Oh No! Nationwide Outage

UPDATE 1: As of 9:30pm est approximately only 5% of users are still experiencing a service disruption. The rapid response team which really equates to Catherine Zeta Jones flying from tower to tower is on the job.

UPDATE 2: Please do not overload T-Mobile customer care regarding this issue, they are swamped, overloaded and they have as much information as you do!! Give them a break!

Apparently, a nationwide voice outage is plaguing some users today.  This outage seems to be limited to voice, and for some reason it is causing phones to not be recognized on a network while using T-Mobile’s UMA service.  Let’s hope this gets resolved quickly and let’s be thankful that we all still have our data (is it too soon for that joke?).  We will keep you updated as we learn more.

UPDATE: T-Mobile USA has confirmed that they are aware of the outage and have mobilized their rapid response teams to restore service as quickly as possible. Official statement from T-Mobile below:

T-Mobile customers may be experiencing service disruptions impacting voice and data. Our rapid response teams have been mobilized to restore service as quickly as possible. We will provide updates as more information is available.

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  • Viper

    Oh yes, this sort of thing definitely happens with ISP’s. I will gladly watch pissed off people run from Time Warner to Comcast due to outages, only to see them also get outages on Comcast as well.

    People are acting as if this was some sort of purposeful thing that T-Mobile did, shutting off service for fun or something. Yes it sucks for those who need the phone, but life will go on. When your internet goes down for a week [it’s happened to me] life still goes on.

  • 30014

    @David…You should keep an eye on Jesse. His comments sound very similar to those of our old friend Elrich.

  • Grr

    Okay, lets get this straight because Elrich/Jesse..whatever name he wants to use…is wrong.

    #Most towers are owned by one company and leased by 3-4 others. Sometimes AT&T owns a tower, sometimes T-Mobile does, sometimes Verizon does, and sometimes a non-wireless company does. It is just a metal structure that the companies hang antennas on. The company that owns the tower cannot influence the other companies signal on that tower. They just get a nice monthly check for rent. AT&T and T-Mobile are co-located on a lot of towers. Very, very few of them are owned by AT&T. More are actually owned by Verizon than AT&T. A lot of the time we don’t even use towers. We place antennas on roof tops or water tanks.

    Just look at a tower next time you pass one. You will see antennas on various heights of the tower. Usually, each group at the same elevation is a unique carrier. So if there are 3 groups of antennas, then there are 3 carriers on that tower. Every carrier cannot have their own tower or you would end up with 5-6 towers all grouped in a small area. Good luck on getting a homeowners association or a local government to sign off on that.

  • jkspike3

    “Nurse P. says:
    November 3, 2009 at 11:44 pm

    Say that to all the people who rely on their phones. What of all the doctors, nurses, etc. ie: older folks, disabled folks, and all others who rely on their phones and are on the T-Mobile network? Are you saying T-Mo doesn’t give a damn about them? Are you speaking for the company? ‘Cause if you are, you’d probably get fired asap.

    The bottom line is, T-Mobile has been having difficulty (since this definitely is not the first time this has happened), and while they do address the situation in a timely manner, it still hurts their image as a provider. The rest of the hospital laughs at me and others who have T-Mobile, and those are on the days the network actually does its job (or tries)!

    So please save your anti-whiner whining. Not everyone on here is on their phones for fun and “internet browsing”. Yeah your heart’s still beating now, but what if it suddenly had a hard time doing so and your dumb ass was on T-Mobile and couldn’t call for help because your network is failing or you’re in an underground parking lot? T-Mobile’s been in the business for a long, long time. The least they can do is improve the network. How about doing that for “loyal” customers?

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure T-Mobile cares about those “50 or so” people on here because everyone knows just how easy it is to start a snowball effect. And with the reputation T-Mobile already has, this is just fuel for the fire.

    As for your “leave the company” comment, oh I will. I’m just in the waiting portion, but I’ll keep checking back on this site to see when the next time T-Mobile will go down. I’m sure there’s a app for that.. and a map for that.. and probably a graph for predicted frequency of outages.


    lol if you have t-mo and you were stuck in an underground parking lot im sure you wouldn’t get service anyways ;) no im not speaking for the company im speaking as a t-mo customer. ya my service was out and yes i needed to make a few phone calls but none were emergency. and yes i rely on my phone. YOU CANT DEPEND ON TECHNOLOGY FOR EVERYTHING! and as for the people who did have emergencies, i guess we’ll hear about it in national headlines and how they couldn’t call 911 because of the outage. lol…and no im not whining. =D

  • jkspike3

    “Nurse P. says:
    November 3, 2009 at 11:56 pm

    Name one thing that you do with your phone that is vital to your business, your life, or the lives of others.

    Got it? Sucks doesn’t it? 1400 to 2200 PST, I wasn’t available to my patients and their families.”

    lol have you heard of a land line?

    one thing that is vital to my life…umm calling my grandma who recently became a widow and asking her if SHE NEEDS HELP around the house. and then driving an hour away just to clean her yard and check hows she’s doing. ummm…calling my parents and seeing how they are doing and if THEY NEED ME to take them anywhere. umm… ya VITAL. from 1500 to 2200 MST, I was unavailable to my family!


    To add credibility to my statement I currently work for ATT and have for over a year now as a Cellular Service Technician, but I have worked for both T-Mobile (3yrs) and Sprint (1 Yr). While yesterday’s network outage was a great inconvenience to say the least, why is it that so many people have stepped up to sling T-Mobile in front of the firing squad? What in your mind makes there system impervious to failure. As Stated prior I worked for them in the south eastern part of the country and through Hurricanes, Intense wind and rains and to the North with extreme cold and snow they have always been on top of recovery and have truly implemented fail safes to try an prevent outages. There’s not a cellular provided in the United States that does not experience some form of Outage most of which are out of there control. Most of you consumers do not and care not to truly understand the processes and systems that are in place to deliver those calls. Well here’s a quick lesson IT’S A MAN MADE NETWORK. Things happen! Stop putting blame on the company for failing and blame one self for being so dependent on something you cannot control. T-Mo is just 13 years in business yes they acquired a few companies that are older but there established network is just 13 years old. Please leave the drama back where you came from.

    You know

    Verizon- Most customer poor revenue
    ATT- Most Bars – But consistency with those bars are far from great
    Sprint – Lets not touch that.

    T- Mobile is and will be for a while the underdog that fights to survive the media hype of MORE CUSTOMERS, MORE BARS and a I Phone (woohoo still struggling to validate the hype in 2009) , and oh yeah the Yellow and Black Losers. If Magenta left a bad taste in your mouth because you couldn’t make a call, leave and I assure you before you thirty days is up you will be back, you know after your first bill at Verizon, ATT and Sprint that’s equivalent to you car note and the realization that your high tech ubber stylish phone will have more bars, more customer to call but will probably not work past the buyers remorse window.

    • kershon


  • The Lizard Of Oz

    I am not mad at T-mobile, and I am certainly not leaving them over this but my job requires me to be on call so being down for 26 hours and counting in my case is more than a small problem. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather not be on call but I am. I wonder how many T-Mobile Rapid Response Team members were on call and couldn’t be reached?

  • CMAN

    I had no issues with my G1 during this outage (Milwaukee, wi). I think T-MOBILE’s customer service is top-notch! They are always friendly and helpful. I work for a public safety agency and our radio systems go down all the time. Stuff like this is going to happen. The thing to look for is how they respond to it…that’s what counts in my opinion. Seeya :)

  • GFAB

    Its amazing to see how reliant people are on their cell phones. I understand we have people on call, EMTs, doctors, nurses, babysitters and blah de blah. But it absolutely uphauls me to see that people will actually come to an irate level when something happens to their cellular service and especially when it cannot be resolved by a quick snap of the fingers. There are thousands of possibilities for what can cause an issue as what happened on tuesday. The rapid response team for Tmobile has been one of the fasted teams i have ever seen. I completely agree with the statement made by CMEBME, you CANNOT put your life in the hands of a man made network..you will never survive. Also, I think one good lesson to learn is that when you have an issue with your services, screaming at the rep on the other end of the line is NOT going to help you come to a resolution..its only going to frustrate you more, and cause the rep to be hesitant in doing everything in their power to make sure you end up happy. Learn patience, and although it is frustrating at the time, Tmobile will always come through and make sure everything is resolved, and will make sure you are compensated if there is an issue persisting for an long period of time…and NO 3hrs is not considered a long period of time.

    • tmocsr

      I agree with this comment 300% (if there is such a thing). I am a CSR for TMO, and I was working the night the network went down. It was amazing to see this side of some personalities that night!!! I assured every person who was trippin that night (and I do understand their misery) that I had no personal control over what was happening, yelling at me and throwing down threats would not fix anything, and YES … my phone wasn’t working either!!
      I seriously had one guy on the phone who “promised to find me and F@#K me up if I didn’t get his phone working RIGHT NOW”. I just assured him that he would have to follow through with his threat, because it was something I had no control over. I didn’t even drop the call for him cursing me out … I assumed the next call was going to be the same anyway.
      I can honestly say that most people calling in just wanted the “is it me, or is it a problem” question answered, and they were cool with the answer I gave them. Hell, I always wonder the same thing when the power goes out, or cable, or whatever. Those that called in telling me about life and death situations that depend totally on their cellphone … I tried to tell them in a nice way, without being a smart-ass, that they should really consider an alternate means of communication rather than wasting their time yelling at me about it.
      It was a special night to work :/ … and I’m really hoping I’m off the next time this happens (it’s technology, it’s bound to happen again someday)

  • kendrix_myrealname

    For the past week I’ve experienced network failure and it’s highly unacceptable but I called them just to see what the problem was and they were more than happy to give me a credit for each day I was out of service. That was business handled professionally. When we had the same issue with att they claimed that we used the phone too much and that they couldn’t help. So don’t bash t mobile. They’re not totally incapable. They are a great company and I’m glad to have them as a provider

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  • Uksinger

    Phone service back up in Louisville, KY

  • TmoOldTimer

    Outages happens everytime Tmo upgrades their service. Tmo is currently rumored to be upgrading data speeds everywhere.

  • SPRINT#!

    TMOBILE plans are ok. Project dark or what ever you call just sound plan corny. No one can compare to sprints any mobile any time plan. T Mobiles coverage sucks and plus they dont even have 3g nation wide. Terrible company. Sprint new plan includes unlimited everything except if you call a home phone for 69.99, thats unlimited talk, text, internet, tv, navigation, and if need blackberry plan. what a deal.