimes cheaper. Believe me, if they’re not qualified for the discount, the EM+ is the best way to go. (:

      • bagel


        In your calculation for EM+ 1500ttxtweb vs EM 1500 ttxtweb, you only included the cost of 1 phone. With a family plan, you need to include the cost of 2-5 phones.

        So 24 months of EM+ 1500ttxtweb is 2879.76, while 24 months of EM 1500 ttxtweb is 3839.76, which is a difference of $960. If you have a 2 line EM+ family plan, you can buy 2 mytouch slides for $429.99 each and still be $100 ahead of the EM plan. But if you have 3-5 lines, then buying 3-5 mytouch slides at $429.99 each would make the EM+ actually much more costly than EM.

        I like to think of it as, here’s a way I can get 3, 4, or 5 mytouch slides for $960 total ($192, $240, or $320 each) over 2 years, and then be eligible for upgrades at the end of the 2 years (which you won’t have with the EM+).

      • Tmo emp

        EM is a little more expensive per month than the EM+, however, MOST people can find a monthly discount to apply to their EM (EM+ has NO discounts) making it comparable to the EM+ monthly cost. Just ask your sales rep about monthly discounts for where you work or go to school.

    • eYe

      You would loose your number. Not sure how much would it matter… I had my number since 2000 so I am pretty sentimental about it. YMMV.

      • Hmm

        Yeah, you can go from em to em+ and that closes that account. Then you request an old number back. A little time consuming and there is a risk of not getting the number back but there is a possibility of doing the switch and keeping a number. Now again if you’re under a contract, you won’t be able to avoid the etf.

      • http://www.lacostepoloshirts.co lacoste shirts

        Im left with a marginally better unit than my MT3g, which I have rooted and working almost as snappy as the slide now.

  • MikeTheProf

    This promotion = facepalm.

  • luis

    I knew it was just a father’s day thing… All the pipe dreamers swearing that it was the N1 launch are gonna be so upset. People try to read into things too much when you should just realize that father’s day is the 20th and it really made the only logical sense. I would like to think that t-mobile would announce if the N1 was coming to stores