Legacy Sprint customers can now open a new T-Mobile Home Internet plan without migrating

Without a doubt, T-Mobile’s Home Internet service has been getting its fair share of fame these days. In fact, the company revealed that as of June, more than 40 million households are eligible to use the service. But unfortunately, it wasn’t available to legacy Sprint customers at the time of its launch. The good news is, this is about to change now. 

The T-Mo Report was able to get their hands on a document that revealed this important change. The document reveals that legacy Sprint customers will be able to open a separate account for T-Mobile Home Internet and still keep their old Sprint account. This is an important change for these customers since their only option prior to this was to migrate to a new T-Mobile account just so they could be eligible for the service. 

Now that this is a possibility, Sprint customers can continue to use their Sprint accounts and have a different account for T-Mobile Home Internet. The latter does not support voice lines so this is something that’s worth noting. 

If this is the case, however, customers will be getting a couple of bills– one for the legacy Sprint plan, the other for the T-Mobile Home Internet service. 

This new signup option will soon be available to Sprint customers starting July 21st. 

Source: The T-Mo Report 

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