T-Mobile Has Deployed Its Emergency Teams in Response to Houston Storms

T-Mobile has activated its emergency teams to provide assistance to its customers, communities, first responders, and others that are affected by the severe and destructive storms in Houston. As part of its deployment, the Un-carrier has released an update on its blog:

  • While some of our network sites in the Houston area were impacted by commercial power outages from the storm, most customers have some level of service due to overlapping coverage.
  • Our teams were able to restore several sites overnight with portable generators and will continue to do so as conditions safely allow. The team is also ready to deploy SatCOLTs (Satellite Cell on Light Trucks) and SatCOWs (Satellite Cell on Wheels) to restore coverage in areas where repairs could take longer due to the storm’s severity.
  • Our Community Support teams are en route to Houston and greater Harris County to bring Wi-Fi, device charging and charging supplies.
  • We are also engaging with numerous state and local officials at the City of Houston Emergency Operations Center and Harris County Emergency Operations Center including the Texas Department of Emergency Management to identify connectivity needs and priorities.

For any communications assistance, T-Mobile’s 24-hour emergency hotline can be reached at 888-639-0020 or emailed at ERTRequests@T-Mobile.com.

Source: T-Mobile

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