T-Mobile starts migrating Sprint customers


T-Mobile has started to automatically migrate Sprint accounts into its billing system. This appears to be another move that T-Mo is doing to finalize the transfer of Sprint customers into its system. 

The report comes from The T-Mo Report, who shared some documents about the “Magenta Complete” program. This is the name that T-Mobile has given for this entire procedure. They also shared that the program is “designed for the customers who don’t visit Retail locations and who are already fully eligible to be moved.” 

According to the report, the migration process is done behind the scenes and will not require any action from a customer or a representative. Impacted customers will be getting a welcome text on their phones once the migration process has been completed. The document also shares that there will be no changes made to their services or billing. But it’s possible that customers will be able to pay their bills and manage their accounts through T-Mo’s website after migration. 

The automated migration will start with less than 1,000 customers. These accounts will be “locked” for a couple of hours, which means employees won’t be able to make any account changes. The rest of the customers will be transferred throughout next year. 

The migration process is permanent. Once you have been switched to T-Mobile, you can’t go back to Sprint. 


Source: The T-Mo Report

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