T-Mobile, Verizon customers reported a service outage yesterday


Yesterday, both Verizon and T-Mobile trended on social media for negative reasons. It turned out that there were a number of customers of either carrier who experienced a service outage. Users from either network shared that they are unable to call numbers from rival carriers. 

As seen on DownDetector, it looks like the issue first started around 12 pm EST. It then peaked hours later, around 5 pm EST, with around 3,600 T-Mobile customers who reported experiencing an issue. A couple of hours later, the issue was reported by 3,100 users. 

Meanwhile, the website shows that Verizon experienced a peak of complaints just after 5 pm EST with around 2,300 reports. By 7:15 pm EST, the reports dropped to around 1,300. 

Most of the affected users were from major cities on the East Coast, southeastern US, and Industrial Midwest. 

When asked for a comment on the issue, both companies repeatedly denied having an issue with their network. But the issue seemed to have cleared up by midnight. 

Some AT&T users also reported an issue with their network. However, the extent of the issue was not at par with the other carriers. 


Source: WFAA