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T-Mobile Rolls Out Backup Internet Plan for Business Customers

Earlier today, T-Mobile unveiled a new “Backup Internet” service for business users.  For $30 per month, you can sign up for the new 5G Business Internet Backup plan offered by T-Mo.  This plan is meant as a backup plan for those who already have cable or fiber connection. If you are not a T-Mobile Business user, this backup internet service is not available for you.  As of this writing, the details of the plan have not yet … [read full article]

T-Mobile rolls out Better Choice Bundle offer for small businesses

T-Mobile is currently celebrating small businesses week. But instead of limiting the celebration to just one week, they are doing it for the entire month.  As part of this celebration, T-Mobile unveiled the new Better Choice Bundle. This bundle comes with Business Internet and T-Mobile Dialpad for Business collaboration tools, which come with voice solutions (VoIP), messaging, and video conferencing.  Through this bundle, you can save over 30% compared with big cable. And in addition to the … [read full article]

T-Mobile partners with Cradlepoint to deliver fixed wireless solution to business customers

T-Mobile has partnered with Cradlepoint to deliver “an enterprise-grade custom-designed all-in-one 5G router for T-Mobile Business Internet customers.” With this partnership, the two aim to deliver a compelling fixed wireless solution to organizations for their continuous business operations. Cradlepoint is part of Ericsson. Prior to today’s announcement, there are limited internet options offered to businesses. This is because internet providers mainly focus on consumer internet. But there is a demand from businesses for solutions that provide enhanced … [read full article]