Sprint user spots loophole and ends up with over 5,000 free SIM cards

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As part of T-Mobile’s campaign to bring as many Sprint customers over to their network, they offered free SIM cards with free overnight shipping as well. Unfortunately, one customer decided to see just how many SIM cards he could get.

And it turns out, the user was able to get more than 5,100 SIM cards. This was spotted on Discord and reported by The T-Mo Report

It turns out that whenever a Sprint customer logs into his account, he would receive a free T-Mobile SIM card offer. The customer, however, discovered that the website does not have a limit on the number of orders an account can place. 

Throughout a few weeks, the customer kept ordering SIM cards to be delivered to his home. The order form, by default, would auto-fill one SIM card order. But the customer also found a way to change that to the maximum number of SIM cards, which is 6. He kept the website open while he proceeded with his day, yet continued to order every few minutes. 

And soon enough, his orders started arriving and piling up outside his door. He soon became the “community SIM hoarder.”

Until eventually, he discovered that his access to his Sprint account had been suspended. When he got in touch with T-Mobile, he spoke to someone from Sprint Executive Care. The suspension was not on the quantity of SIMs he ordered, but on the speed of his orders. 

“Basically, I got another rep for Sprint, they said my account is locked out for fraud but I’m not in trouble, he reiterated that these cards are free to order and there is no limit on how many one customer can order, but the reason my account is under fraud suspicion is because orders were placed back to back so quickly that it didn’t look like a human being was doing it, they thought it was some kind of scripted activity by a bot.”

Strangely enough, the suspension on his account was lifted and he was even encouraged to continue if he wanted. But the user decided to stop since he no longer wanted to request for his account to be restored if his account got suspended again. 

As reported, the customer still hasn’t finished unboxing all of his packages. And no, he hasn’t gotten himself in trouble. It’s possible that T-Mobile will look into the matter soon and put a limit on the number of free SIMs they give away. 


Source: The T-Mo Report

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