Behold 2 Walkthrough

We’re rolling in Behold 2 goodness these past few days and this time we’ve got a whole walkthrough to show off. Courtesy of one of our ninjas who graciously took a 3:16 video for everyone to see. The video speaks for itself and really I’ve got nothing else to write.

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  • Bill48105

    Wow, NICE. And *real* buttons! :D

  • Pat

    Oh I’m waiting patiently to see this up close and personal. Also waiting for the HTC HD
    please hurry to see these 2 phones.

  • Wii60

    Looked snappy there. Had some touchscreen problems and the accelerometers take some time to register. My old iPhone was the same way.

  • Android Guy

    I spent 8 hours playing with one today. I could not put it down. I have had all the Android phones to date, and can say this one takes the cake.

    The ONLY downside is a lack of internal memory. It is about the same as the g1.

  • CMK

    Nice video. I’d like to see the keyboard in landscape mode.

  • The Wrath

    I’m not sure what was more amazing…. The outdated firmware evidenced by the Market, the inherent lag between commands, or the completely useless non customizable cube. In all fairness though, the video player was bad ass.

  • niididy

    Not that bad. I’d still wait to see it in person. However again for me, larger screen would have been better as that is what I look forward to in the very near future.

  • Don

    stop trolling

  • kendrix_myrealname

    It is pretty bad ass. I just can’t get down with the ugly buttons though. I am impressed with the AMOLED screen though. Very clear and sharp. It also helps to have my favorite Kanye West song playing in the background

  • matt

    Uh, best android device?

  • The screen is simply amazing. I’d say it’s comparable to the Omnia HD screen. The keyboard is very difficult to type on though I must say.

  • Broke

    Hmmm, I like it. But, I just couldn’t wait anymore. And with no OFFICIAL specs, I had to go ahead and make my purchase. The myTouch will be here tomorrow. This can be a good or a bad thing.

  • Yaniv C

    Its a shame noone is posting specs.
    My birthday od Monday… if i knew this has 256 ram & 800 mhz cpu lile the rumors say… id wait.
    But with no real specs.. and this video showing old stuff…..
    woooooooo hooooo Dtoid here I come baby!

  • James

    nice but costs more than the droid? PASS/FAIL

  • saif

    dude r u even a tmobile costomer because 17 seconds into the video i see ur iphone 3g

  • rubi76

    specs are coming on thursday the latest…. hope 250$ has a rebate on it, otherwise it would be stupid.
    I hope samsung is working on the 2.0 software…

  • saif

    dont know if i shud get this 1 or the sony ericsson x10 both phones r really really nice. i hope the x10 comes 2 tmobile that wud b awesome.

  • rubi76

    By the way – love the new pull down menu with wi fi, GPS and Bluetooth switches and recent applications…. good idea Samsung!

  • Yaniv

    I would’nt touch an X10 or Cliq for that matter. Samsung was smart for not replacing the Android UI with touch wiz. I know everyone keeps saying the phone has touch wiz but really it doesn’t. What it has are some touchwiz features.
    Think about it this way… if you own a cliq, or get the SE X10 or any other phone whos OEM skinned Android, then youre at their mercy as to when you can upgrade the OS.
    Case in point… the Motorola Cliq is a really sweet phone. Its fast as hell.. in fact its amazing to me that the only difference between the myTouch and the cliq’s hardware is the ram yet the cliq is SOOO much faster. I bought the phone for my wife and I gotta say Im a little envious, but… it comes with 1.5 OS. Now… 1.6 is out… and 2.0 may come out by this month…. but the Cliq wont be able to get the update until Motorola updates the MotoBlur UI to work with the new OS. What if they decide forget 1.6… lets go straight to 2.0… ok so wait a little bit. What if they after 2.0 thats it… no more upgrading… youre stuck (unless your flash your phone yourself-which not too many are savvy enough to do).
    Stick with stock.

  • david

    Behold…what…more like Droid…Droid…Droid!

  • GreenTea

    Not impressed. We need cooler Android phones. Sprint and Verizon’s are already better and will have v2.0. I’m still waiting for what’s to come….I’ll wait til end of Q1 before I let go of the G1 and settle.

  • What’s the center, down by the menu – wheel, button, scroll – what?!

  • Brent

    I really don’t understand what the cube added to anything. I thought the phone looked pretty responsive. But if the RAM is as low as some are saying, you will have to keep the apps open to a minimum.

  • TehAndroid

    @Yaniv the Behold 2 is not stock Android and far from it. I have the Cliq now and the Behold 2 showed up at our store yesterday. The Cliq is closer to stock Android than the Samsung.

    And with all the videos I really wish they would show the music player. Its amazing has flip cover art and by far the best music player on any Android phone to date. Its going to be the best Android phone to have till the X10 comes out but that won’t be for a while.

  • Anyone – How about the center wheel/ball/whatever (down by the ‘menu’ button)? Also how’s the keyboard?

  • Keyboard is really responsive and doesn’t lag, it also gives you an option to switch to t9 or the same keyboard as the pearl in “normal” view. That’s all stock you don’t need to download an hc keyboard or anything!

    The Touchwiz ui it’s convienant because it’s the same four shortcuts at the bottom of the screen as the Behold, Memoir, and Highlight. Giving you more space for apps you want on the home screens.

    The center button is actually a button and not a trackball like it was originally stated which was a disappoinment but didn’t stop me from playing with our store demo the whole lunch break. All in all it’s a very solid device, and I’m sure once rooted it would be on the same level as the Hero. Definitly going to get rid of my Cliq.

  • @ht – thanks! Good word.

  • Deaconclgi

    I just got off the phone with a local tmobile rep. He verified that they will be getting a functional Behold II display model Monday. Maybe stores in your area will get one that day as well. I called and said “Do you guys have a Behold II phone for me to test out?” He put me on hold and came back and said “It will be here on Monday” Simple question, simple answer.

    I also just came from scouting our local Wal-Mart and they have a small TMo Even More setup with a guy in full gear trying to get people to switch. Unfortunately, he was not doing a good job. I stood around and watched 2 families walk away. One walked away and said “Verizon is a better deal”. I saw that the second family was about to “Stick with Virgin Mobile” and I stepped in….the lady wanted a phone similar to the blackberry that ATT offers (the Bold)…the guy was soooooooo slow to announcing the fact that not only Tmo offers the phone but that the 9700 is coming out in a week. I “helped” him out. I explained the trackpad and other features and gave reasons to switch to TMo. He DIDNT even tell them about the Even More plus plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a Walmart droid (looking to make a sale at walmart and not for TMo in general) with the standard line “Walmart doesn’t offer the Plus plan (after I brought to light that the plan exists and would save them money and the no contract benefits and so forth). I had to back off a little because I started to feel like I was taking over his Job. By the end of the convo, the customers were going to try to switch and get the Plus plan online, a Cliq and a 9700. I tried to encourage the guy in the end by saying “You did a lot better than others that I have seen”. He said “Do you work for TMo?” I said “No, I just keep up with the market and blogs…” I felt like I was in a western…..walking out in the sunset..

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  • jon

    Looks sluggish like most of the flock of android phones out now :( Don’t really see the point of having a touchscreen if it’s not super responsive….

  • M.E.H.

    I was really looking forward to this phone, esp. the screen (battery life+quality) and flash, but the lack of information has been very off-putting. I even got a CLIQ on Wed., exactly 14 days from the original expected launch, anticipating trading it for the Behold II.

    Bottom line, if this is the same 528MHz proc as every other T-Mobile Android device, then it’s just not very compelling. And the CLIQ has grown on me, thanks to things like a hard switch for silent mode and the minimal main button arrangement.

    It’s surprising all the hype T-Mobile has bestowed on the MT3G, a supposedly “cool” product that doesn’t even have a proper headphone jack (one of the reasons I took back the G1 after the horrid battery life). Yet even more surprising is the lack of promotion for the Behold II, an officially announced phone with (confirmed) superior features.

    So let’s just be honest:

    – improved G1 (in fact, most of what it SHOULD have been, aside from perhaps the arguably better G1 keyboard)
    – for QWERTY people and die-hard rooters
    – afraid to grow up (looking in mirror)

    Behold II
    – improved MyTouch3G (again, most of what it should have been)
    – for non-QWERTY folks, for people who acknowledge the MT3G is a toy/piece of junk
    – you’re into cubes

    OK, yes, there’s the matter of MOTOBLUR and TouchWiz. They’re SO not geek chic. And, sure, Donut is a notable improvement over Cupcake. But in day to day use, I can’t think of anything I’m missing. More importantly, it doesn’t “feel” like anything’s missing.

    I realize the MT3G LE/Fender Edition MyTouch is coming… someday. But, really, what’s the point now?