T-Mobile quietly rolls out fiber optic home internet service to select markets


Good news to all T-Mobile customers! It looks like T-Mobile has started offering fiber optic landline connections in select markets. The first on its list to get fiber optic home internet is Manhattan, New York City. 

According to a report, T-Mo has started selling the service at a number of apartment buildings throughout Manhattan. As of this writing, there is only one plan being offered– a 940Mbps symmetric fiber that comes with an eero Pro 6 router bundle. T-Mo’s website says that this service plan will be available at “a flat monthly rate,” but there is no mention of what that rate will be yet. 

Although we’re only hearing about T-Mo’s fiber optic home internet service now, the company has been quietly working on making it available for some time now. In fact, they already created a dedicated page for the service. There’s even an FAQ page that gives answers to some answers.

But T-Mo has not yet publicly announced the service. According to another report, the link for the website is currently only being shared to potential customers in the area. And if you have questions about the service, you can chat and email their customer service team.  

This report suggests that T-Mobile is using fiber lines from Pilot Fiber. One evidence of this being a possible case is that Pilot Fiber’s residential service website is now being redirected to T-Mobile’s Fiber landing page instead of its getpilot.com site. And judging on the pricing offered on Pilot Fiber’s home internet service, customers paid $60/month with the eero Pro 6 router. It’s possible that this will be the same price for T-Mo’s new fiber optic home internet service. 

Since the service looks like it’s still on its early days, there aren’t too many active customers on the service yet. But then, it’s possible that the current customers of the service are former Pilot Fiber home internet users. 

This looks like a pretty bold and ambitious move for T-Mobile. A report says that T-Mobile hopes to be known as “an ISP that also happens to have cell service.” It’s interesting how T-Mobile will evolve with this goal in mind. But knowing T-Mobile, anything’s possible. 


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