Dealers Are Unhappy With T-Mobile’s New Compensation Program Changes

Sadly, T-Mobile has made a new change to its dealer compensation program once again. 

As shared by NWIDA, a Twitter post from T-Mobile talked about the company’s Reinvented Payment Terms. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean good news for dealers. 

The post shared that dealer compensation was 100% on the first month and dropped to 60%. With the new change, this will now drop to 25%. 

In addition to this, this will be made as a pay retention over 12 months. A dealer that shared the news in the report said: 

“Nothing says “We value you” quite like holding back what one has earned, essentially giving a whole new meaning to “deferred gratification”. It’s a bold move, turning payroll into a long-term savings plan we never asked for. Who needs cash flow when you can have a financial trickle, right?”

T-Mobile dealers are concerned about these new changes. Hopefully, T-Mobile makes changes that will satisfy both parties. 

Source: NWIDA