T-Mobile launches new program that gives marketers access to customer app usage data

T-Mobile has a new program for marketers. Through this program, third-party marketers can purchase customer data from T-Mobile, particularly in what apps are being used. 

As shared by The Verge, the information obtained by marketers is anonymous. Customer data is collected together and pooled according to similar interests and behaviors. This way, companies are not buying the app history of a specific user. 

T-Mobile’s advertising sector has displayed this on its website as “Apps speak louder than words.” The program gives clients a chance to “leverage app insights, the strongest indicator of consumer intent.”

As a customer, however, you can opt out of this. You can use the Android and iOS app called “Magenta Marketing Platform Choices” to opt out of the program. The app also lets you see which companies have your data. 

Ad Exchanger says that iOS users are not included in the program even if they choose to opt in to have their app activity tracked. If downloading an app to opt out of the is out of the question, you can use App Choices.

You can read more about this program here

Source: The Verge