June 19th, The Mother Of All Father’s Day Sales?

Look…it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Father’s Day Sale Extravaganza.  We’ve all been trying to figure out just what exactly is in store for June 19th. We’re still working to paint a total picture of what exactly is happening that day, but the above image should give a better idea of what is going down.  As always, this is all subject to change.

These images are none other than the scripts for two commercial spots, filmed last week and airing sometime before the 19th of June.  While our sources have stated some additional details that may not be included, we’re only going with what’s actually on the picture itself.  Is this rock solid information?  No, of course not, nothing is rock solid until we can say, “this is rock solid”, but we’re confident that the above images are real and actually scripts for commercials regarding the Father’s Day June 19th promotion.

So, while it looks as though new lines or new family plans are the real sell here, there are still plenty of unknowns regarding this promotion.  As with any other rumors, we’re still trying to figure out fact from fiction. For now, hopefully, the above images will get some buzz going and allow T-Mobile to pick up some customers and actually begin a real fight for third place.

We have plenty of lingering questions, however, about what plans will this work with.  Will it be Even More and/or Even More Plus?  What happens to customers who want to upgrade AND add a line?  Plenty of questions over here, but we’ll keep hunting for details!

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  • themetatron

    Makes sense, T-Mobile corporate focus is on family plan customers. Studies show they are more loyal and pay more.

  • kast

    I was hoping for bigger news. I’m already on a family plan, but my contract is up (my wife’s is not). I hate to do it, but I guess I have to leave Tmo for EVO. Oh well, c’est la vie.

    Tmobile, you have been a great service provider, but I think it’s time we both moved on. It’s not you… it’s me…. LOL

    • Ryan

      Just ordered my EVO today!! w00t w00t. Tmo, i wanted to stick together but this deal still isn’t good enough. You’d have to pay me to extend my contract for a phone like the Garmin or MyTouch Slide.

    • Cameron

      I’m in the same boat dude!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      My impression is that T-Mobile is focusing more on getting new customers rather than make any effort to keep current customers.

      Back in the day T-Mobile recognized the value of keeping customers loyal, but no more.

      Call and say you want to cancel, they will put you through to retentions who won’t make any effort to keep you.

  • Keele8

    So does this mean they are going to make all their money from existing customers already on a family plan? Seems to me that lately lots of companies, including T-Mobile are giving the world to new customers and treating their existing customers like trash, making them pay a higher price for things that new customers get for free. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for those that have been loyal customer’s to T-Mobile for a long time.

  • Kyle

    Darn, was hoping that the 19th was a massive android update day. Or an iPhone. But I could care less about the iPhone. I hope the mt3g update will be coming within the next few weeks! :D

  • Mohammad

    This is what project emarald is all about?

  • ugh

    no disrespect, but TMO can seriously “EAT IT”

  • ughhh

    no disrespect, but TMO can seriously “EAT IT”

  • Jeff

    Wow… just wow… I mean how lame can you possibly get??? Your opening up the stores early for this??? Just one disappointment after another. I’m just blown away… Nice way to treat your existing customers… Just continue to throw us under the buss…. Wow…

  • Flgirll99

    I knew the 19th was going to be some promotion for the phones they already have and not a new phone release as everyone was hoping for. It’s a pretty good promotion for those that need a family plan though.

  • ughhhh

    no disrespect, but TMO can seriously “EAT IT”

  • StuckInTexas

    This would be great if there was currently a phone on TMO that I actually wanted. No Droid, Incredible, Evo, N1. Sure they may get the Galaxy S and Lightning, but not in time.

    Oh yeah, I have been on a Family Plan for 4 years, guess this doesn’t apply to me anyway.

    • hi!

      I was just thinking the same thing. For almost..ALMOST one complete nanosecond I started to maybe get excited-ish. Then I realized if they PAID me $50 cash I wouldn’t want a single phone they offer now :(

  • newbiemn

    My wife would be happy to get the MyTouch Slide and we could stand to switch to a family plan, but I wonder what that would mean for me. I’ve been hanging on to my G1 for a new phone that I can upgrade to (somewhat cheaply). I suppose I will be not eligible in a month or so when the SGS comes out. Unless I don’t get a new phone and just switch to the family plan to keep my eligibility? Is that possible? It’d be nice to have an “official” word so I can start getting answers and making decisions.

  • c-phresh

    I’ve been telling my coworkers this all along

  • Scott

    That’s it?? T-Mobile’s existing weak handsets are free? Gosh, the Garminfone or the HD2… Obsolete or irrelevant? How to choose? :(

    Guess it’s time to look around at other carriers. I’m done trying to eek more time out of my G1, and the best T-Mobile can offer is the Slide! With these offerings T-Mobile definitely deserves 4th place.

    You need a competitive handset, Magenta!

  • Jeremy

    I’m with Keele8 on this. I too am tired of this. I just purchased a MT3g Slide and I didn’t get a huge discount or anything. I should have gotten something, if their allowing new customer’s or existing customer’s to have a free whatever phone with just a simple change of their phone plan. What is all the hype for, with NEW customer’s. Their can’t be that many people not using a cell phone who would choose T-Mobile. The EVO and Incredible out-weigh this idea. Sorry, but T-Mobile, this is a fail in my eye’s.

  • The Observer

    am i really reading it says free phones? hope its just for new customers or eligible for upgrades

  • ughhhh

    no disrespect, but TMO can seriously “EAT IT”

    very disappointed.

    • bob

      stfu. we herd you the first 3 times. i agree but your annoying

    • bob

      stfu. we herd you the first 3 times. i agree but your annoying

  • Negtne

    I am on a no contract family plan wonder if we sign if this applies?

  • steven

    This promo will definitely bring customers to the store

  • Julia

    I’m sure even IF an eligible line on an already existing family plan qualifies for a free phone, the entire family plan will have to convert to one of the Even More/Plus plans. Sorry, even with a free phone I won’t give up my MyFaves grandfathered plan!

    • Keele8

      I agree with Julia 100%. I have the best plan and pay next to nothing because it is grandfathered and I will never give it up. Maybe this is T-mobile’s ploy to get existing customers away from these grandfathered plans so they can make more money with their existing customers. I am sure we will find out soon enough.

      • Dethduck

        Indeed. I picked up my myfaves plan in sept. when I got the original MT3G. Not two months later they switched over to the Even More plans, which still make no sense to me. I fail to see how switching to one of those plans is cheaper than what I already have. Just as well, I suppose as I have no need or use for a family plan.
        Nope, I’ma keep with my myfaves and extend that contract for as long as I can.

  • ughhh

    sorry for the triple replies. it seems like tmonews server is going down the tube a bit.

  • djdarkknight96

    For all thinking this promotion is for new lines only……we ” I work care for tmo” always take care of our existing LOYAL customers first….paying more that $90 with two or more lines can get upgrades 10 months early(has it been 12 months since last upgrade?), also we always include existing customers in new promotions…got an upgrade available? Go to the store and get your free phone…..june 19th

  • Y314K

    Well… If TMobile want’s me to even pay attentiong to their weak as J-ELLO in the sun Android line up… Then they better bring the Nexus One or/& My Fav Five back for this promotion….

    I like to get free crap as much as the next guy… But you are not going to lock my out of contract with ATT 3 Family Plan lines with a free MyTouch Slide… I demand nothing less then a Nexus One or Nexus One’ish spec’d Android device…

    • steven

      And you want this free? gtfo

      • Y314K

        for a one day “sale extravaganza” with two year contract…

        Hell yeah…

        All phones are up to $199/ 2 year lock…. How much of a difference do you think it would make if it was a Nexus One or other Android device would be.. $450-$500 phone straight up & $199 under contract..

        This would be an awesome “sale extravaganza” if TMobile’s Android phone line-up was so weak… Cellular South already has the Hero & U.S. Cellular should surpass TMobile this summer too…

        It’s not a BoGo sale… It’s a “sale extravaganza”… But I guess like everything else TMobile.. It’s half a$$…

  • soon2TMO

    wow how nice!!

    im tempted on getting the HD2.. will this promotion only work for even more plans? with new contracts?
    or there would be discounts for even more+ plans?

  • fyi

    The Nexus One is still available through google…..

  • http://www.dentonrealestate.com SaoDavi


    What a letdown. I was hoping for a Nexus One, iPhone, or some other announcement to improve upon their anemic smartphone lineup. When you’re best Android phone is a 600mhz plastic thing which is essentially unchanged from the G1, you should be rethinking your strategy.

    I don’t see how this is significantly better than the BOGO they’re already running.

  • J-Hop2o6

    So they’re only focused on bringing in families? so no free phones for existing customers and new individual lines?

  • sopa

    so since my family plan has ended this month, does that mean if we renew our contract(we really need more minutes) we can get free phones too?

  • Barry

    Epic fail magenta. I can’t say that if this was a nexus one I would’ve bought it but damn at least I woulda been tempted and had another option. I’m not gonna jump ship for the evo sprint can keep their hidden fees for no reason. at&t’s got nothing I want vzw sorry I can’t give a first and last months rent deposit to be qualified to buy a phone….Tmo you got us consumers who are seeking a high end device by the jewels…ugh let em go please and get that sidekick twist out asap

  • Big-E

    This was expected by most people that were not trying to have their head in the clouds. T-Mobile wouldn’t invest in the myTouch Slide and then launch another big hitter 3 days after the official launch.

    Any phone for free is a big deal to a good amount of people. It will bring in the business. It won’t make a record breaking day, but it’ll put some coin in the purse.

    T-Mobile’s line up of phones isn’t anything world shattering, but their are some good phones to have. They definitely need a big hitter to keep up with the times though.. the HD2 should have been it, but Windows Mobile is just awful. Even if they get the N1 it has problems of it’s own.

    The grand EVO walked out of Sprint’s doors with problems galore. Sure they updated it but the battery life is just the same as any other phone. Not to mention the underlying security issues in the OS.

    The droid? I have 4 friends with it that have had consistent problems with it. Overall it is a relatively solid phone, but still not the end all.

    The iPhone, well, that is almost a topic on its own. Ironically people are praising all the new features that the new iphone will have, but most of them have already been in phones for some time. What the iphone has is Apple who knows how to walk the walk and talk the talk. They know how to market their product. Sooner or later though, people will be tired of constantly buy a new phone that looks almost the same to get mediocre updates.

    It is a pick your poison type of game. Cellphones being launched are honestly stale. They look almost the same, work almost the same, have almost the same damn features. Once you used them for awhile you just don’t care about them anymore and are looking for the next ‘GREAT’ phone.

  • joe blow

    why does everyone have there panties in a wad…u really think a company that serves over 30 mil customers a day really cares what 0.00000001% of u readers think is best for there biz…get REAL!!! they dont if u want a superphone…move to japan….t-mo is a company that tries to keep its cost down for u…the customer…by outbidding other companies for “better phones” ur bill increases…dont u get that…really what is better about the eve besides the camera and screen size??? android is ANDROID…for the most part they all run the same apps…have the same widget/home screen customization…if all u people wanna do is piss and moan than go talk to ur gramma…at least she cares about ur opinion, cause i for DONT

    • JP

      You’re lame just like this news is lame. I bet you take it up the @#$ …. and do what you’re always told to do. Hey…Come over and…. These are just people expressing their opinions…


      • PJ

        No, your lame.

  • TerribleToby

    Seriously, who the heck is going get up freakin early in the morning and line up for a free HD2, MT3GS, or Garmin phone?…Well, never mind I take that back. Maybe if they throw in a couple slices of bacon I just might. But then I’d be mostly getting up early and lining for free bacon. What time do they open up the stores again?

  • Cameron

    I have a N1 and let me tell you the only thing going for it is the possible update to Froyo in the next … Year… come on they said it’d be updated by now!
    Anyway I’ve been a T-mo customer for 7 years and This is #EPIC FAIL!
    No doubt I’m going to sprint now.
    I’m already on a family plan. I have 4 lines. Thank God my line is no longer on a contract I’m going to Sprint for the EVO.
    I don’t want a small screen smaller then the one I already have on my N1 (mytouch slide) and I don’t want a Samsung or Motorola Phone (cliq) I don’t even care about the Galexy S even though the screen is 4 inches it’s made by Samsung. I don’t like how hard you have to press the screens. I want a HTC 4+ inch screen with android.
    Maybe if the HD2 was android instead of windows i’d stay. Sorry T-mo. PLUS what’s up with the Outsourcing to India for Customer Assistance on the weekend and shutting down by 9pm pacific time. Remember when T-mo couldn’t be beat in Service?

    • allen

      I just had the same experience. For the first time I had a customer service call that made me hang up out of frustration. I had to call back to talk to someone who spoke english that wasn’t broken.
      I don’t want much. I’ve been slogging through life with a jailbroken iPhone. But it’s time for me to change. 2 years is a long time with a phone. Even longer when that phone was a year old to start with.
      There’s a lot of good stuff out there. Why T-Mobile won’t get it doesn’t make sense? yeah yeah, keep costs down, etc.
      That’s kind of bs. The markup on text messaging is crazy high. Profits are fine. And part of keeping people with a company and coming TO a company is providing them with not just service but hardware.
      Otherwise just got to metroPCS or AllTell.
      Gadgets are sexy. These companies and the hardware companies made them that way. So, don’t get pissed when we tell you we want something on par with what the others offer.
      You made us want it.
      Nexus 1. Desire. iPhone. Incredible. All of this would work. Just give us something good, Magenta.

      • Cameron

        not to mention Boost Mobile is going to have an android Phone in about a month or so with android and push to talk.

    • BIg-E

      From what I remember, Google said that Froyo would be out in a few weeks from I/O. It has been, what, 3 weeks? Acting like they have missed a deadline with a statement about a possible update in a year is just being dramatic.

      In addition, I find some decent humor in you complaining about T-mobile’s customer service being outsourced to India but you are switching to Sprint. Last time I called sprint’s customer service, maybe a month ago, I spoke to someone that certainly was not in America and ridiculously rude.

  • soon2TO

    epic fail for magenta???? are you guys even serious? last time i checked you bunch of geeks and hackers are just a minority in this industry, so why would tmobile prioritize you people when they can actually work on something that will benefit both the company and the customers.. tmo is trying to gain custonmers and this is a smart move for them.. this is business and this is not about you..

    your turn will come, just be patient!

    • Cameron

      Gain customers by having irrelevant phones? I mean maybe cause I live in California but EVERYONE here is obsessed with the best technology. All their phones (Android) are the same, Same specs and same size screen, same version of the OS.
      Sure if you live in Oklahoma it might not matter but in a techy place like L.A.
      It matters. So I’m going to laugh when I drive by T-mobile and there’s no one standing in line (as I record it with my HD quality camera phone) and I take my 4 lines over to sprint.

      • J-Hop2o6

        Yes.. plz record and post it up on YouTube, and start a thread in TmoNews Forums linking to your YT video.

  • Nathan

    I’m curious if this applies to new members only. What about people who renew their contract and sign up for a family plan? Does this apply to us?

  • soon2TMO

    epic fail for magenta???

    are you guys even serious? last time i checked you bunch of geeks and hackers are just a minority in this industry, so why would tmobile prioritize you when they can work on something that is beneficial for both the company and the customers.. they want to gain customers and this strategy is downright a good move! this is about business and not about you… yet

    your time will come , just be patient!

    they eed to fix this site, it keeps giving me “error estblishing dtabase connection” …

    • Green Robot

      Let’s talk again after the 2nd quarter results come in Okay? We’ll look at some numbers, have few drinks… Maybe then you and TMO will come to your senses and realize that this exact line of thinking is what is causing T-Mobile to keep loosing loyal long-term customers…. Maybe?

  • soon2TMO

    epic fail for magenta???

    are you guys even serious? last time i checked you bunch of geeks and hackers are just a minority in this industry, so why would tmobile prioritize you when they can work on something that is beneficial for both the company and the customers.. they want to gain customers and this strategy is downright a good move! this is about business and not about you… yet

    your time will come , just be patient!

    they eed to fix this site, it keeps giving me ” data error estblishing” …

    • keele8

      soon2TMO, you make me laugh because it is those “geeks and hackers” that will be fixing the data error’s you are getting. I bet they will take a little longer to fix the issue after an insult like that. Besides, if Tmobile was smart they would not only focus on the majority, but the minority as well. That way they can get a higher percentage of the market. Even if they just had one phone that was marketed towards the “geeks and hackers” as you call them, it would help them in overall sales instead of ignoring them all together.

  • BlkBear

    Looks like a good way to clear inventory of current phones, that the stores have on hand, especially if this is a one day only Promo. I wonder how many people will be told….

    “Sorry we are out of stock on that phone, better pick one of these others, before they’re all gone, they’re free ya know and sure it’s not exactly what you want…. but did I say it was free?”

    Might be an interesting way to convert some of those $10 @Home landlines, into cell phones on a family plan.

  • Cameron

    well they’re not totally free. or at least if you live in california you still have to pay the tax on the WHOLE non discounted regular price of the phone.

    • BIg-E

      I don’t think you meant it the way it comes across but it seems like you are blaming t-mobile for sales tax on a free phone.

      Since I am in an obnoxious mood, I would just like to point out that California state law is the reason that your free phone is taxed. You are paying your state, so you still get a free phone.


  • TerribleToby

    Seriously, who the heck is going get up freakin early in the morning and line up for a free HD2, MT3GS, or Garmin phone?…Well, never mind I take that back. Maybe if they throw in a couple slices of bacon I just might. But then again I’d mostly be doing it for the free bacon. What time do they open up the stores again??

    • Green Robot

      How many months has it been since the last time you got discounted or free bacon from T-Mobile Terrible Toby? You realize that you might not be eligible for the free bacon promotion at this time…?

  • Chris

    Whiny people… please go to another carrier and pay more money for equal or lesser service. I can’t stand your smell in my store anyway.

    • Green Robot

      @Chris Are you Robert Dotson by any chance? You seem to think just like him…

    • Cameron

      actually i only get 700 minutes with T-mo for 69$ on my non contracted line and an extra 24$ for unlimited android and text so actually it’s more money on T-mo then a NEW Evo with 900 minutes with unlimited text , internet and email etc for $89 with sprint. So tell me the difference again? Doesn’t that make sprint cheaper with more minutes?

  • Bearmon

    I am not happy with sidekick lx for 2 years. My contract already is up for tmobile. BYE BYE tmobile and hello iphone 4. Tmobile is horrible!

  • Tmoloyal

    Yeah the big thing about this is if it applies to existing customers under contract right now. Theres no possibly way this will apply for those with the even more plus plan though. I think I might give customer service a call and see what they say…

    But you gotta think, for the tough economic times, this is potentially huge for people who are really struggling to get a cell phone. This is Tmobiles niche here, I think they played it smart on this one. The reality is, us geek/fanboy’s who want THE BEST phones make up like 5% or less of tmobiles customers.

    • eYe

      Regarding that 5% figure…. Do you realize that Evo was sold out in 1 weekend? Droid Incredible was sold out in 1 day. HD2 was sold out in 4-5 hours. I want to say that original Droid was sold out for a while as well, but don’t quote me on that. Not bad for 5%, huh?
      I’ll tell you more, it’s those 5% of t-mobile’s customers that usually decide whether their family stay with a certain provider or move on to another.
      Case#1: I have 4 lines on my plan, neither my wife or my folks don’t care about the latest the greatest. I get to decide and my patience is wearing thin.
      Case#2. A really good friend of mine waited for a good Android phone on T-mobile…. Last December he packed up his 3 lines + separate data line and left for ATT because they had an iPhone.

      All in all, I would estimate (and this is just my estimate) that if T-mobile doesn’t release any superphones by the end of October – they will see at least 10% drop in their consumer base as those geek/fanboys will leave and take their families along. The reason I say end of October is because that’s when G1’s contracts will be done.

      • TonyJohns

        Well why haven’t these geek/fanboys left already? Most of them are still with T-Mobile complaining about the phone lineup. Point is, sitting up here and complaining about the phone line up will not magically change the phone line up. Just leave and go to the carrier with the “superphone” you want. It will be less stressful then screaming at the top of your lungs to deaf ears, because T-Mobile is not listening.

    • eYe

      You can’t read can you? Because majority of them are still under a contract after buying G1.

  • RodneyKing

    Wow, T-mobile sucks. I’m going Verizon. I may pay more, but at least I’ll have coverage and decent phones.

  • oo7

    Wow no wonder we cant compete with att and verizon….

    • J-Hop2o6

      AT&T’s only has the iPhone which is bringing in LOADS of customers.. imagine once that exclusivity ends and it ends up on the rest of the Big 4.. mass exodus for AT&T.

  • sopa

    so my family plan contract is up now which is on flex pay which i want out of i hope i can get off flex pay. so if i sign a new 2 yr agreement & upgrade to the new plans, do i get free phones on both lines? i really dont wanna give up myfaves but at the time we didnt need alot of minutes so we only have 400 anytime minutes with myfaves. we keep running out before the month is up so we really need more minutes. if i can qualify to get out of flex pay then i also need to add a line, right now im only aloud 2 lines.

  • raymond

    ummmm tmoloyal :| are you stuck in some age that only people who wear rose shaded glasses can see :\

    where i am. . . a place called earth >.> technology is taking off and smart phones are becoming the center of attention most kids will want a smart phone -_- my teachers have iphones

    look up the “geeks” are becoming the majority

    • Tmoloyal

      Hey i want an iPhone just as much as anybody, and I am pissed that I’m not able to get one with tmobile, and I’m also pissed that we Tmo doesnt have high end phones to compete. But apparently Tmobile still thinks they have a niche in those who don’t want the big fancy phone. The word “Free” will catch a lot of peoples attention. Thats a pretty big buzz word in these tough economic times.

  • Solidus433

    I want to know how this will work if Im already on a family plan, but eligible for an upgrade. Even though it has bad reviews, a FREE HD2 would be a sweet fathers day present.

  • Negtne

    Don’t get me wrong the only reason I am with T-mobile is because of the price of my plan! The only reason! I live here in Washington and the corporate building is within a 5 minute drive from me I get killer reception, but seriously all you people saying your not happy then leave, need to back off. Everybody has a right to complain I have been on and off with t-mobile since the voicestream days (which most of you were probably in diapers) and I am not happy with there phone selection. They were top notch back in the t-mobile wing/ dash days but seriously that was pre 2007 and now that apple has changed the smartphone game and got all these phone makers trying to one up each other they need to step it up to compete with all customer bases. They need Cheap texting phones for kids, cheap phones for grandma midrange phones for tech savvy parents and killer phones for gadget heads. Seriously tmobile has killer prices, descent customer serive, descent reception in most areas but phones is where it lacks at. If your a 13 year old kid with parents who don’t care about super phones then tmobile is perfect. But if you want to be a leader and move up in the competition you need to cover all bases which all the other carriers cannot do! Do not just settle with a phone(my touch slide) or offer something that other carriers are gonna offer(galaxy s) you need to look at something that will blow everyone away and make you unique. Sprint has evo, AT&T has iPhone, verizon has the whole droid series. And if you say the my touch series is there separator you need to be slapped. Hell even every single one of these carriers have WebOS devices except tmobile. There gonna have to do something with 77,000 people leaving them every quarter, next thing you know it’s gonna be boost mobile in 4th and tmobile in 5th. They need to step it up!!!!

  • BoomBoomBang

    Sucks. This just really bites. It sucks because I’m on my Dad’s T-Mobile account and he will NOT switch carriers lol. So I’m basically stuck with T-Mobile until I get a job. Once I get a job, I just may go to Verizon or AT&T. I’m kinda liking the new iPhone, but I do want an Android phone. But Verizon is just high…ugh!