T-Mobile Extending Help to Families Affected by Tornadoes in Tennessee

T-Mobile is responding to the devastation of the tornadoes in Tennessee that took place last Saturday night. According to its announcement, the Un-carrier will be visiting select locations to offer Wi-Fi and provide critical supplies like blankets, portable battery packs, charging cables, and device chargers. 

The tornadoes affected the counties of Montgomery, Sumner, and Davidson. This is how T-Mo offers its assistance: 

  • T-Mobile’s Community Support teams mobilized early this morning to bring supplies to Clarksville. Emergency response vehicles will offer free Wi-Fi, charging stations, charging cables and more.
  • Our network has minimal impact but a small number of sites in the Hendersonville corridor where the tornadoes hit are currently down due to local power outages. Our Emergency Management teams will work to restore impacted sites as conditions safely allow, including transporting generators to the area, and will continue to closely monitor.
  • The T-Mobile Emergency Response Team is engaging with numerous state and local officials, first responders and organizations. Agencies needing communications assistance can reach out to our 24-hour emergency hotline at 888-639-0020 or email at ERTRequests@T-Mobile.com. 

Our hearts go out to the families affected by the tornadoes. 

Source: T-Mobile