Mike Sievert Looks Back at First Ever iPhone Offered by T-Mobile

Time surely flies. Would you believe it’s already a decade since T-Mobile started offering iPhone devices to its customers? This is something that T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert is commemorating in his latest blog post

In the post, Sievert looks back to 2012 and shares how T-Mobile used to be a “distant fourth in wireless with limited financial resources to improve its network.” At that time, Sievert was the chief marketing officer and did not carry iPhones or 4G LTE. 

But after hearing the requests of its customers and seeing the iPhone’s potential, Sievert “set to work to solve that pain point.” 

And in March 2013, Sievert stood on stage to make the announcement. In his blog post, he shared a photo of him holding up the iPhone 5 as they welcomed this big change for the wireless network. 

Fast forward to today, T-Mobile has now surpassed its competition and is the leading network in the US when it comes to 5G. Hopefully, the Un-carrier does its best to continue this achievement in the next decade. 

You can read Sievert’s full blog here

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