T-Mo executive criticizes Samsung for supply chain issues


A T-Mobile executive recently spoke up about the woes the company is experiencing due to Samsung’s supply chain issues. The complaint was reportedly made by T-Mo CFO Peter Osvaldik at a Bank of America Securities webcast held on September 14th.  

According to a report, Osvaldik openly criticized Samsung for the lack of devices. 

“Samsung has really fallen behind the eight ball relative to other OEMs,” Osvaldik was quoted saying. 

The executive shared that “a lot of our customer base are also very significant Samsung lovers” but because T-Mobile hasn’t been able to meet the demand, many customers have been left disappointed. He shared that many of their customers originally wanted to buy a new Samsung device but couldn’t find them, particularly the Galaxy Note series that “many of our customers just loved.”

Osvaldik pointed out that Samsung’s decision to skip the Galaxy Note series this year was a bad one. And that customers weren’t turning to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 option as an alternative for the Galaxy Note. 

The T-Mo executive also shared that they have a “very short supply” of the Galaxy S21 series, which was affected by the global chip shortage. Not to mention, the upcoming Galaxy S21 FE is also part of the ongoing chip shortage, which is why it will likely only launch in the US and Europe. 

Samsung has declined to comment on Osvaldik’s comment but has previously promised that they “seek to release a Note model next year.” 

Hopefully, Samsung addresses the supply chain issue as soon as possible so that T-Mobile customers can get their hands on their preferred devices.


Source: Fierce Wireless, Android Central, The Verge

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