T-Mobile plans to migrate Sprint Complete customers with its Protection <360>


T-Mobile will soon be dropping another Sprint product, as revealed by a report

According to this slide, T-Mobile will be dropping Sprint’s legacy Asurion product to give way to something it has in store for the brand. The report reveals that T-Mobile plans to merge Sprint Complete, a legacy protection plan from Sprint, with their own Protection <360> plan. 

In addition to merging the two plans, T-Mo intends to transform its Sprint Asurion repair stores into T-Mobile Assurant stores by October 11th. The first phase of the merger is to service only T-Mobile rate plans. Sprint Complete customers will become eligible by November 1st as soon as the migration to a Protection <360> plan has been completed. This will then allow all repair stores to service the two rate plans, which will cover approximately 19 million T-Mobile and 12 million Sprint customers. 

The report shares that affected customers will receive a notification from T-Mobile starting September 15th. If you are a Sprint Complete customer, you should keep an eye out for a notification from T-Mobile soon. 


Source: The T-Mo Report

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  • RealShit

    The question is do existing protection 360 customers on tmobile get to have their phones repaired in these stores? Doesn’t matter Apple is a better place to go for repairs anyway.

    • Thronnos

      Apple isn’t ways better. Plus applecare only works on apple devices. This works on ALL devices. I worked for Sprint, in most cases if they only needed a screen repaired, it was easier to go to a S&R store, pay the $29 and get it fixed same day rather than going to apple. All Assurant/Asurion techs are/were certified by apple to do repairs.

    • Jade

      Many people don’t realize how convenient it is to have your phone repaired within 2 hours. Not to mention there is no appointment required to get your phone repaired the same day. They use genuine Apple parts, that come directly from Apple, and the technicians are certified to repair those devices.

      • Gaius_Baltar4

        I highly doubt they would do repairs on Apple products that would void Apple’s warranty (as all third party repairs do). They likely will be certified by Apple just like Best Buy and Sprint were to repair meaning it would be no different than going to an Apple Store

  • Jody Krieger

    Sprint is the worst company around. I still have not been able to resolve my phone issue with them for a month and they still have not shut my phone off after 9 requests. They are down right criminals.

    • Davy Jones

      I have been with T-Mobile for well over a decade. They have the best service of any telecom company I’ve ever dealt with. The times I’ve called, I’ve rarely had to wait on hold more than a few minutes.

      Also, instead of national call centers, or worse, international ones, they have regional call centers, so usually I’ll end up talking talking to someone who lives fairly locally. I’ll never leave them as long as they keep doing what they’ve been doing.

      • samsung freud

        That’s odd, I usually end up speaking with support staff in the Philippines.