T-Mobile CEO Releases Statement to Clear Up Forced Plan Migrations

The latest update in T-Mobile’s forced migration comes directly from the Un-carrier’s CEO, Mike Sievert. 

As shared by The Mobile Report, the executive has sent out an email to all employees to shed more light on the confusion. The email reiterates the previous update that the automatic migrations were part of “a very small test.” The new update also shares that T-Mobile has not yet changed anyone’s plans. 

The executive also shared that these “small tests” are a common practice for T-Mobile’s business as they help map out future promotions and plans. 

The publication points out an important factor on how things blew out of proportion. If T-Mobile released an official statement right away, its customers would have not been disappointed by the news of the forced migrations. But then again, the damage has already been done. 

Hopefully, only a small number of T-Mobile customers will be affected by the change. 

Source: The Mobile Report