Report Says Only 1% of T-Mobile Customers Will Be Affected by Forced Migration

Following reports of its forced migration, T-Mobile clarified that only a small number of customers will be affected by the change. 

A new report by The Mobile Report reveals that only around 1% of customers will be affected by the change. 

This update gives customers some hope since they don’t have to worry about getting affected by the forced migration. Only a small number of customers are planned to be migrated to a newer plan. 

If you are part of this “small number,” you can choose to opt out of the migration. Since the plan change won’t happen until November, you will have to wait until T-Mobile notifies you if your plan will be affected.

In line with this, T-Mobile has instructed its frontline teams on how to address the concerns of customers. They are now trained to offer an account review to customers to check if they will be part of the small number scheduled for a plan change. 

The original documents shared by the report have also been removed from T-Mobile’s internal systems. They will likely release a newer document with more concise information that will avoid confusion.  

Source: The Mobile Report