Seattle University Works With T-Mobile’s 5G Network

Students from Seattle University are in for a treat. This is because the University has signed a partnership with T-Mobile to deliver a Connected Experience to its students. 

Through this initiative, T-Mobile hopes to improve digital equity, advance student success outcomes, increase operational efficiencies, and drive innovation. This partnership also gives T-Mobile the edge as the primary 5G service provider for the entire campus. They also provide the University’s staff with the 5G devices they need to improve their operations. 

According to its press release, the projects that Seattle University plan to deploy using T-Mobile’s 5G include the following:

  • Building out high-speed internet across the entire campus at a significant cost savings compared to wired solutions.
  • Enhanced campus safety and security services using 5G-enabled smart cameras.
  • 5G-enabled devices and services for Seattle University leadership, faculty, staff, emergency response teams, and students.
  • Creation of a program that enables international students to obtain cell service without needing a bank account or credit check. This provides SIM cards or eSIMs so students can have immediate service.
  • Student-led academic projects leveraging 5G innovation.

Seattle University President Eduardo Peñalver said:

“The joint program will help us create a more collaborative and innovative campus for Seattle University students to learn. Seattle University is the place where innovation meets humanity. We are excited to collaborate with such a forward-looking, impactful company that just happens to be headquartered here in the Pacific Northwest.”

T-Mobile for Government’s Vice President, David Bezzant, said:

“At T-Mobile, we know that connectivity is an important factor for student success, so we’ve quickly worked hand in hand with Seattle University to upgrade the campus-wide connectivity. We’re thrilled that students are benefiting from the improvements that are live today, and we’re already in the midst of building with Seattle University to bring them more benefits in the future. ” 

You can read more about the announcement here.

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