Leaked document reveals T-Mobile to offer $0 down on select devices under EIP


T-Mobile is really keen on getting its customers on a device installment plan. As revealed by this report, T-Mobile will soon be launching a new promotion that will encourage its customers to sign up for an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP). 

The publication released an internal document that detailed the promotion, which will apparently start on September 3rd. All T-Mobile customers eligible for an EIP will be able to get $0 down on these devices:

  • Apple iPhone 11 64GB
  • Apple iPhone 12 mini 64GB
  • Samsung Galaxy A12
  • T-Mobile REVVL 5G

The full price of the device will be divided by 24 months, which the customer will have to pay for. 

It’s important to note that the devices available under this promotion already have existing offers. But with this new offer, they can get the device with no down payment upfront. 

For more details about the offer, you can read the internal document shared in the photo above. T-Mobile has not officially released this promotion but it could do so in the next few days.


Source: The T-Mo Report

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  • marque2

    I guess this is for people with poor credit? I have never had to put anything down at TMobile.

    • RealShit

      It’s for people with poor credit and for poor people in general. Only poor people can’t afford to pay for phones outright. Peasants.

      • Chris Collins

        It really depends. These are 0 interest loans so the less money down the better even if you have the cash, that said T mobile is rarely the cheapest spot, so it can be a toss up I have done both buy outright from Amazon or Best buy or if T mobile I take the EIP.

        • marque2

          Right, but that is the deal too – T-mobile never officially charges interest, they charge you the full price of the phone and let you pay it over 24 months. You could pay it all up front but the price is exactly the same. So while I get the interest may be built into the price, technically T-mobile never charged interest either.

          Lately T-mobile is making a lot of funny announcements which are designed to make them look good but really isn’t anything special it is normal operations (See “free” phone/text/data for Hurricane Ida where it is free for the vast majority of customers anyway, if you can charge the phone without power).

      • marque2

        Not quite sure your complaint. I get my phones over 24 months as well – they just never asked me to pay for anything up front other than the sales tax. Also – there are some “rich” people with poor credit. It is more a money management issue.

      • Bklynman

        Then why are you here? Why don’t you take your business to ATT or Big Red?Who are you judge anyone? Some people might be paying with rewards card decide pay for it monthly. Everyone situation is different.

    • Acdc1a

      People with business accounts who refuse to allow a personal credit check as well.

  • aLdo

    Only real peasants call people peasants with knowing there life, or a username called realshit, explains it all nuff said

  • Sayahh

    We I got a 12 and a 12 Pro, I actually had a down payment on one but not the other.

  • Danrarbc

    The Android options are genuinely pathetic.

    Come on at least offer the A52 or OnePlus 8.