T-Mobile has a new live speed-test billboard in VA


When it comes to advertising tactics, T-Mobile has just launched something innovative. As reported by Android Police, the Un-Carrier has unveiled a “live” speed test billboard in Norfolk, VA. 

According to the report, the billboard displays the 5G network speeds of the three major carriers in the country. The billboard also shares that T-Mobile’s 5G network is reaching up to 600Mbps while Verizon’s is a lot slower than this number. AT&T is not even offering 5G on the billboard. 

The source for the billboard comes from the recent report released by Ookla Speedtest using a Samsung Galaxy S21. These are the numbers that are running every hour on Samsung devices in a nearby T-Mobile store. 

T-Mobile is also hinting at possibly launching more speed-test billboards at other locations in the coming days. 


Source: Android Police

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  • Bob B.

    I test at speeds as high as 750 Mbps in my county. Waiting patiently for them to upgrade service here where my home is. I test as high as 60 to 70 Mbps connected to 5G, but they told me that much faster speed is coming my way.

    • slybacon

      Which county/state are you in?

  • Jason Caprio

    This kind of marketing is laughable. People want their data to be fast and reliable everywhere they go, not just in 1 spot. This is why Verizon overall will always win. T-Mobile might be ahead in the 5G game at the moment, but Verizon’s robust LTE coverage still destroys T-Mobile in terms of performance/reliability across the entire USA, especially in rural areas.

    I highly doubt that billboard has 3 cellphones hiding inside it with sim cards from each carrier. It’s probably a complete fabrication, or they’re simply feeding it data from elsewhere. I’m willing to bet if Verizon wins the speed test on any given run, they wouldn’t dare display it on the screen!

    • slybacon

      I just did a speedtest inside my office in Utah and got 571 Mbps down and 76 Mbps up (I used 770 MB of data). I always get above 200 Mbps where ever I go on 5G-UC. Similar speeds in San Diego, CA last month. Verizon 5G speedtests will never win on 700 Mhz spectrum. Low frequency, long wavelength. It will win on mmwave spectrum (38 Ghz).
      Also, it says the phone is inside the T-Mobile store (probably the one you can see in the picture). The AT&T and Verizon speeds probably just come from Ookla data.

      • Seth Dunn

        Yup, I live in a rural area and my only options for home internet are fixed wireless, satellite, and t-mobile. I run t-mobile, it’s the best proce at $50/month, has no data caps, and has speeds between 200 and 500mbps down. This billboard isn’t an outlier.

    • Brad C

      I mean, I have far more issues data wise with my work provided verizon SIM than my T-Mobile SIM card.

      Verizon always has “bars” and can make calls, but the data performance when traveling around often leaves things to be desired… you are correct that in super rural areas Verizon does work better, but even me that travels for work: I rarely, if ever goes that rural that my T-Mobile device is not working and if I do, it’s maybe 1-2x a year?

    • Phone Guy

      Are you that naive? Verizon will not always be on top. The Verizon die hards just keep hanging on to their old coverage lead mantra as it slips out of their blind little hands. So funny. Verizon has a great product, but its lead has but almost dissolved. Only a little way to go.

      • Jason Caprio

        I’ve been yearing this for years, however Verizon still obliterates T-Mobile on Rootmetrics. I don’t want to hear any conspiracy theories that Verizon is paying them off. My personal experience with my Verizon and my wife’s T-Mobile reflects their findings while traveling.

    • Augustine

      Had you read the article, you’d know that there are three Samsung S21 in a store nearby running speed tests on each carrier every hour.

      • Jason Caprio

        I just realised that I skimmed the article too fast and missed that. It makes sense.