T-Mobile launches NextGen 911 RTT support for emergency calls/texts

T-Mobile has unveiled its newest move to help support 911 telecommunicators. In a press release, the company unveiled the new NextGen 911 Real-Time Text (RTT) service that it has innovated in partnership with leading cloud communications platform solutions provider, Sinch. 

Through NextGen 911 RTT, T-Mobile will be able to support the estimated 240 million 911 wireless device calls made in the US every year. 

In its announcement, T-Mo revealed that the first NextGen 911 RTT technology is now up and running at an Emergency Communications Center (ECC) situated in Hood County, Texas. Through this technology, T-Mo customers get to communicate with 911 operators through simultaneous conversational text and voice without the need for teletype (TTY) technology. 

Thanks to this technology, those who are Deaf or hard of hearing and have other speech-related disabilities can get in touch with 911 emergency services. Non-native English speakers also get the help they need through this system.

T-Mo plans to expand this technology nationwide: 

“RTT 911 provides an enhanced service to our community including Deaf, hearing or speech impaired individuals as well as those who want to use RTT. We appreciate the support of T-Mobile, Sinch, and Solacom as well as our ECCs and staff in implementing production operational practices. We hope carriers and PSAPs around the country become RTT ready to improve public safety.”

– Christy Williams, director of 911, North Central Texas Emergency Communications. 

“T-Mobile’s advanced LTE network and nationwide 5G network enables game changing technologies like this industry-leading NextGen 911 RTT that will help people and public safety centers communicate more quickly and more clearly in a crisis – and ultimately save lives. As the Un-carrier we’re always committed to solving pain points and creating better experiences – never more important than when it comes to ensuring customers and public safety centers have dependable connections in emergencies.”

– Neville Ray, president of Technology at T-Mobile.

You can read more about the announcement here

Source: T-Mobile

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