Hands-On With The T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant

UPDATE: More Hands-On Videos added below!

After the Samsung Galaxy S event today in NYC, attendees were given time to play around with the newly announced devices. Lucky for us, a few of the attendees managed to shoot some hands-on videos of the upcoming T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant. So far, first impressions seem to be pretty postive. Mark your calendars for July 21st and remember you can pre-order too! We’ve queued up some quick hands-on reviews of the Vibrant below. Leave your thoughts in the comments!







  • Kickstar13

    Can we please stop with the racist comments?

    • Ruufus

      mad dog’s bigoted comment at 5:21pm, “Dumb ass muslim.” needs to be removed.

      • mad dog

        Bigoted or not, I was just giving him a taste of his own medicine. My apologies to anyone else that was offended. My anger got the best of me.

        • Holiday

          i wasn’t offended

  • ali

    @Mohammad Khan, that was a stupid racist directed comment to Trendaholic.

  • ali

    I believe in free speech, but some comments need moderated /deleted

  • raymond

    i agree with ali

  • raymond

    i mean even if we disagree can’t we be civil :\ to many arguments get silly and turn into curse words, try debating and outwitting your opponent thats how you show intelligence -_-

    ahhhh what am i saying lamaskmasdol :D :X :O

  • Andrew Martel

    so it comes with 16gb built in plus 2gb sd card with avatar loaded onto it. anybody know how much of the 16gb will be used up by all hte preinstalled apps? i acutally like this phone alot. definitly gonna check it out on the 21st.

  • badaphooko01

    The more I see these videos on youtube about the international version of the Galaxy S the more I can’t wait for this phone to arrive. Don’t know if this video has been posted on here but this a face off between the GalaxyS vs the the iphone4 with in my opinion the Galaxy being the clear winner.
    There is a part 1 and 2, wath in HD to appreciate.

  • Jay

    Is it possible that Samsung or T-Mobile still add the FCC and Flash? Take a look at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl8LA0ij78g Notice at 2:08 the sign says, “Please note that devices on display are pre-production units.” Could this mean that there is still a chance of the Vibrant getting flash and/or? a front facing camera?

    • kevin

      you dont need these items just get fring and use the night mode option it has,,, that is exclusive to the vibrant b/c it set it different from the rest.

    • dank414

      You may have seen the site already but here’s link:


      at this point I think it’s completely doubtful that it’ll have camera flash/ffcamera

  • casey

    Does anyone know when T-Mobile stores will do pre orders. I need to get mine there so I can do payments. I think I read that 2gb of the 16 is for apps only

    • Peter

      Pre order start on July 1 2010, which is TODAY!

  • sdfas

    @Mohammad Khan pak u SOB

  • TheAnalyst

    Wow, it is just sad that videos of a mobile phone would cause racist comments on a blog.

  • Solidus433

    Phone looks pretty sick, but I couldnt wait any longer. I have been running 1.6 on my original MT3G since it was released. I have heard too many rumors as to when an update will be rolling around, but no promise or date. So, today, I ordered my 2.1 update in the form of the MyTouch 3G Slide, along with one for my wife(her first taste of android). I really wanted to hold out for this one, but the camera flash, along with the physical keyboard put the MT3GS over the top for me.

    • khaltz

      well you got 14 days to return the slide

  • casey

    Can we get back to the phones please. I posted a question earlier and can someone answer it please. I think this is going to be a great phone despite not having a FCC and a flash. But I done need those anyway. No one to video talk with ( everyone that I know has the evil iPhone 4 or blackberry ) the flash I don’t use at all. I’ve used the flash on my n1 once in three months so wont miss it.

  • eYe

    For all of you guys (and gals too!) wanting to pre-order, you might want to wait. Paul O’Brien from MoDaCo picked up SGS (unlocked) and noticed that it has some sort of hick-ups. The phone will freeze for a second or so once in a while and feels slow in general. He traced it to the fact that Sammy put /data/data onto internal SD and not an the faster NAND memory.


    • J-Hop2o6

      and if u read harder, he put up a fix for it (has to be rooted).. he moved the application data file from the SD card to the NAND.

  • Still Wing-in It

    Wow! Seems like I missed alot. Shame on you TMobile Wing for not loading this site today.

  • ejay206

    ………. So its like the nexus one with a larger screen but worse……………………….. T MOBILE FAIL!!! will i ever see a phone on t mo worth setting down my nexus for

    • Davidohio


  • mailman13877

    See man now TMO stops delays the cliq update and they released the price of the charm but not the vibrant???the vibrant is on sale today so why no pricing? I wanna no if this suck phone is gonna be be $330 without contract so I can get it.

    • Davidohio

      It will be $449 no contract and if it is a “suck” phone why do you want it?

  • Ned flanders

    If you havent seen or heard it yet… On the Samsung Galaxy, Verizon is using Microsoft BING for the search bar widget. That is a big fail on samsung and verizon part. The vibrant uses google for tmobile_usa.

  • Barry

    completely agree with Ned Flanders Tmo definitely has the superior model out of the other two sgs providers.

  • Ned flanders

    TMOBILE_USA version they say is the thinest, has 16 gig internal,1 or 2 gigs of rom for apps,I like tmobile_usa version the best and cant wait. This is a great device. We have been waiting for a high end device and here it is. The hummingbird proc kills the snapdragon proc and has the best screen on any android device, I dont mind the lack of flash on cam or a ffc. The touchwiz 3.0 looks good on this device, samsung has done a great job with it.

  • MikeTheProf

    Pretty sure I’ll pick this phone up with my upgrade. Should be a nice step up from my BB 8120. Think there would be a way for me to get a data plan less than $30/month, though? I have been with T-Mo since like 2004. I read some other sites about some preferred Android data plan. Any thoughts?

    • Johnny

      if you have an older plan (not ‘new’ even more plan) then your data is only $25 a month instead of $30. there is no “preferred” android data plan.

  • luis03

    All I want to know is if I can get rid of my stand alone mp3 player with this phone?

    • khari998

      yes you will be able to get rid of your mp3 player. if its an ipod, i dont recommend getting rid of it but if its anything else, you can trash it. the music player is as good as it gets for an android phone. it comes with 16GB of memory so you shouldnt really have to expand your memory at all. ive been using my phone with htc sense and i hate the music player on it. if anything im probably going to switch to a galaxy s device for the music player alone because I too mainly go for a phone that could be my camera and music player. thats really all i use it for. if your looking for a phone on T-Mo, you cant go wrong with this.

  • Wunako

    Well this phone is looking better and better, I stil have to wait till december though..

  • Jasder

    Tell me anyone will this Phone (The Vibrant) have the voice-to-Text loaded on it?

    • http://tmonews dcb

      It does not have the dragon dictation but is does have the standard voice input on the android keyboard setting

  • cwalker30

    Thanks @ItsMichaelNotMike for making a stand. and Thanks @Kickstar13 4taking care of business!!

  • flaroadie

    people its just a freakin phone. get a life!!!!

  • NFS
  • spunk2357

    i just called and confirmed i’m eligible for an upgrade, i think i’m gonna jump on this phone and i hope i don’t regret it later but it seems like a big enough jump from the G1 =)

  • http://out ov1

    If tmo had the same option as sprint to pick up the Samsung galaxy pro why would Tmo not get the best of both world. I’ve been with Tmo for ten yes and this is my first temptation to leave. With my gap employee discount I can get their unlimited everything plan for 80 dollars

  • mailman13877

    Wow the phone is now $500 on without contract on TMO page..The fine print at the bottom now says $125 plus 3 more payments of $125 wtf is all that about..FAILURE

  • Samson

    This phone looks really nice.. Will it have the pinch to zoom feature on the screen?

  • cin

    Hey, I’m wondering if you guys can help me. I have an hd2, my second one, first one had problems, and I’ve been having problems with this one too. I’m thinking of selling this one and buying the vibrant when it comes out. would you guys recommend this phone?

  • cin

    I have an hd2, my second one, had problems with the first, having problems with this one. thinking of selling hd2 and buying this, would you recommend this phone?

  • cin

    I have an hd2 having problems with this one. thinking of selling hd2 and buying this, would you recommend this phone?

  • DH

    just checked, & you can pre-order the samsung vibrant on the walmart wireless site, but i’ve already pre-ordered mine via radioshack b/c their contract free price is $100 less than walmart’s.


    • raam89

      At Radio shack it say $499 but walmart its $479. How did u get for $100 less??

  • tmoled


  • dc

    something simple y would tmobile wont have a flash on this phone while verizon does?
    from my understanding tmo was the first with android n now is the the last one again when it comes to powefull phones even sprint has beatten them with the evo verizon now has the most android powefull phones all with 5mp cams with flash plus the new ones with 8mp.
    i mean we all are loyal to T-mo but they arent doing anything to make us super happy i mean dats how i feel when verizon anounces a new android device every month while tmo offers android phones every 3 to 4 months ?

  • Holiday

    it’s a samsung guys, it’s going to suck. broken promises.

  • RyN

    as you all may know Tmobile customers joined Tmobile because of their great family plan and is affordable…so in my opinion Tmobile customers are not that rich…lol.just my thought. If Tmobile decide to add ffc and LED flash which everyone is bitching about, it’ll probably cost another $100 or so…plus i think that super amoled is very expensive… so in the end it’ll probably bring out a great total of $300-$400 with 2 yrs contract. Some of you might can afford it but not all… the main goal of Tmobile is that they wants the majority of their customers or new customers can afford it…so those that said they’re gonna leave tmobile, unless they’re will to pay extra monthly otherwise they’ll be back..just for a stupid phone people will to spend more money monthly?…i don’t think it’s worth it…better phones comes out every year, you can’t keep up with them…now that being said, i think another reason why Tmo decided not to add flash or ffc is because they want to keep the phone as thin as possible and not many people are using or need to use ffc since it require wifi. ffc is still new so they don’t want to gamble with it cuz they don’t know how well it’ll work…maybe another 2 years or so every phone will have ffc…as for right now, this phone has everything that average cell phone users would wants. I can’t wait to get this phone and use it for 2 yrs, and hopefully in two years Tmobile will have a phone that will satisfy everyone…but let face it you can’t satisfy everybody…even iphone4 have complains…you can’t keep up with technology, so just get what you can afford and stop complaining

    • swehes

      You have to take into account that Samsung produces all their own component which makes this phone much cheaper for Samsung to make in comparison to like HTC or other phone manufacturers. AT&T seems to have a very low cost off contract. My understanding is that the difference between T-mobile’s version vs AT&T’s is purely software that gets preloaded and the shell of the phone. So why AT&T’s price to come out almost $100 less than T-mobile’s model doesn’t make much sense. We shall see what the actual truth to the prices will come out to be.

  • Tony

    I wonder if Samsung will give these away with an hourly raffle like they did with the Behold 2. If they are free, sign me up for one now!

  • Corey

    no flash…..why am i not surprised….every other carrier puts flash on their phones except us…the ffc i don’t really care about but it is what it is tmobile it what it is…

  • wtf

    did they keep the dlna intact?

  • Jim888
  • Lamar

    after reading up on this phone. I am sold. I dont need the FFC, the flash doesn’t bother me, since i have seen it work at night. I was very impressed. As long as i can control aperture i am good.

  • Scritzs McGritz

    I will def be getting the vibrant. I don’t think any phone out there right now can beat it. I am excited for the amazing gpu, screen, 720p video recording, (your gonna hate me for this one)touch wiz 3.0 and Avatar!!! Love that movie. At first I was disappointed about the fcc, but I quickly got over it since sprint’s version will be the only one to have it. One thing about this phone that does concern me are the samsung widgets. The tmo sgs has transparent samsung widgets (i don’t like that) and the verizon sgs has solid colored widgets. I hope I can change that.

  • thereisaffc
  • rednal

    It’s really unbelievable that anyone would say this phone compares with the iPhone. 2 other guys on my job and me had been waiting patiently for our carriers to release a great smartphone. One guy with at&t got his iphone a when it came out and is happy. The other guy’s with sprint and he has his EVO and is happy. Me, I’m with t-mobile and and am still waiting for them to release a great phone to compare. I cannot believe that the vibrant is being released without a flash for the camera. My 2 co-workers have their great phones with their carriers but I cannot get my “great phone” with my carrier.
    I’m coming to the end of the road with T-Mobile.