T-Mo executive criticizes Samsung for supply chain issues


A T-Mobile executive recently spoke up about the woes the company is experiencing due to Samsung’s supply chain issues. The complaint was reportedly made by T-Mo CFO Peter Osvaldik at a Bank of America Securities webcast held on September 14th.  

According to a report, Osvaldik openly criticized Samsung for the lack of devices. 

“Samsung has really fallen behind the eight ball relative to other OEMs,” Osvaldik was quoted saying. 

The executive shared that “a lot of our customer base are also very significant Samsung lovers” but because T-Mobile hasn’t been able to meet the demand, many customers have been left disappointed. He shared that many of their customers originally wanted to buy a new Samsung device but couldn’t find them, particularly the Galaxy Note series that “many of our customers just loved.”

Osvaldik pointed out that Samsung’s decision to skip the Galaxy Note series this year was a bad one. And that customers weren’t turning to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 option as an alternative for the Galaxy Note. 

The T-Mo executive also shared that they have a “very short supply” of the Galaxy S21 series, which was affected by the global chip shortage. Not to mention, the upcoming Galaxy S21 FE is also part of the ongoing chip shortage, which is why it will likely only launch in the US and Europe. 

Samsung has declined to comment on Osvaldik’s comment but has previously promised that they “seek to release a Note model next year.” 

Hopefully, Samsung addresses the supply chain issue as soon as possible so that T-Mobile customers can get their hands on their preferred devices.


Source: Fierce Wireless, Android Central, The Verge

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  • Nikitao1

    T-Mobile execs should know better than blaming Samsung of all companies for shortages. Almost no tmo store has any iphone models in stock except the 12 pros and other android brands are struggling too. Sure the lack of a Note is disappointing but that’s not a major reason for lack of sales. If tmo wasn’t pushing magenta max down people’s throats to get the best deal on a Fold or a Flip they’d be selling like hot cakes. Not to mention tmo dropped the ball on purchasing enough phones in the first place. Att, Verizon and even best buy is perfectly stocked on most devices while TMobile struggles to keep anything in stock including accessories. This BS farce and blaming Samsung of all companies is as deep of a Vail over customer eyes as offering free Apple TV right after the data breach.

    • Shaun Michalak

      Not to mention tmo dropped the ball on purchasing enough phones in the first place.

      Att, Verizon and even best buy is perfectly stocked on most devices while TMobile struggles to keep anything in stock

      so let me get this straight.. You think that a company that can not get phones, but is selling them left and right, is to blame for a company not delivering on orders?? Is that some kind of a bad joke?? The fact is, AT&T and Verizon are “not” pushing 5G phones like T-mobile is, because their 5G is not any better then their 4G is.. They share the same exact spectrum so there is no real difference.. So why would any Verizon or AT&T customer run out to jump on a 5G phone, when even Verizon in the past has said to turn off 5G to improve their phones performance?? So basically, the other 2 companies do not have people jumping on 5G phones, but that somehow compares to T-Mobile which is giving 5G phones away for next to nothing and has a 5G network in a lot of places that is actually worth using??

      I will agree with the Magenta max part.. They need to start offering things on plans that are not their most expensive plans.

      • Nikitao1

        Selling phones left and right has been a play for all of the carriers- each has had their fair share of promos. In lou of what you’re saying I would still peg blame on TMobile for poorly timed promotions. If anyone would should have had the knowledge and foresight on how big of an effect the chip/part shortage would have on supply it’s the carriers. Not only did TMobile chose to do the 5G for all promo during the worst possible time but they’re also actively trying to upgrade and pivot all sprint customers to the TMobile system. Realistically they should have seen the phone constraints on the horizon.

        • Shaun Michalak

          You say that, but did you know that phone sales rose by 26% for the first quarter of this year vs last year.. I do not think any company would expect that kind of an increase in phone sales.. Second, T-Mobile is not the only one to have problems..The auto industry is much worse off then the cell phone industry in their shortages.. So is the cable companies too..

          You made a comment about T-Mobile having an I-phone 12 shortage where they are only selling the I-Phone 12 pro.. I really do not even understand why you would comment about that.. The I-Phone 13 comes out this month.. Why would any cell company want to have a huge supply of last years models phone sitting there, unsold, when the next years model comes out?? They would have to dramatically discount them cutting all profits to get rid of them at that point in time.. Yet you somehow think that T-Mobile should have a huge supply of last years model phone in stock?? I do not understand?? Why would you think this would be a good idea??

        • Nikitao1

          Yeah phone sales rose because people were getting stimulus checks and naturally people would spend that money on phones- cell brands know this happens because it’s not the first stimulus checks sent out…it happens when minimum wages go up too. And I never said TMobile is the only one struggling but they did shoot themselves in the foot by not putting in bigger bids for phone orders.

          And yes that was a comment I said because commonly there’s a ton of last gen devices available after the new launch of an iphone that Apple and the carriers try to sell off so they aren’t sitting around. It happens yearly- I’ve witnessed it myself in phone sales. Most stores will get a huge shipment of last gen iphones and hardly any of the new ones until a month or two after launch. And they don’t experience any losses really, they drop the price by $100 which most customers enjoy because they feel they don’t need the latest device, they’d rather just get a deal on whatever’s newer than what they have.

        • Shaun Michalak

          Maybe I could have worded that a little better.. But, as for the I-Phones.. T-Mobile did a LOT of trade in offers, more then normal, to get people to get those new I-Phones this past year then they ever have.. So I could see how they would sell out.. Maybe someone just managed that inventory a little better to sell out by the time that the new ones came in.. I would think that would be more of the case this year because T-Mobile is trying to get people to upgrade to 5G phones so much this year, and I do not think last years models fully support all 5G features which should be incorporated into this years model.. So they really would want to push the new model more..

          As for the phone sales.. Last year, 2020, phone sales actually dropped by 12%.. But this year, the 1st quarter of 2021, phone sales increased by 25%.. So if it was just because of the stimulus checks, then the increase would have been seen in 2020 when most of them were sent out.. Not the last check to be sent out.. Especially when you consider that people were sitting on more money in 2020 with the whole $600 extra on UE every week.

          I will agree though, that I think that T-Mobile bit off more then they could chew with the whole “push the 5G phone” thing and promo’s that they did.. But at the same time, I personally believe that they got a higher response to people upgrading this year then they expected, which put them in a position of a lack of phones.. and I really can not blame them for not wanting to have too much of a stock of old phones on hand.. Add that in with the chip shortage, and everyone is having problems with phone supplies..

          I forgot to add.. Also, don’t forget that sales would be different too.. With LG dropping out of the cell phone market last year, that would put more of a demand on other brands like Samsung.. So maybe T-Mobile did put enough of an order in for the cell phones, but then they found that they needed a higher amount with them not getting LG phones any more?? Considering you usually need to put orders in 1 and 2+ years ahead of time to really get what you need.. LG dropping out of the market could be part of the problem with any carrier..

    • Bklynman

      Don’t forget, on every discount price, you have to add a line!

  • pda96

    Hmmm….which is worse? A company that can’t meet consumer demand or a company that fails repeatedly to protect its customers’ personal information?

  • Bklynman

    If this is true why not just carry the Moto G Stylus? I am sure most people would buy it that was waiting for the Note 21.

  • gorilla

    They should just release a single Note and the S phone per year. Never mind the plus and the Ultra.