T-Mobile acknowledges problem with Black Friday iPhone 13 promotion


Black Friday and Cyber Monday both just ended with the usual number of happy customers who were able to score a deal. But if you’re one of the T-Mobile customers who picked up an Apple device hoping to get a rebate on your purchase, you may want to hold off on celebrating just yet. 

Before the much anticipated sale happened, T-Mobile already promoted the offer: 

“Deals for Apple Fans: New and existing customers can score a FREE iPhone 13 Pro, FREE set of AirPods (2nd generation) and a FREE year of Apple TV+ on Magenta MAX or Sprint MAX with eligible trade-in. And anyone can get HALF OFF an iPhone 13 Pro and HALF OFF a set of AirPods (2nd generation) with eligible trade-in on ANY postpaid consumer plan.”

But as it turns out, the offer hasn’t been coordinated properly with Apple. Users who purchased an iPhone over the weekend have reported that their trade-in devices were denied. They also did not receive a rebate on their bill to take care of the price of their iPhone 13. 

One of the customers who experienced this is Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who shared his experience on Twitter. He shared a screenshot of how his submission was denied and that Apple returned his device as ineligible.  

But the good news is that T-Mobile has already acknowledged the issue. According to Gurman’s screenshot, T-Mobile has reached out to him to resolve the promotional credit issue. The Un-carrier also promised to “be more transparent about rebate terms moving forward.” 

Gurman also encouraged other customers experiencing an issue to reach out to T-Mobile if something is wrong with their purchase.  


Source: PhoneArena

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