Report Clarifies the Vague Text that Scared Some T-Mobile Customers

Last week, some T-Mobile customers received a text update informing them of an upcoming change in account credits. These customers were told that they will be getting a “lump sum” credit but did not specify what this was. 

The text message that some T-Mo customers received read:

“We’re changing how we apply account credits for selected offers. On your next bill, you’ll receive one lump-sum credit for the remainder of your offer value instead of a recurring monthly credit. Don’t worry, you’ll keep any credits you may have already received.”

When customers first received the text, they did not get full details about the credits. But as The Mobile Report discovered, the text was for the “Stay Magenta” retention credit that was sent to some customers. Going back to November last year, this was a credit program that T-Mobile offered for customers who were planning to leave. The Un-carrier gave them a $10 monthly credit for six months or a $25 credit for two months. 

Unfortunately, the program ended in February. The Un-carrier then decided to offer the remaining credits as one final payment to the customers who were entitled to them. 

With this clarification, customers who received the text can now relax with what this credit offer was all about.

Source: The Mobile Report