T-Mobile welcomes 3 new participants to its Accelerator Program


T-Mobile has unveiled the three new companies that will be joining its successful Accelerator Program. 

These companies that have joined today aim to make a change in industries like shopping, retail, and gaming. This will be achieved by working with other developers and entrepreneurs to create an immersive AR experience using T-Mobile’s 5G network. 

Here are the new participants in its T-Mobile Accelerator program:

  • Foundry Six (Los Angeles, CA) –  With Foundry Six’s AREALM, you can turn your next hike with friends into an epic adventure! This role play game metaverse allows players to experience all their favorite gameplay in the real world. Join player versus environment, player versus player, crafting, and dungeon crawl encounters brought to life through Augmented Reality technology.   
  • Stops (Tel Aviv, Israel) – Stops is a location-based platform that helps businesses and influencers securely share locations with their customers/followers across the metaverse. As a result, people can now discover nearby content and product locations through Augmented Reality every time they stop.
  • weR (NYC, NY) – weR is a deep tech company that provides an Augmented Reality/Artificial Intelligence platform for monetizing and optimizing retail spaces.

As shared by T-Mobile EVP of Advanced & Emerging Technologies, John Saw:

“5G and Augmented Reality have the potential to transform gaming, education, training, the way we communicate and so much more. With the T-Mobile Accelerator, we are partnering with the brightest developers and entrepreneurs to drive the 5G ecosystem forward and bring revolutionary new 5G-powered applications to life.”

The group will be joined by the other participants like Beem, Krikey, Mawari, Mohx-Games, Pluto, and VictoryXR. 

You can learn more about the participants here.

Source: T-Mobile

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