AT&T sues T-Mobile over BannedSeniors campaign

Last week, T-Mobile acted on behalf of its customers (and non-customers) by unveiling its new BannedSeniors campaign. Through the campaign, T-Mobile exposed its competitors for not making senior discounts available to customers who weren’t residing in Florida. And now, AT&T is fighting back. 

In an earlier report from PhoneArena, AT&T has filed a legal action against T-Mo in a federal court in Texas. The company is seeking compensatory damages for its “outright dishonest and completely false” claims. Ma Bell also claimed that T-Mo “intentionally designed to deceive senior citizens” with the campaign.  

In the campaign, T-Mobile claims that both AT&T and Verizon did not offer senior discounts to residents of 49 states. Unfortunately, the Un-carrier did not provide concrete grounds to challenge this accusation. Still, T-Mo offered hooking up AARP members with monthly savings similar to what AT&T’s wireless plans offered. As a result, AT&T is suing T-Mo over this claim since the offer does not really cut the price for customers 55 years old and above. 

Right now, the full demand of AT&T has not been detailed. It’s possible that they want the courts to intervene and force T-Mo to stop making the claim in its latest ad campaign. 

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Source: PhoneArena

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