T-Mobile Appeals Against AT&T & Verizon Customers Alleging It Caused Price Increase

Back in November, AT&T and Verizon customers were allowed to file a lawsuit against T-Mobile. These customers were frustrated with T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint, which they believed caused its rival carriers to raise their prices. 

The proposed lawsuit intended to penalize T-Mobile with various fees. Not to mention, they hoped to reverse the 2020 merger. 

According to Reuters, T-Mobile can now appeal to have this lawsuit blocked. District Judge Thomas Durkin recently allowed T-Mo to appeal the decision now instead of at a later date.

The Un-carrier defended itself by saying the customers lacked legal standing for seeking retribution in the claimed damages. T-Mobile also pointed out that its rivals are free to set their own pricing, which means they cannot be held responsible for their actions. 

Source: PhoneArena

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