T-Mobile will launch The Sprint Forward Initiative program soon


T-Mobile is aiming to launch a 3-step program that will address the concerns of Sprint customers. According to a report, the new program will launch on Friday, August 20th.  

The report shared a few slides that were taken from what appears to be a training call that the wireless carrier conducted. The program includes the following steps:

Sprint Customer Promise

T-Mobile shares that this is “Our commitment to Sprint customers to deliver an unmatched service experience and transparency in the milestones required to move to T-Mobile.”

There isn’t any mention of a specific promo that T-Mobile has lined up for Sprint customers.

Sprint Select

In the second step, however, T-Mobile will be launching a new invitation program that will target Sprint customers to migrate to a T-Mobile plan. Customers are free to choose any of the plans offered by T-Mo, including the discounted 55+ and Military plans, if eligible. T-Mobile estimates that around half of Sprint customers will be eligible under this second step. 

T-Mobile will also be giving a $15 discount to customers who choose to move to a 4-line Magenta MAX plan. Instead of paying $170/month, customers will only pay $155/month. 

And lastly, T-Mobile will be offering the “Flex Pay” program to Sprint customers with an active phone lease. According to the report, they can have their lease forgiven if they decide to switch to a T-Mobile rate plan. This offer will be eligible to customers who have finished their 18-month lease term but still have the month-to-month lease payment active. 

Sprint TechUp

As for legacy Sprint customers, T-Mobile will start targeting these customers to offer them an upgrade with exclusive deals. These customers have devices that are scheduled to stop working once T-Mobile shuts down the Sprint CDMA network on December 31, 2021. 

For such customers, T-Mobile will be offering a total of 14 devices to choose from. This means affected customers will be able to get 5G-enabled devices such as the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, OnePlus Nord N200 5G, and REVVL V+ 5G for free. 


These have not yet been officially announced by T-Mobile. But it’s possible that an announcement will be made before the program launches on Friday. 


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