Sprint Is From Mars, T-Mobile Is From Venus


There is little argument T-Mobile didn’t post the kind of third quarter results they would have hoped for. Calling it less than impressive would be too kind, but this MSN Money writer is calling out T-Mobile dead in the water. Frankly, it’s a biased, opinionated writing by someone who appears to have more of a grudge against Magenta rather than an outright argument. I can’t invalidate his points, but I can call them extreme as one bad quarter doesn’t place a carrier on the “ready to be sold off list.” If that was the case, Sprint would have ceased to exist a long time ago. It’s a short read and I suggest you take a glance, then come back and comment on it, we’re interested in hearing how T-Mobile should recover from a dismal third quarter.


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  • Twitch110

    I don’t necessarily agree with the article; but man, year after year we fool ourselves and tell each other “oh this next year is tmobiles year!! things are going to change!” but that’s just not true. I’m only with them because the price is definitely right for me and i’m not very hard to please. But CMON! Give me a phone that doesn’t leave me envious of the iphone! There phones just flat out SUCK! When i get a more solid financial foundation in my wallet, i plan on going to Verizon or att. I don’t know. Tmobile just makes the dumbest moves sometimes. Their cheap ass decisions are clearly hurting them.

  • -ray

    I do like T-mo, but with that being said they really dropped the ball with Android. I went to a local verizon store today to look at the Droid, since T-mo does not have it, and I am seriously considering it now. I know that I will be paying more, but at least I would have the phone that I want. I am afraid that next quarter T-mo will lose even more customers to Verizon because of the Droid. You can only repackage the same phone so many times T-mo…

  • Carlos

    Pish Posh, Douglas…Pish Posh…
    Maybe it’s me, but its the other way around. T-Mobile has net gained 3 million customers over the last year, thats 10 percent growth, meaning there is something that people do like about T-mobile. Sprint has LOSt…LOST at least 3 million customers over the last year ( recall when they started those commercials, It clearly was 52 million customers). I have said it over and over again, market where there is significant competition, growth occurs through acquisition, Alltel to versizon–12 million new customers, ATT and Cingular — one HUGE company…The right thing is for T-Mobile to Buy Sprint’s wireless business…let attrition naturally occur, change the technology, and for a time, T-mobile will be the second largest provider in the world. Now, I don’t know, Verizon will have a monopoly in the CDMA market, but it will automatically make them a target. I’d seed T-Mobile pulling the trigger on this Mid Next year if the plans don’t work. But There are more high end phones coming out these days with All Bands supported.

  • Eric

    It’s sad. I think the guy was a little un-educated in his opnions however he does accuratley represent t-mobiles failiure. Wimax, is not the future lte is however t-mo is lost because they don’t have the capability to take their network to that level. With news of cable companies entering the game like comcast I don’t know how tmobile will stay afloat. Besides their amazing customer service, they dont really have much to offer quality post-paid customers whom seek high tech gadgetry and network reliability. Tmo isnt known to innovate and well their reception isnt that great in many places either. Many customers have been stung by their flexpay system and fled to boost or metro. There is just no reason to go with t-mo anymore. They aren’t as cheap as some other carriers in some cases even with even more plus plans and t-mo still isn’t strong enough as a carrier to keep customers that need that network avaiability and advanced network services that are widely available in their grasps. Maybe it’s due to poor management or investment in t-mobile usa’s leadership or they just don’t have the vision of the other 2 large carriers, I really don’t know. But I do think tmobile is in trouble. A few years back alot of friends, family, and colleagues has a good mix of all 4 carriers that they used for mobile. Now what I see is that almost everyone I know or work with on a personal basis has AT&T ot vzw. I’m serious, very few ppl have tmo that I see around except for young kids with sidekicks on flexpay that didn’t hav enough credit or couldn’t afford the deposit on Verizon ot AT&T mobility. It just seems that tmo isn’t really a fist choice even with the value it offers. It’s like people are willing to pay for the other 2 services and tmo can’t seem to shake the “poor reception” reputation. I hope they don’t fail or have to sell because we need the competiton, but I strongly feel they are in trouble and have a dimming future.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I am surprised no one sees the article for what it is.

    The author is probably a stock trader or knows others who are.

    He publishes articles to manipulate stock prices.

    People get busted for this all the time. You can bet law enforcement is looking at that person to see what he or she does in terms of stock purchases.

  • souljourney

    Let’s look at why Verizon or AT&T hasn’t lost customers this year… MERGERS! You buy Alltel and insta-customer.
    Also take a look at T-Mo WORLDWODE! They are huge.
    T-Mo I agree does need to get some better handsets, and also increase their 3G coverage a LOT. But really folks… how much difference in speed is it. My call took .5 sec to connect instead of .8… that does not make a difference really.
    T-Mo has great customer service. Sprint… had them and they SUCK. I live near Sprint headquarters and how they treat their employees and contract workers is no better than how they treat their customers.
    If Tmo wanted to merge with anyone… why not Cricket or US Cellular… pretty sure those are both smaller companies.
    And how come the guy didn’t talk about those two companies being small so they may as well go away.
    This guy just has an issue with T-Mo.

  • souljourney

    I just can’t see paying SO much more a month to get a different phone. 2.0 will come soon enough to T-Mo. You lived without a Droid before…
    I looked at the cost and it is $100 a month more with Verizon than T-Mo… 2 phones unlimited whatever…

  • Kershon

    Ok. We all would like to see T-Mobile up their marketing and get top of the line phones. Now I pose a question: the bold 9700 is gonna be released to business customers on the 9th and to everybody else a week later. So why have I not seen this promoted on tv or anywhere else for that matter. The droids were advertised well ahead of release date. The 9700 is our first 3g blackberry and T-Mo can’t even let anybody know it exists?? Except those of us that read the blogs, I mean. The general public has no clue about it.

  • a

    I work in that T-Mobile store is a playground