More Sidekick Data Recovered


Its been a while since we’ve heard any updated info from T-Mobile regarding the Sidekick Outage. But it looks like T-Mobile has finally managed to recover all data that was lost for Sidekick users. Yesterday T-Mobile announced via their forums that now Sidekick users can proceed to recover calendar, to-do list and notes that were previously lost as part of the Danger/Microsoft service disruption. Follow the easy steps after the break to recover your calendar, to-do list and notes! And don’t forget to let us know if this worked for you in the comments!


How To Restore Calendar, To Do List, and Notes

  • Login to My.T-Mobile using your Sidekick account
  • Select Restore Your Info
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    NOTE: If you do not see the Restore Your Info link, click the Not your phone? link under the device picture. Choose a Sidekick device from the available devices. Once selected, the link should appear

  • Select Calendar, To Do List, or Notes as applicable.
    NOTE: You can use Select All as well
  • Click the Sync button
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    You will get a message stating your info will be restored in up to 2 hours

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    • nr552

      What’s a sidekick?


    • Jack Bauer

      So I was wondering, looking back through the different sidekick outage posts, you mentioned that all data has now been recovered…what about email? My girlfriend went from a sk to android, and there was obviously some different content that she still wants, email in particular, has that been recovered?

    • Margie

      @nr552: Very Funny! :)

    • Wicked1

      It worked for me and I don’t have a sidekick anymore. I checked them all and pushed sync anyway and about an hour later the stuff was available via the Desktop Interface. So no $100 for me, damn, haha. They need to get the pictures. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to access the Desktop Interface, might stop with new billing cycle. I don’t know. I was on,y worried about the Notes and the pictures, I have half of what I want


      I Didn’t Lose My Info. Woohoo =D

    • Grr

      Verizon had a major data outage yesterday. It must be and end of the year thing.

    • Margie

      I’ve been fortunate on the personal info front. The only thing that doesn’t work for me on my Slide is the “Download Catalog”. No idea when I’ll get to use that again. But not a major deal for me.

    • booya

      neva gettin anythin related to the Danger OS.

    • Ann

      I’m happy to have my notes & calendar events back, don’t get me wrong. However, I’d love to get my web bookmarks & emails back some day.