Report: T-Mobile Has an Upcoming Change on EIP Bill Credits Policy

T-Mobile’s latest move is sure to gain negative attention from its avid subscribers. And for many, this just might be the final nail in the coffin to entice them to switch to another carrier. 

As spotted in an internal document obtained by The Mobile Report, the Un-carrier is preparing to change its bill credit policy on device promotions. This new change will affect promotions offered on new lines and trade-ins. 

In the past, customers were able to pay off their equipment installment plans (EIP) early and still get their full bill credits over a 24-month period. But the new document shows us that T-Mobile will be linking “Recurring Device Credits” (RDC) to EIPs. This means that customers who pay off their devices early will also lose the bill credits remaining on their account. The promotion will be prematurely forfeited. 

The document reveals that the new change in policy will affect devices purchased on or after July 1st. So if you purchased a device prior to that date, you will not be affected. 

Right now, it’s unknown why T-Mobile is making this change. But as speculated in the report, it could be because T-Mobile is avoiding the number of customers who purchase a device under a promo, pay them off, and sell them. Again, this is merely speculation so we’ll have to wait for what T-Mobile has planned for its customers. 

Source: The Mobile Report

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